Written by Dan

29 Aug 2013

My sexy wife Charly has always been a sexy fucking slut. Her sexy body and blond hair such a pleasure to be with.

Wherever we go the guys look at her, but she always said she never had sex with other guys since we were married, although that was my fantasy. As a teenager she was the local bicycle, for every to use.

A couple of years ago i managed to persuade Charly to come with me to a nudist spa. To my surprise she agreed. We got undressed in the men changing room. What a turn on to have men watching her.

We got into the jacuzzi, both naked, and after a few minute Charly was rubbing my cock. Soon Charly was being felt up by another couple in the jacuzzi. I gave her to the man in the other couple, while I played with his wife/girlfriend. She says they never fucked, but i could not see (I hope they did)

A few moths later we went to a swingers house party. Charly got so drunk. She was wearing the smallest mini skirt no knickers. After a few hours she got so horny, i was liking her pussy in a room full of people. She later confessed that she had been eying radian while I was sucking her pussy and he was fucking another woman.

We soon got talking to this other couple, and the man who was a pilot was chatting up and feeling up Charly, as I was snogging and dancing with his wife.

Soon after this we got chatting with Radian. he bet that she had no panties on, which she hurried to prove him right. soon after that he was leaning over her, cupping her breasts. before long he had his cock out and was rubbing it against her bum. I asked Radian if he was fucking her, to which he replied 'I could'. So I suggested that she take him upstairs. She grabbed his hand and led him upstairs.

Meanwhile I stayed downstairs kissing the pilots wife. The pilot had gone up to join the fun with Charly and Radian.

I suggested tat the pilots wife shoud o up too, and that I Would join them soon, which she did.

I went round the rooms watching the orgy of bodies touching the womens bodies, tits and cunts while they were being fucked.

I made my way to the attic, and then II saw Charly, with the biggest smile on her face, on all fours, with radian fucking her from behind. the pilot was playing with Carlies tits and kissing her. The pilots wife was lying naked on the floor waiting for me. I gave her a good licking on her pussy.

Soon the pilot was fucking my wife then his wife was kissing and playing with Charly.

We are now getting divorced, but the memories are priceless.

Cant wait to shere more of our adventures.