Written by The Watcher

6 Jan 2011

Watching my Wife

From across the room, I watched them in the dim light sitting on the couch. After they began kissing, his hand quickly found her breast. Soon thereafter, that same hand fell to her knee and disappeared under her dress. She spread her legs to allow him better access. Not much later, she helped him pull her panties off. I then saw him explore the nakedness between her legs, with me left to only imagine how his finger was most likely sliding in and out of her love spot. They were still kissing when he unzipped his pants and exposed his erect dick to her. He then guided her hand to it which she clenched and began stroking.

From across the room, I heard him whisper to my wife , "Are you OK with him watching us?"

My wife murmured "I'm not sure...Maybe...".

When he added, "I want you to be sure", she replied, "I'm OK", whereupon; he slipped off his pants making himself naked from the waist down with his erection pointing straight up.

"Sit on this", he gently commanded.

He remained sitting on the couch as I watched her move to be on top of him so that she faced him with her back to me and her knees on either side of him. She then reached behind herself, took his erection into her hand and guided it between her legs. She then eased her body down on his engorged tool which soon had eased itself to be entirely inside of her. She then began a slow up and down fucking motion. Unfortunately, at that point in time her dress was draped over his lap, hiding my view of what was happening underneath. I could then only imagine the sight of his dick sliding up and down inside her rather than actualy watching it. He then quickly pulled down the top of her dress exposing her breasts and began sucking on a tit as they continued fucking. It was watch her fuck him. She performed as if I wasn't even there.

When we first got married, I told my wife of my fantasy to watch her fuck someone else. After being married for 10 years, tonight is our first time actually doing it. Before this, however, there was a long period when she showed no interest. But, over time and with much prodding on my part she began telling me what she would like to do if she was with another guy. Her verbal role play of me watching her with someone else became routine. Ultimately she seemed to truly enjoy telling me make believe stories which had much detail of what she would do and what she wanted another man to do to her. Sometimes she would make believe that two guys were fucking her.

One story was that if we found someone suitable, she would go to a hotel room with me and him. Once there, she would pull his zipper down, get his dick out, drop to her knees and begin sucking on his dick. When she got it hard, she would lay on the bed, pull up her dress spread her legs, show him her bare pussy and tell him to fuck her.

Over time, she accepted that I really wanted this to happen and ultimately came to at least want to try it.

Earlier this evening, we set out to make it happen and went looking for a candidate. We met Jim at a bar where the three of us partied for several hours. Later, she whispered to me that he was the chosen one and left to go to the restroom which was my signal from her to proposition him. Right after she left, I bluntly asked Jim if he would like to fuck her.

"In a heartbeat" he answered.

"Would you do it tonight?"

"You want me to fuck your wife?" he quizzed with a look of disbelief.

"Yes, but only if you let me watch" I added.

"Tonight? You want to watch me fuck your wife tonight?" he asked again with an even more astonished surprised look.


"Is she OK with that?" he asked.

"This will be our first time, but she says she might do it."

"What particularly do you want to see us do?", he asked.

"That's up to you two."

"She is a beautiful sexy lady... of course I'll do that"

When she came back from the restroom, they couldn't take their eyes off each other. She now knew that sex with him was going to happen...The way he looked at her, I could tell he knew it too.

Soon thereafter, we followed his car to his apartment. On the way there she asked,

"Are you really sure about doing this?"

"No doubt at all" I replied before asking, "What do you think about him?".

"I think he's cute and sexy", she answered, "I'm excited... but be warned, that I intend to enjoy this.

Now, as I sit in his apartment watching them, I hear him quietly moan "I want you to come". He then pulls the top of her dress down to suck on a tit as her hips continue with up and down fucking motions on his dick.

Soon, I hear her familiar sound of "Oh--Oh--Oh---" and I know she is having an orgasm. He urges her on with, "...yeah baby , do me...". As she bounces up and down on his dick, her dress is thrashing about giving me periodic quick flashes of his hands holding her bare ass as he forces her bare pussy to stay connected with his dick.

Soon thereafter, in a guttural voice he announces, "I'm going to come.'

She immediately sounds out,"Oh--Oh--Oh---" and begins bouncing on him much harder and faster than before. When he announces that he is coming and begins dumping his seed into my wife, she continues fucking him until he quits moving. I try to imagine in my mind what the sight of his come dripping out of her pussy would look like if I only had a vantage point to see. Sadly, it all happened under her dress and I couldn't see it.

