Written by Cluneparker

27 Jul 2013

Where does one begin? It was the early 70s and long before the internet it was my addiction to buying 2 magazines! Fiesta and Knave and with my new wife we would read the stories followed by the inevitable Session great memories!!! My pall Charlie and I would go for a couple beers then back to the flat a shared with my stunning wife linda! Polite conversation then I'd make my excuses for an early night and leave the two of them to- gether on our living room give them 10 minutes and I'd creep back and listen and yes the sound off them Ravishing each other was enough to give me a Raging hard on and me back to bed with three legs!!!

I used to semi fall asleep holding my cock in hand to await my wife off less than a year!

of marriage anyway on a normal night I'd wait at least an hour for my fun but it must have been less than 20 minutes I heard the flats main door close and moments later Linda came into the bedroom completely naked and demanded "Hump me quick I need to cum" I obliged and not only was her body still warm she was rampant and as I was soon up her in seconds this time was awesome I found soaking with the amount off hot fresh cum my pall had minutes before deposited Wawzie and very quickly linda had her second cum donation inside her hairy fanny and I was almost parilised with the sheer pleasure off that cum!!!

This was nearly 40 years ago and we are long divorced but I still mastrabate over that night in particular how soon after my pall had just finished and freshness and warmth made me vote it the "Best Sloppy Seconds" of our marriage

I fell asleep to the sound of Linda complaining that she had not still cum despite having just satisfied my pall and I yes it wasent fair but a few hours sleep and before daylight she was sorted and in the morning the sheets were soaking with the continued leak off 3 loads of spermatozoa happy happy memories!!!!!