Written by Lucky guy

1 Sep 2012

Having a lazy saturday afternoon writing this, after sharing our last experience with you I didn't think I would be writing about something again so soon. Over the last 3 months myself and my girlfriend Emma had gone from having an ordinary but very good sex life to one that had involved me watching her fuck a guy on 2 occasions and us swapping partners with her work college Jo and her boyfriend Andy. 

We had talked at length about how these experiences had been and how they made us feel and also about things we could try in the future. We had started out with the intention of allowing Emma to experience some things she had missed out on previously, different cocks and sex with a stranger and had progressed onto same room sex, partner swapping and even sex in different rooms. Before we had enjoyed a good sex life but now had found an extra dimension together in sharing ourselves with like minded people. Both agreeing that we had found a new sexual high whilst playing in the way that we had. Emma confessed she had experienced some of her most powerful orgasms ever during these times, not necessarily through the sex but because of the naughtiness she felt during these situations and the last time from the amount of time she had been fucked plus I had loved being there to see it take place. Emma seemed to be enjoying herself as much as me and to be fair had been the one after my suggestion of her fucking another guy to have arranged most of our fun!

We had talked about a whole host of different things we could try after our evening of fun with Jo and Andy. We had tried to arrange another night with them but however due to work and them being away on holiday had not been able to fix a date. After the bank holiday Emma had a few days holiday whilst I was at work. On the Tuesday I arrived home, whilst Emma was taking a bath I grabbed the iPad to check out some things online and found some websites she had open that were for swingers clubs. As we sat watching tv, I just had to ask what she'd thought of the websites. She looked a bit shocked I knew, but said she was really up for some more fun, Jo and Andy had been unable to meet up and she thought maybe it was worth a look to see what went on there. We had talked about this before, but had so many questions and were unsure we were ready for what could be large scale group sex as to some people we were relatively inexperienced in all this. We had so many questions that were unanswered. Emma had narrowed it down to a few clubs that were a fair distance from home but drivable in an hour or so. She said the next day she would make some enquiries. The next day at work I got a text "is Friday ok, can you get away from work at lunch time?", bloody hell that was only 48 hours away. I managed to square it with my boss to get away and let Emma know, then spent all afternoon trying to answer the questions in my head. When I got in Emma explained she had called a few places and the one she had chosen seemed best for us newbies after they had answered all our questions and Friday was a good night as it was a mixed evening, so there was a mixture of singles and couples.

Friday arrived and we left home around 3 for the 90 minute drive, we had booked a hotel a 10 minute drive away from the club. We ate early so we had time to get ready and make our way there. I had chosen shirt and trousers, Emma her favourite short black dress with a push up bra to show her cleavage. The club opened at 8 but we had been told to arrive at 7.30 to complete the membership required and have a quick tour around. As we waited for the taxi we were still unsure about what to expect and agreed that whatever we wanted to do that night was ok with each other and both knew we might be pushing the boundaries further. When we arrived I was quite impressed, a nice reception area where we were met by one of the hosts Julie and quickly completed the registration form and then for the tour. Through a small corridor took us to the lounge area with a nice bar and a dance floor, one side of the bar the ladies toilets, lockers, changing area and showers, the other side the gents. We went our separate ways to lock away, keys, phone, jackets etc and met again in the bar. Off to the other side were 3 playrooms, each with a large bedded area, each had windows but curtains for privacy and were lockable. Down here on this floor you could wear what you came in, change into something sexy or just wear the towels provided but if you wished to go to the upstairs seating area or the further playrooms you had to be undressed and were allowed towels only. As it was now 8 Julie left us at the bar and said she would look out for us later. We decided to stay down here for the moment and watch what went on and felt a bit nervous to just wear towels. We got some drinks and took a seat. 

