Written by jock

5 Jan 2011

I'm waiting for Moya, in a hotel room in Belfast. She's a bit late because she has been in two minds as to whether to come at all. She texts me to say that she is on her way and will be with me in 30 mins. We'd discussed having someone watch us have sex and MAYBE take part or join in. I'd done the legwork and had found a guy who seemed to be keen and fitted all the requirements that Moya had stipulated. He was not to be too young, be non-pushy and understand what 'no' meant; She didn't mind whether he was average length or more as long as he was clean and smelt nice. I had been texting him from about 20 mins before the time that Moya was supposed to show up. He was in his car, in the carpark with a good view of my hotel window and we had established that he could see me well enough. I reckon that about 10 mins into Moya's lateness, he was getting fed-up and was about to leave, but after seeing her text, I assured him she'd come, so he stayed put!

At last, Moya comes into the room; it had been on the latch and remained so after her entry. She is dressed in a smart outfit in cream and black with a crossover type of top and elegant trousers. Her 44G breasts are really prominent and she looks damn good to me. But she is nervous. I give her a cup of coffee and the cup rattles in the saucer as she holds it to drink. When she is finished, I ask her to stand up and come to the window with me, pointing out our watcher's car in the parking area. He is sitting behind the wheel but we can't make him out beyond that. She blurts out that she saw him as she parked her motor and wondered if it was him. She says he looks 'big'. OK , he is not sveldt , I remark but he is keen and wants what WE want. I hold her and caress her breasts and body , openly, in front of the glass and I know he sees. I ask her what she has on underneath and she tells me it's a 'body' with little popper buttons at her crotch. I love her in these. As we talk I give our watcher the signal to come up as we had arranged and I note him getting out his car. He'll be with us in seconds, so I keep talking to Moya who is getting more jittery by the moment. I tell her to put on the aircraft sleep mask she has brought and as she is doing this , he walks into the bedroom and nods at me, hardly taking his eyes off Moya. She hears but cannot see. He sits down on the luggage rack area beside the dressing table of the room and watches silently.

At this point, I gently turn Moya so she is facing him and ask her to put her arms above her head. She does this but her hands are shaking. I caress some more and ease her top up and over her head showing off her breasts wrapped in a very sexy lacy black body . He is watching intently .

I ask her to ease her own straps down and to roll her breasts free which she does for me. I know she is very excited as well as nervous; her nipples are harder than I have seen them and I tell her to hold her breasts up as if for inspection. As she does this , I tease her nipples, one to each finger and thumb. Moya groans a little and I think her nerves are being replaced by desire. I nod to him to come over and as he does, slowly, I tell Moya he is getting near. I tell her he is inches away from her nipples and she is breathing more heavily than ever. I ask her to invite him to touch and she simply says "ok" and no more. He reaches out his fingers and they closae on her nipples , then spreading to tweak and tease her considerable boobs. She knows for sure now that he is for real as she feels both of us holding her.

As he continues to play with Moya's breasts, I reach for her trouser wasteband and ease them down and off and she steps out of them willingly enough but a little unsteady on her feet. I guide her to the bed and tell her to lie down on her back . He moves to one side and I am on the other. We take a breast each and suck on the nipples like twins being fed. As we suck and nibble , she is wriggling in pleasure as I knew she would, and I reach down to her crotch to pop the little buttons to expose her sex, pulling the 'body' back to reveal a smoothly shaved pussy. His eyes follow my hand and soon he is feeling down there too. Moya has thrown her legs wide and is starting to moan loudly.

I look at our visitor and he is completely engrossed now. His fingers are wet with her juices and his saliva. He purported to be very good at giving head and so I indicate he should go down on Moya and he smiles and does just that. When he is 'busy', I move back a foot or two and take my clothes off , all the while watching her writhe under his oral technique. She is bucking against his face, and I recognise her starting to have her first orgasm. My erection is very hard and I admit to myself I am more excited than I have been in some time. I tell Moya to turn her head to the right, where I am, and put my cock to her mouth. She opens and greedily sucks me in and I start to move slowly fucking her mouth. I can feel Moya's orgasms build . She can often 'cum' 3 or 4 times during a session and I often thought she might even be able to manage more than that.

She moans loudly through my cock and cums again and as she does I fill her mouth with hot sperm. It is running out past her lips. I move onto the bed behind her head and raise her up so she is leaning back against me. At this juncture, our watcher gets his remaining clothes off . ( He has been pulling his belt loose and sliding his trousers down as he sucked and slurped at her pussy lips.) He is nicely hard and he looks at me to see whether he should go further. I whisper in Moya's ear and ask if she wants to be fucked. I don't say by whom. She whispers 'yes' and I nod at him.

He moves up onto the bed and positions himself with his cock just between her labia and eases her onto him. Moya groans loudly and completes his entry by pulling her heels round him thereby making sure he fills her completely. He fucks her with long slow strokes , each time taking a moment before plunging back in. I consider myself straight , but have to admit that the sight of his hard cock glistening from Moya's lubrication is very arousing. My sticky cum coated cock is rising to the occasion again. She can feel it against her back. I am reaching and pulling quite hard on her nipples as she is being fucked. I can see him tensing and with one last thrust deep inside, I know he is filling her full of his hot semen. He pulls free at last and moves back looking at his handiwork. He simply whispers 'thanks' and captures his scattered clothes, dressing quickly. He is gone in moments.

I pull off Moya's mask and she looks around slightly bewildered , but I am not finished . I roughly pull her round and penetrate her cum soaked pussy and fuck her till we both cum hard. It is exhausting and we are both sweating. We lay side by side for about half an hour and she murmurs that she REALLY did enjoy that ! She also says she can't believe it happened and that the mask was disorienting. She marvels at herself and her capabilities. We shower together and then go for lunch ; the conversation is all about what has just happened, from her point of view and from mine.

We'll do this again !