Written by Randi

16 Dec 2007

So here I was looking at my princess fucking a complete stranger. I could tell that she was till a little reserved as she was not as vocal as she usually is when she has had a few drinks and we have sex.

Nevertheless, she was moaning quietly and J was talking to her in hush tones. Telling her how sexy she looked and that her pussy felt so good. Those of you who have been in this position as I was will know what a turn on it is to hear another man find your wife incredibly sexy and want to push his cock into her with all that he has. It’s the horniest thing to hear your loved one moan and groan to the pleasures offered by another man.

D asked me again to come join them in bed. I went up to her and with both palms around her face I kissed her. Slow and long. It was not a horny kiss but one of complete passion. To signify that we had finally crossed the line and it was all that we had both hoped it would be.

I looked into her eyes and told her that for the next hour she was J’s slut. I wanted her to pretend that she was not my wife but J’s lover. To enjoy it as much as she wanted. This being her prize for being so faithful when we both knew how physical she was and how many times she had to fight the urge to fuck another man.

D didn’t agree nor disagree with it. I put on my clothes and whispered to J to be careful and respect D. Some may find my behavior irresponsible but I am an excellent judge of character and throughout the whole night; J had not given me any reason to doubt that he was the perfect gentlemen and also knew that if things worked out; this would only be the first of many encounters.

In a daze I walked out of that door. I don’t remember much except that soon I was back at the bar sipping a beer and wondering what was happening. The urge to race back and be part of the action upstairs was unbearable. But like other things in life; I knew that the longer I waited; the better the release would be when I finally returned to the room.

I looked around me and listened to the music but my mind never ventured far from what was happening upstairs. Imagine knowing that your princess is having her pussy fucked by another man. Imagine what must be running through her mind as she takes another man’s cock because she wants it. Not to please you but because she wants another fuck. Another hard cock. I kept wondering if she was more uninhibited with me not being in the room, suspecting that she was a little subdued with her language as not to offend me.

I picked up my mobile and rang the room. Before leaving; I told D that I would be calling to make sure everything was alright. The phone rang out. A sense of panic overcame me. I tried again while making my way out of the bar. D answered on the 2nd ring. She apologized for not being able to get to the phone on time. I asked her if all was OK and to use our secret word if it was not. She used the word to indicate things were indeed OK. I asked her if she wanted me to come back to the room. She waited a moment and heard her speak to J. He came on the line and I asked him if all was OK. J told me that D was an excellent lover. He quickly slipped into his role as D’s lover and began to tell me what a great fuck she was.

He asked me to listen on. He put the phone down and in a few seconds I could hear D’s moans of lust. He was telling her what a great fuck she was and he was going to bang her stupid. He told her to get on the phone to tell me how she liked it. D got on the phone to tell me that she was getting her cunt fucked by a big cock. I told her as discreetly as I could in a public place; to let it all go and take him. To feel and express openly how good she felt. With this she put the phone down and started a filthy tirade. Telling J what a cock lover she was and how she wanted to be banged by him. She moaned loudly and carried on like this for a while. Then the line went dead.

I was not sure what I should do. Part of me really wanted to be there but the other part wanted it to be an unknown to be shared with D after. I decided to have another drink. The next fifteen minutes went agonizingly slow. I finished my drink and made way back to the room.

I entered the room quietly. I couldn’t hear anything. A brief wave of panic swept through my body and I lurched towards the bedroom. Then I stopped short. I heard J talking to D in a calm quiet tone. I looked through the door. Both had their backs to be with J entering D from behind but very slowly. I rushed back to the lounge and quickly undressed as quietly as I could. As I approached the bedroom again; it dawned onto me why they were fucking so slowly.

I could hear J’s actual words and realized that he was slowly trying to get his cock into D’s ass. Something she has only tried twice before with me. He was coaxing her and telling her to relax. D was telling him to be slow but her voice was heavy with lust. I decided to stand back and watch. J was pushing more of his cock into her. All this while D was moaning and telling him to fuck her ass.

J was soon fully in her and she asked him not to move. He slowly started pumping her ass. There was a little pain in D’s voice but very soon it turned to an animal like grunt as he started to fuck her harder.

D started to moan loudly and told him to fuck her ass harder. I was delirious with excitement to watch D take another man in her ass. She has never been a big fan of anal sex and must have been very horny to get J to fuck her in the ass.

By now, J was pounding her good and hard while she showered him with dirty talk; telling him how good her ass felt and what a good ass fucker J was. I approached J and tapped him on the shoulder to let him know I was in the room. He turned around and smiled while giving me the thumbs up. He then asked D if I had ever fucked her ass as good as he was. She replied that I didn’t (without turning to look at him). He continued to ask her questions about our sex life and I was shocked that D was so open with all our darkest deepest physical moments.

J asked her if she wanted to fill up in her ass to which she asked him to fuck her and shoot it in her. She told him she had never had someone shoot in her ass ever before and J asked her if she wanted him to call me and get me to come and be the first. Again; D surprised my by telling him that she was his slut and he deserved to have her ass.

I was so hard and tuned on I did not dare touch myself. To watch my conservative (well in public at least) wife ask another man to shoot his cum in her ass; an act we have never done before was simply amazing. Also watching J moan and fuck D like was doing made me proud that I had such a sexy tigress for my personal pleasure.

J pulled his cock out of D as I watch fascinated her brown box open and almost convulse. He rammed it back in her to a cry of join in her. In fact she started telling him that she was going to cum again but wanted him to cum with her; in her.

Suddenly the phone rang and D told J that it was probably me. He asked her if she wanted him picking the phone up to which she replied that …………………………