Written by Stef

1 Jan 2016

We are a French couple in our 40s. My wife and I discovered the pleasure of the “caudaulisme” (French for “cuckolding”) a few years ago during a vacation in Tunisia.

She danced very close to a young entertainer. I saw she was aroused.

They came both to our table and she introduced him to me. His name was Hassan and he went fetching some drinks. She was smiling and said to me: “He had such a boner. Do you know he is not even half my age? I should be ashamed of myself”.

I asked if she was in the mood for a threesome. She nodded in a shy way.

An hour later, Hassan was pounding her slowly while she kept moaning. I was kissing her and fondling her breasts. We went a bit mad for her young Arab stud did her bareback.

He was just twenty two and led her to climax four times this first night.

The rest of our stay, we shared her body. Honestly he had her more than me as he could just keep going.

When we left, he explained he had often sex with divorced ladies on their own but having me staring at him while he fucked my wife was a huge turn on. He really felt for her wanted her to be truly satisfied.

Since then, she meets from time to time new “friends”. She really fancies young and virile studs. We’re on a online dating site and there are plenty to choose from.

Different to what you often read she is not a size queen but goes for energetic and athlete types.

She enjoys herself so much but always remembers to involve me. She often looks at me and smiles when she gets fucked and that is so, so good.

She had nine lovers so far and we even celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary with her latest(thank you so much, pretty girl).