Written by Anyone

10 Sep 2007

Watching My Wife --

The first time I saw my wife fucking another man was a major highlight of our sex life. I loved it and I later learned that she loved it too. I was so incredibly turned on by watching another man ravage her that I had an orgasm without any masturbation or touching of my dick. Just watching her get fucked made me have an intense orgasm. Since then we have done this many more times.

This all started several years ago when I first revealed that I wanted to see her with another man. At first she was reluctant. Later we would talk about it while having sex. It soon became apparent that she was also getting turned on by telling me these stories. As we fucked, she would tell me what she would do to another man while also telling me what she wanted him to do to her. Her verbal words became sexual images that danced in my brain.

Each time I had an orgasm, the visual images of her fucking another man became the focus of my intense orgasmic pleasure. I was driven crazy with imaginations of actually watching her do it for real. I wanted her to do it. I craved the time when I would actually get to see her do what my imagination was demanding that she do.

After several months of our role playing and fantasizing about this, she finally agreed to do it for real. Our agreement was that we would not involve any one we knew because of the many difficulties such an adventure would impose on our private lives.

Our agreed mode of operation was to go to an out of town Hotel, check in, go to the bar, have her pick out someone she wanted to have sex with and the three of us would then go to our room.

The very first time we did it, she was visibly nervous when we entered the bar even though we had spent many hours talking about how to make this plan work. We even practiced several times in other bars.

She apprehensively looked around the room to see if anyone interested her. Very quickly she whispered to me that she was attracted to a man sitting the bar. We sat next to him and she struck up a conversation with him.

The three of us talked and laughed through two rounds of drinks before she left to go to the bathroom; which was my signal to proposition him. While she was gone, I asked Matt what he thought about my wife. He said he liked her. I asked if he found her sexually appealing. He said very much so. I then asked him if he would like to have sex with here. The expression on Matt\\\'s face showed both confusion and surprise. Before he could answer, I quickly added that she was interested in him and would have sex with him if he was interested.

When he told me that he was very interested, I was not surprised because my wife is one sexy lady. I added that I would have to be present in the room as a protection for her. Anyway, I said that when she gets back the three of us could talk about going to our room. Matt asked what I expected to have happen when we got to the room. I told him that was between her and him.

When my wife returned, I told her that Matt was interested in our arrangement.

He asked her, \\\"Have you done this before\\\"?

Traci answered, \\\"No\\\".

\\\"Why do it now\\\"? he asked.

\\\"We want to try it\\\".

Matt replied, \\\"Is this just doing what your husband wants you to do\\\"?

She said, \\\"Not totally. I am somewhat tempted by his desire to see me do it, but I can feel something deep inside of me which is lustful and needs exploring. Besides, I like sex very much. Having a new sex partner seems is exciting by itself\\\".

Matt asked, \\\"Are you really sure you want to do this\\\"?

She said, \\\"His desire to see me do it has tempted me to consider doing it\\\'.

Matt asked, \\\"So it is just a temptation?\\\"

She curiously looked at him and replied, \\\"I am tempted by his desire and the only way to satisfy a temptation is to do it\\\".

\\\"And you are really sure you want to do it\\\"?, he asked.

She said, \\\"I\\\'m sure.\\\"

Matt asked, \\\"Why with me\\\"?

Traci answered, \\\"When I saw you from across the room, I was immediately attracted to your look. Your sport coat, tie and slacks make you look confident and sexy. You are a little younger than me and I feel a desire to be close to you. Also, I feel comfortable talking to you and I somehow sense that you know how to satisfy a woman\\\".

He sat staring at her taking all this in as she stared back at him. Their eyes were locked together. I broke their trance by suggesting that we go to our room.

Once in the room, she paid great attention to him while ignoring my presence. It was like I was invisible. I sat in a deeply upholstered chair and told them to do what ever they wanted and to act as if I weren’t there at all.

He then asked her if she was comfortable with going on with it. She sat on the bed and asked him to sit next to her. After he sat down beside her, he turned to her and told her that he really wanted to make love with her. After she said she wanted that too, they began kissing with his hand almost immediately exploring her tits. He then took her hand and placed it on his crotch. She didn\\\'t pull away in fact she began massaging the large bulge in his pants. His hand went under her dress. I sat watching them feel each others private parts from across the room.

Soon, they were lying beside each other. He looked into Traci\\\'s eyes and told her he wanted her to suck on his dick. Hearing this, she immediately sat up, undid his belt and zipper and she then helped him take off his pants. When he was naked from the waist down, she held his erection in her hand and began stroking it. I then watched closely as she placed the tip of it into her mouth. She looked down at it and licked it before putting her whole mouth over it. When she was finally sucking on it, he manipulated their bodies around so that he could get his face near her crotch. She was still sucking his dick as he took off her panties. I had a direct view of him staring at and playing with her pussey using his fingers. This he did for a short while before pushing his face down on it to lubricate her with his tongue.

After just a few moments, he moved their bodies again so that she was on her back and he was on top of her. As he pushed his dick into her pussey he told her that he was ready to come. She began fucking him while telling him that she wanted him to do just that.

