Written by Watcher

20 Jun 2013

Watching my wife have sex with another man is a tremendous turn on for me; which she does occasionally at my request. Usually, I tell her when I am in the mood. If she is also in the mood at that same time, we ‘go looking’ for a partner for her. Men find her to be sexually desirable, thus getting a partner has not been a problem. However, I am surprised at the number of men who back out when they learn of the requirement that I must be allowed to watch.

One such occasion where I got to watch, happened when we were out of town on a business trip staying at a Hotel. That afternoon, I told her that I would like to watch her with another man. Usually, she says ‘not today’. This time, however, she thought about it for a while before saying ‘ok’, I’ll do that for you again. Hearing her agree to do it, I said, “Thank you” and suggested that we go to the Museum located directly across the street from our Hotel to look for someone she found acceptable.

She then took a long shower and when she was ready; we both crossed the street from our Hotel and went into the Museum.

I said to her, “I hope you find someone”.

“I’ll do my best”, she said.

She then wandered alone while I stayed back and followed her at a distance. It didn’t take long for her to hook up with a young man who was also wandering in the Museum. I continued following them keeping a large distance between us. They maneuvered through the museum together for several hours engaged in animated conversation.

At one point, she called my phone and texted, “OK”.

I then joined them and she introduced Jason to me. Soon thereafter, she slipped away and went back to our Hotel leaving me alone with Jason. When she was gone, I asked Jason what he thought about my wife Cindy. He told me I was a lucky man to have such a beautiful wife.

I bluntly asked him, “So, I take it if you had an opportunity to have sex with her that you would do that?”

He looked at me with the same puzzled expression that I have seen many times before during previous encounters with other potential lovers. The suddenness of the question always catches them off guard. He was no exception as he responded, “Pardon me?”

I went on, “You heard my question right. You see, she and I have an open marriage and I know for a fact that she wants to have sex with you. If you are interested, I can arrange that right now.”

“This sounds too good to be true” Jason replied.

“There is only one condition” I added.

“That is?” he asked.

“I have to be there to watch.”

“You want to watch me make love with your wife?”

“That is pretty much what I am saying”.

“What does she think about that?”

“You need to ask her that” I added

After some more small talk Jason said he was interested in talking to her about it and the two of us went back to our Hotel room.

Once in our room, Jason asked both of us, “How does this work?”

Cindy responded: “You and I go into the bedroom and Ryan watches us get sexual.”

Jason asked her, “And what will Ryan be doing?”

She answered, “He will only watch”.

Cindy then took Jason’s hand and nudged him into the bedroom. I stood in the doorway watching them.

She sat on the bed and told Jason to sit next to her; which he did.

As I watched them, nothing happened. They sat beside each other simply looking at each other. Jason was being shy and non-aggressive. Usually, the guy will get right to it without any prompting. However, in this case, Jason needed some prompting. Apparently, having me as an audience was obviously bothering him. Therefore, I readily excused myself and walked out of the room leaving them alone together.

I then stood behind the still open bedroom door and watched them through the crack in the door. She then became the aggressor when I saw her take his hand and place it on her knee. She was being gentle. I then heard her ask, “Are you OK?”

Jason looked out the open door and saw that I wasn’t there and after that needed no more prompting. He was then looking into her eyes when his hand still setting on her knee began a journey on a slide under her dress. I knew she had no panties on. He was still looking into her eyes when his fingers also found that out.

Still looking through the crack in the door, I watched him then lift her dress to look at what his fingers had been touching. His legs remained drooping over the edge of the bed as were hers as he gazed downwards at her bare pussy. His hand continued exploring in the her feminine region and I couldn’t see for sure but it looked like his finger had found its way inside of her.

I then saw her lay back on the bed where she then spread her legs leaving them still hanging over the side of the bed. At this point, Jason got right to it. He got on his knees in front of her and I watched him, through the crack in the door, push his mouth onto her pussy. She immediately put both of her hands on his head.

As he began to eat and lick her, she began to make noises of pleasure. Hearing my wife being pleasured by another man is a tremendous turn on for me. She still was fully dressed as he continued stimulating her pussy with his mouth and tongue. Soon, she became vocally louder as he grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pushed his mouth harder onto her pussy. At that point I could only imagine what she was feeling as her pleasurable squeals rang out joyous sounds throughout the room. This position didn’t last much longer as she reached down to pull his body from the kneeling position to have him lying next to her. She then helped him take off his pants.

When her fingers then wrapped around his hardon, she pulled him in such a way that Jason instinctively knew she wanted him to be on top of her. After they readjusted their bodies, he took his shirt off. As he undressed, she took off her clothes. When she was totally naked and lying on her back in the middle of the bed, Jason was lying on top of her and he began pushing his dick into her. I heard her moan as she helped guide his dick into her. He then began to fuck her.

I then moved to be in the doorway and watched them furiously fuck each other.

What a grand sight that was. Watching her getting fucked and especially hearing her get fucked almost brings me to a point of orgasm.

But it didn’t last long. When he told her he was ready to cum, she held him tighter and fucked him more intensely. At the same time he sped up his body motions to a flurry of in and out pumps of his ass as he made sounds that let everyone present know that he was at that moment filling her pussy with his cum.

Seeing another man climax in my wife sends the most incredibly erotic feelings of intensity throughout my body. Hardly anything else matches that delight…except when it is me placing my seed inside of her. There is no question that making love to her is sheer delight.

After they finished fucking each other, the two of them laid next to each other without moving or talking. I then left them both naked and alone and waited in the other room in hopes of hearing them begin fucking again.

Sometime later, I heard them begin to talk in whispers and I had to put my ear to the crack in the door to hear them.

I heard her tell him, “You are a good lover.”

He asked, “How often do you do this?”

“Not often”, I heard her say, “The last time was over a year ago.”

He then asked, “Do you like doing this?”

“I do it for him”, she said, “He likes watching me do it.”

“Are we finished?” he asked.

“I’m up for more” I heard her say.

“I am too” he added.

When I heard that, it made my day a little brighter. I then waited to watch them fuck some more, which they did…several times.