The first hour was quite slow, couples came in and sat around the edge of the bar area and no one really mixed. Then it gradually got busier, more couples, a handful of single guys and maybe 2 single girls. People were now changing into the towels, underwear and sexy outfits. People were going upstairs and a few had headed to the downstairs playrooms. We were feeling a little more relaxed after a few drinks and what was now a couple of hours sitting and watching. The age range in the club was quite varied, a lot of people late 30's maybe ranging up to 60 or so and the youngest couple I would put at 22. We decided to go and have a look in the downstairs playrooms. Two had the curtains shut and in the third a couple, maybe mid 40's were having sex and being watched by another couple. We decided it was time to have a look around further so went to the changing rooms and undressed to just wearing towels. I waited for Emma by the bar and we headed upstairs, the lounge area here was a completely different atmosphere to downstairs, the lighting down low, the sofas covered in people chatting, some kissing and fondling, others naked having foreplay, some were having full sex. By now quite how I was containing my cock under my towel I don't know! Me and Emma sat to one side, Emma on my lap and we shared a few kisses. We were both by now quite horny and decided to find a room, as we walked past the other playrooms, couples having sex, multiple couples in some rooms and in one it looked like a couple of girls and a group of guys. 

We found a smallish room, it had no window, so we went in and shut the door for a little privacy, the room was simple just a double bed with PVC sheet on it. We laid our towels down and Layed on the bed, as we kissed I could feel Emma was really wet, I asked her why she was so turned on, she replied that just the whole atmosphere and seeing people so freely mixing and fucking had made her feel horny. It wasn't long and she was riding my cock, I loved watching her huge boobs bouncing around when we had sex. It didn't take her long to cum either! I rolled her over so I was on top, I could feel how wet her pussy was, it was covering my shaft and balls in her juice. I heard a click, then a male voice say may I? Before I could turn around Emma's head flinched to the side and she said yes come and sit down. Emma whispered to me to take her doggy style, as I turned round I could see a guy of around 40 sitting on the edge of the bed. I manoeuvred behind Emma and starting to fuck her, the guy sitting watching his hard on in his hand, it wasnt big but a reasonable size. Come here Emma said slapping the plastic sheet in front of her. The guy knelt down and she grabbed his cock and slid it into her mouth, pushing her pussy back hard into me as she did so. So this was it our first proper threesome, me fucking my gorgeous girlfriend whilst she sucked a strangers cock, we didn't even know his name. But what a sight, my cock felt rock hard in her pussy. I was fucking her hard now knowing it would make her cum, she had to stop sucking the guy as she gasped but carried on furiously wanking him. Oh fuck she screamed as she came again, I knew I was close to and I thought the other guy was to. I held back as long as I could before filling her pussy with my cum, my cock jerked violently as I did so. As I finished I heard the guy moan as he filled Emma's mouth with cum. It wasn't very often she swallowed but had this time. The guy introduced himself as Rob and he was here with his wife, he said might catch you later then picked up his towel and left.

Me and Emma Layed on the bed cuddling for a while then I had to ask her, did you enjoy having 2 guys at once. Before she answered she kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue searching deep in my mouth, all I could taste was the bitterness of robs cum in her mouth. She replied yes it was something she had been thinking about. Then the next bit shocked and surprised me a little, as we had both been very nervous about the club scene even though we had fully enjoyed our fun at home with Jo and Andy, this had felt like moving to a whole new level. Emma said she had been thinking a lot about threesomes and foursomes and had really enjoyed her first taste of 2 cocks and really wanted to try this further. She then went on to say how much she had loved Andy pretty much using her pussy constantly over a few hours and it had given her one of the most intense orgasms ever by the end of the night. That was when she said it, I have been dreaming about having my cunt well fucked and taking part in a sex session that lasts for a few hours.  Well I wasn't quite sure what to say, she had never really spoken that way ever before, but that was why we were here and I could feel my cock starting to stir. I replied by saying that we should just go with the flow and see what happens. 