After they rest for awhile, they are laying side by side on the couch when he raises his head and says to her,

It sounds like you liked that"

"It was wonderful" she says.

"Does your husband being here bother you?"

"Its wierd" she answers.

He then asks, "Will you go with me to the bedroom?" When she says OK, he is holding her hand and leading her towards a hallway when I stand up to follow. But he abruptly turns to me and says, "Wait for us in here. I want to be alone with her for a while."

Then turning to her he says, "Is that OK with you?"

She glances my way for a quick look before she turns to him and says, "OK".

Whereupon, I watch them still holding hands until they disappear into the hallway each of them now mostly naked but with some tangled clothes still hanging from their bodies. A few minutes later, I creep to the hallway entrance and make a quick peek down the hall to see that it is empty with all the doors closed. Then, I begin hearing moans and grunts coming from what must be the bedroom and I know they must be fucking again. For quite awhile, I stand with my ear to the bedroom door listening to them fuck.

There then followed a dead silence during which I could only wonder what was happening.

"Were they sleeping? Whispering to each other? Silently fucking?" I didn't know. I did know that this is not what I had in mind. This was not part of my fantasy.

I raced back to the couch because I didn't want to get caught in the hallway secretly listening to them. For a long time I sat on the couch surrounded by silence waiting for something to happen.

Later, I again heard sounds drifting from the bedroom. I stealthfully crept down to his begroom again where I heard movement from inside. I again put my ear to the door and heard him say, "Suck on it baby... Make me hard again".

Then it got very quiet leaving me to imagine what was going on in there. I conjured up the thought of her sucking on his limp dick. I so much wanted to watch her do that and felt let down that I was being ignored.

Then I heard his muffled voice grunting 'Yes Yes Yes...Oh yeah baby... right there, suck it... yeah that's it...pull on my balls... yeah, that's it... make it hard so that I can make love to you again..."

Then a brief silence before I heard the bed again squeaking. Then there was a flurry of sound and I sensed they were furiously fucking.

After what seemed to me to be hours but was probably only minutes, it became quiet again.

I rushed back to the couch, laid down and waited for them to show themselves.

Later, they both were entirely naked when they came out to where I was sitting on the couch. For reasons I don't understand, he commanded her to sit next to me. When she did, he spread her legs and using his fingers, spread her pussy lips apart. He then tells me to look at his come spilling out of her, which I do

He added, "We had a good time getting her full of this."

Then, taking her by the hand again, he guides her back down the hall telling me that they are going to take a shower.

After a few minutes, I again went down the hall and could hear a shower running behind his bathroom door. I put my ear to the door and could clearly hear the sounds of them fucking in the shower.

Eons later, I was waiting on the couch when she comes back to where I was. She says she is ready to leave and gets dressed. Jim is nowhere to be seen as we exit his apartment.

On the way home, she was very quiet for a long time before I asked her what she was thinking about.

"A lot"

"How do you feel about it all?"

She answered, "He is a good lover and knows how to make me feel good.I've never had that many orgasms in one night before."

"Will you do it with him again?"

There was a pause of silence before she added, "He wants to see me again."

"With me watching?" I asked.

She then aggressively asserted, "That is not going to happen. He told me he wants me all to himself."

"So, what did you tell him?"

"I told him I would think about it."

"Are you considering seeing him without me there?"

She went quiet and was looking out the side window away from me. It took awhile for her to respond but she finally said, "I do want to see him again and he really wants see me again. I mean he told he did not want to give me up. He said that sex with me was the best sex he has ever had before with anyone else... and you know, I can say the same thing about him... in fact, I told him so..."

"Will you see him again?" I asked now feeling rather scared inside.

"I don't know right now. Its a big question for me."

Again she went quiet still staring away from me out the side window.

I pulled the car to the side of the road and parked.

Many minutes later she said, "At this moment I am desparately holding back from asking you to turn this car around to take me back to him".

I started to say something and she abruptly interupted with, "Don't talk to me right now, OK..., just listen to me... I'm telling you that if he were here right now in the back seat, I would climb back there and beg him to fuck me. Do you understand that?"

With her staring directly at me I started to say something but she again loudly said, "Look...I just want you to listen to me...OK?... You unleashed this beast. Now, you just better hope that I get over this wanting of him. Because , if I see him again... I just might not want to come back."