I was beside myself with sexual intensity as I watched my wife\\\'s ass bounce up and down in time with his thrusting dick. One of her fantasies that she previously revealed to me was to have another man come inside of her and here I was enjoying that event with her.

She was fucking him as much if not more them he was fucking her. They were both grunting and sighing as they did there intense fuck dance of love. I could see his balls bouncing as he drove his dick into her. She had her legs spread wide apart to allow him maximum access and depth of penetration.

I must admit that I wasn\\\'t sure before this happened how I would feel about watching another man fuck my wife. I had thought about the possibility of jealously or resentment taking control but none of that happened. I was thoroughly and completely taken in by the total experience. Even the wallpaper surrounding the room with its many twisting and colorful flowers contributed to my feelings of ecstasy.

Finally, he told her he was ejaculating and she reached up to pull his head down to start a deep kiss. He had both of his hands holding her ass as he fucked her and cast off his seed to land inside her body. At that moment she had both of her feet pointing high in the air while moaning loudly in that familiar sound which told me that she was coming.

I then for the first time ever watched another man fill my wife with his semen. I realized it had been a little more than an hour since the three of us first met and now I was watching them at the peak of there sexual bliss. I could hear her moan into his kissing mouth. I could smell their sweat. I saw him tightly clutching her body against him as there wild thrusting and pounding continued unabated.

As they began to cool down from their first frenzied fuck together, I just knew that it wouldn\\\'t be the last time that I would watch them fuck.

My prediction about the future came true in less than ten minutes when they both got entirely naked and he told her how sexy her body was.

\\\"Do you like fucking me\\\"? he asked her.

\\\"Oh god yes\\\", she answered.

He then said he wanted to examine her up close and sShe did everything he asked her to do. He demanded, \\\"I want to see you masturbate\\\". Hearing this, she sat on the bed facing him, she spread her legs, and she used a finger to begin stroking the side of her labia. He put his head down close to her pussey and watched her finger slide as it added further excitement within her. He flicked the spots her finger touched with his tongue.

He then sat in front of her and told her to jack him off. She put her hand on his erect penis and began stimulating it as he pinched her nipples with his fingers. They were staring into each others eyes when he said, \\\"I want to hear you have orgasms and see you come\\\".

\\\"I want you to fuck me again\\\", she said.


\\\"Many times\\\', he added.

He asked her to roll over and put her ass in the air. He then slid his dick into her pussey from behind and he started fucking her again. I then watched them fuck for over an hour in many different positions.

Later, after a short moment of rest they were laying next to each quietly for awhile, before he turned to me and asked, \\\"Are you enjoying this too?\\\"

I told Matt, \\\"I\\\'m having a good time\\\".

Seeing and hearing my sweet gentle wife fucking Matt had been the sole focus of my attention. It was not watching Matt fuck her that caused the passionate inner rapture in my chest. It was seeing her completely giving herself to him that completely captured my entire psyche. She did everything he asked her to do. I felt proud of her giving him pleasure while obviously deeply enjoying it herself.

Just before Matt left our room, he was fully dressed while standing at the door kissing Traci deeply. She was still completely naked while kissing him back. He had a hand feeling her pussey as they kissed. He broke away from the embrace and said, \\\"You are the best fuck I have ever had. I want more of you. Can I see you again?\\\" His hand never left her pussey as they talked.

She said, \\\"I\\\'ll think about it\\\".

They began kissing again. After a minute of deeply kissing her, he raised his head and told her to rub his cock, which she did. They continued kissing as I watched her use both of her hands to massage the dick buried under his pants. This went on for several minutes before she whispered to him, \\\"I got you hard again\\\".

This time he broke away from their embrace saying, \\\"I need one more time\\\" and he turned her around and pushed her over a chair which was next to a desk. Her feet were on the floor and she was bent at the waist over the chair. He dropped his pants, told her to spread her legs a little, pulled out his hardon and thrust it in to her pussey from behind. He bent over her and began to fuck her again from behind. His hands were squeezing her tits. She reached down with her own hand through an opening in the back of the chair to massage her clit as he fucked her.

I was standing a few feet away watching them fuck. Soon her own finger exciting her own favorite G spot combined with his throbbing dick caused her to begin to moan again.

I took out my own dick and began jacking off.

There was no question that she was coming again and the sounds of her moaning really got him excited too. She wiggled her ass in time with his pounding thrusts as he squeezed her tits while she gutturally moaned, \\\"Fuck me… fuck me…\\\"

Then he loudly proclaimed, \\\"Oh God… Oh God… I\\\'m comingggg…\\\"

Her finger continued to stimulate her clit as he pumped his come into her one more time with her wildly screaming, \\\"Ohhh… Ohhh… Ohhh…, Ohhh…\\\"

I was speechless as my own orgasm splattered semen all over the carpet.

Soon, he was dressed again, ready to leave and he was one more time embracing her completely naked body at the door kissing.

He said \\\"I want more of you\\\". He gave her his business card just before leaving out the door.

After he left, she turned to me. I could see and smell his come running down her leg. I asked her if you enjoyed the experience. She said it was incredible.

I asked if I could watch her fuck Matt again.

She said, \\\"Of course… Anytime you want.\\\"