We grabbed our towels and made our way out, taking a seat upstairs so we could see what was going on, still couples filled the sofas doing as they were before. I said I needed the toilet did she wanna come downstairs, she said she would wait here for me, as I came out the toilet Julie our host for the night stopped me to check we were ok. After a quick chat with her I said I should get back to Emma who I had left some time ago. As I climbed the stairs I could see Emma chatting where I left her and she had been joined by Rob, the guy from earlier and his wife. There was also another guy of around 40 ish sat to the other side of her. These boys were just asking me if I wanted to join them Emma said as I walked up to them, Robs wife introduced herself as Jane and said she would keep me company. I said to Emma is that what you would like, to which she replied yes, I gave her a kiss and said to her enjoy yourself. As she walked away With the 2 guys my stomach was churning but my cock stiffening, I knew Emma was going to get fucked by those 2. Don't worry Jane said Rob and Steve will look after her, they always play together, Steve being a single guy that attends the club. I chatted with Jane about how we came to be there and she talked about the club, Jane was 42, had an ok body but had huge boobs, I had never been with an older woman before. As we chatted she had her hand on my thigh and was now moving up, her hand touching my cock which was rock hard, more from thinking about what Emma was up to! Jane asked if I wanted to see what the others were doing, she took my hand and we walked past the various play rooms, ah here we are she said. What I saw nearly blew my mind and I'm surprised I didn't blow my load as well! As i looked through the viewing window i saw Emma laid on her back with Rob on top of her fucking her pussy, Steve was by her head holding her legs back so Rob could get really deep inside her, i had never seen emma have her legs that wide, her knees tucked under her elbows. Emma was licking and sucking on Steves big cock. I think I must have stood with my mouth open, as I watched 2 older guys double ending my girlfriend, i later found out Rob was 45 and Steve 39, never had emma been with anyone so much older. The guys swapped ends Emma now on her knees side on to the window where me and Jane were stood. I watched as Steve pushed his 9 inches into her pussy and Emma sucked at Robs cock. That was it the ultimate picture my lovely, big boobed girlfriend being spit roasted and I could now see her body shaking as she had wave after wave of orgasm. 

Jane then led me to an open room, pushed me on the bed and undid my towel, she released her towel to reveal her massive jugs and shaved pussy. She climbed astride me and lowered her pussy straight onto my cock. She put her head to my ear and told me how she loved to fuck another guy whilst getting off on the fact that her other half  was fucking someone else in the room next door. I could relate to that as I had been hard since the moment emma had left us to go with Rob and Steve. Jane rode me until I came in her pussy. She climbed off put on her towel and left. I wrapped my towel around my waste and went next door to find Emma, but she was not there now. I walked through to the lounge area, where I bumped into Rob and Jane and asked him where she was, he said he had left her with Steve. I wandered the club looking around but was unable to find her. I sat in a corner watching and waiting wondering where she could be, it must have been an hour later that I finally saw her walking towards me from the playrooms. She looked hot and flustered, her hair tangled. We kissed and she asked if I'd had enough fun for 1 night, I said yes it's fine, then she said come on let's go to the hotel. We got changed and met in reception where they called us a taxi which took us back to the hotel.

When we returned to our room I went to use the bathroom, when I came out emma was laid on the bed in just her G string, I looked at her body that bared the marks of a night of fucking, her knees were red from probably being fucked doggy style, her boobs were red from being squeezed and groped and she had some light love bites on her neck. I laid next to her in my boxers and we kissed as I put my hand on her thigh and she moved it towards her pussy. Her knickers were saturated as i pulled them to one side and touched her pussy. It felt so warm as my fingers slipped straight into it, her pussy was full of cum, she said after I had fucked her the first time she had taken another 4 loads of spunk in it. Rob and Steve had both cum in her after I had watched her, which she had been unaware of me watching and got excited when I told her what I had seen. The reason I had been unable to find her was because she had been to the sauna room with Steve and he had fucked her again. There was another couple in the sauna and when Steve had finished with Emma, they had swapped partners with this other couple in the sauna. The couple were mid twenties and Emma said the guy only fucked her for a few minutes, but really hard before he came.

Although I had only fucked Emma once and then Jane my pleasure was coming from watching Emma enjoy herself and hearing about what she had been up to whilst she was out of view. In one evening she had taken 3 new cocks and been spunked in 5 times. My cock was so hard from hearing about this and I just wanted to fuck her again, I removed her knickers and looked at her pussy. It looked so red, her labia swollen from all the attention her pussy had received. I slid my dick into her gaping hole, it was so wet, I could feel spunk oozing out as I slid into her. Emma winced from the sawness of her pussy as i fucked her, but i think the pain was part if the pleasure for her. I was so horny that it didn't take long to add the 6th load of the night to her pussy. 

We both agreed that the club experience had been fun and we both had a great night. As we lay in bed in the hotel the next morning we talked about the last 3 months. Emma saying she had enjoyed contact with 2 guys at once immensely and it was something she wanted to try again, but maybe more intimately at home and with me being part of it. That she loved having lots of sex and orgasms over a period of a few hours and this is what she really likes to experience. 

So I suppose any experience shares would be great if you have done similar things or any suggestions on what to try next would be welcome!!