Written by markandjaq

1 Jan 2008

Hello again.

This happened christmas eve.Jac has fancied my best mate for absolutely ages.I have never found myself able to tell him about what we enjoy doing but ages ago after a night out jac did flash her boobs at us both and Roy my mate made it clear he was rather impressed.We were all very drunk and he never mentioned it since.

We were going out and Jac was finishing our christmas preperations.About 10.30 i suggested to Roy that we go back to my house for a drink.He agreed and to be honest i was more than hopeful that we would both get our fair share of fun with jac.I phoned from the loo and told her we were on our way back and that i was keen on some fun but wasnt sure about Roy.Jac had had a few drinks and said\"Ive waited ages for this, dont worry we will all have a great time tonight\"

When we got back there was no sign of jac.I hoped this meant she was dressing up for us.I got Roy and i a drink, Roy was a bit more drunk than me and when i came back he was making lots of comments about jac and that i should be careful as she was gorgeous and sexy and that anyone would love to be with her.I blurted out that we were into the swinging scene and that jac was more than keen to have some fun with him.He was a little shocked at first but then said \"so wouldnt you mind us having a bit of fun?\"I said no and that i thought jac was expecting it!He got a bit flustered and told me he had fantasised about it for ages, but he didnt think he could do it with me there.I was really gutted but realise its not everyones thing to be watched.Jac at this moment walked in.I couldnt believe what she was wearing.A mrs claus suit and hat and a pair of white opaque stockings with little red bows at the top.My cock was immediately like a rock!I have to admit i absolutely love stockings!Jac acted really cool saying how nice it was to see Roy and gave him a little peck.She then went into the kitchen and called me.\"Well\" she said is he up for it!She is not usually so blunt.Told her Roy was reluctant with me there and she said you will have to go upstairs love because im sorry i want his cock tonight.She then asked me had i noticed the bulge in Roys pants.I hadnt but made a point of looking when i went back in the room.I certainly noticed when i went back into the room!To;d him she was really up for it and that i would go upstairs and stay there if it helped him.He was delighted and said that would be great.He said \"listen mate as soon as we get warmed up i will be fine so come back down if you like\"He briefly asked if there were anythings he couldnt do.I told him to be guided by jac.I walked upstairs stopping halfway.

I got the usual exited knot in my stomach, i loved this moment, just before it all starts.I heard Jac come back in and ask where i was.Roy told her i had gone upstairs.At last i heard her say.There followed lots of silence, then the sound of passionate kissing then light gasps.As i crept down i peeped through the door and saw jacs suit and santa hat were on the floor Roys shirt was off and jac was busily pulling at his trousers.He was playing with her fantastic boobs.The trousersdropped to the floor followed by jac dropping to her knees and pulling down his boxers.His cock sprang upright and she smiled as she took it in her hand.She looked up nat him and said \"WOW.thats at least three inches bigger than Marks!\"She started to suck on it and it was a lot bigger than mine.I knew how he was feeling, jac really does give the best head i ever had.Roy later told me this without any prompting.After a while he placed Jac on the couch and pulled down her very brief red thong.She was shaved ans boy was Roy impressed.He went straight down on her and licked her for what seemed like ages before she came very noisily.He then placed his cock which was even bigger by now against her soaking wet pussy lips and entered her.He lasted only about two minutes before he exploded inside her.He pulled out and was very apolagetic about how quick he had cum.She told him not to worry as they had plenty of time to do it again.She knealt in front of him again and started to suck his already expanding cock.Her pussy was only a matter of two feet away and i could clearly see all Roys cum inside my sexy partner, dripping onto the floor.He got upand went behind her again and shoved his cock up her again.It made a lovely wet noise as it slid in and out of her gorgeous tight pussy.Jac was again close to orgasm as Roy pulled out.I sensed that Jac was about to be fucked up the arse.I was right, gently at first he moved his cock from her pussy to her arse lubricating her very tight bum hole with their combined love juice.Jac made no attempt to stop him as he gently penetrated her tight arse.(This is a pleasure im only allowed very occasionally)He quickened the pace and the deepness of his thrusts until after about ten minutes Jac who had been moaning loudly had an enormous orgasm all over our hardwood floor.I was close enough to see her pink pussy lips throb.This was more than Roy could take and he emptied his remaining seed into Jacs arse.Both collapsing shortly afterwards.Seeing all my best friends semen oozing out of jacs two holes was far to much for me as my right had wanked my throbing cock till my seed spurted all over the glass living room door.Both had been unaware of my pressence.As they started to dress again i came noisily down stairs having crept back up when they had exited to clean themselves up in the bathroom.I sat on the couch and looked at the wet patches on the floor as they came back in together.Jac smiled and went back into the kitchen to make some coffee.Roy was at first apolagetic but i soon put him straight.He asked if that was a one off and i told him not unless he wanted it to be.He quickly said he wanted to see her again soon!Jac came back in and we talked about what had happened.I still havent told either i saw the lot.Do you think i should?As a reward jac sucked Roy off shortly before his taxi arrived swallowing what he had left!We then fucked until 4am absolutely fantastic until the kids got up an hour and a half later to open their presents.Have had loads of texts off Roy since he really cant wait to fuck my gorgeous partner again.Who can blame him.Jacs new years resolution is to have many more experiences with current and new friends.So look up our ad markandjaq.xxx