Written by vegascouple

26 Oct 2008

Its been a while since we have written. You can search for our stories under VegasCouple. We have not played much in the past months. In fact since April, we have not played with anoyone but each other.

Two weekends ago we decided to get out and escape from our "normal" lives. My wife and I are a very attractive couple, I am 29 and she is 28. She is blonde, small frame with a small chest (34 b) but a great ass. Everyone always says what an amazing ass she has, you would think she was from Brazil. I am medium height, work out alot and stay in good shape. I have been boxing since I was 18, so I stay pretty lean.

We decided to go out to a swing club we enjoy here in Vegas. We got there really early since we started drinking early. She was looking great in a very short skirt and black tank top. No bra and no panties. Her ass was coming out the bottom and her nipples were popping through her shirt. After scoping the place out with a few people, mainly guys, we went next door for a drink. After our drinks we went back. We were downstairs when we saw some movement in a dark corner where people peek in on the couples only area through a screen. We walked in to see a younger guy watching an older couple fuck. After a quick tour of the couples area, and the only couple was the older couple, we returned to the peeping area. She pulled us next to the guy and bent over in front of me. I started fingering her pussy. He turned his attention to us, jerking his cock. He reached over and started to feel her tits while I slid my dick in her pussy. She adjusted so she could suck his dick. About 10 minutes passed and the small area was filled with guys. She bouncing between three different cocks in her mouth, and many hands were rubbing her body. After a few minutes she had enough and we walked out. We went upstairs and watch various people play for a while. Nothing really sparked our interest.

We were sitting down in the lounge area when my wife saw a hot couple. We walked over to them and started talking with them. We switched wives on our laps. We were talking about fanstaties and kinky sex. My wife looked at the other wife and said, "I have a new fantasty, your husband fucks me and comes in my pussy." My wife looked down at her husband and asked "You okay that?" He said yes, and his wife said yes. I interupted, "You cum in my wife, I cum in yours." He said of course and went downstairs to the private rooms with lockable doors. Within moments of being in there, We were fucking. It was the first time, someone fucked my wife before I did in a swap. The great thing about that room is the lighting, I was able to see his dick slide in and out of my wife. His blonde wife and I didn't even bother with oral. I just put my dick in her as soon as possible. She had a small frame like my wife and nice C cup tits that bounced all over the place while I fucked her. She was also a little bit of a squirter. She was drenching my thighs. My wife had moved on top of him and was bent over him so I saw her pussy slide all the way up and down on his dick. His wife got on top of me and started to grind on me. My dick was deep in her. She started to grind faster and faster. She whispered to me, "You gonna cum?". I nodded and she whispered, "Cum in my pussy." I started to pump a huge load in her and she kept grinding and moaning loudly. I flipped in on her back and started fucking her. She was creamy. Her husband said he was going to cum and I looked over to watch while still fucking his wife. My wife was sliding fast up and down on his cock. Then I could see the cum run down his cock from between his cock and my wifes pussy lips. My wife moved her pussy all the way down on his cock and they started kissing and talking. I could not make out what they were saying. I focused back on his wife. I whispered in her ear I was going to cum in her again. She said, "oh yes, cum in my pussy again." She picked her legs up higher and she starting bucking more. She was running her hands through my hair and all over my back while we kissed. I felt my dick get harder and I emptied the rest of my cum in her pussy. I sit up with my dick still in her and her on her back. My wife was still on his dick. As we pulled out of each others wives huge loads of cum poured out of thier pussies. We looked out the window and could see the crowd that was watching was breaking up. They quickly got dressed and we took our time. We said our good byes and they left.

When they left, they left the door open. My wife was putting on her shoes when the guy from earlier stood in the doorway. I was putting my shirt on. He said, "It was really hot to watch you guys play." He was really shy and nervous and my wife could see it too. My wife leaned back and spread her pussy which was covered with and full of cum. She asked him, "did you like watching him cum in my pussy." He nodded. She told him in come in, lock the door and pull his cock out. He looked at me and asked, "You're not going to beat the shit out of me right." I laughed and said no and told him to come in. While he locked the door she took off her cloths. She told him to take his cloths off and stand between her legs and jerk off to her. He quickly, I mean very quickly, got his cloths off. He stood there jerking off as she sat up and started kissing him and talking real dirty. She told him to rub the tip of his dick against her clit while he stroked it. Then she told him to rub it up and down her pussy. Then she told him to slide it in her and he did. He began to fuck the shit out of her, while saying how hot she is and he couldn't believe this was happening. After about three minutes of fucking he blew his load in my wife. I told him if he could reload he could wait to fuck her after I was done. I climbed on top of her and started fucking her for about 20 minutes which I then came the last bit I had in her. I wasn't even out of her yet and he was trying to get in her. After about 15 minutes he came a second time. He quickly got dressed, said his goodbyes and left room. Actually he asked if he could take a picture of her cause he said no one would believe how hot it was. We said no. He locked the door on the way out.

She asked me if I was satified and I said yes. She said she could use one more dick, with or without him cumming in her pussy. So we went upstairs and walked around for a while. No one was playing just walking around looking for some action like us. We walked into a room before one of the bathrooms, set up as a doctors office. Inside was a woman on a doctors table being fucked by a guy with two guys standing on each side of her. She was an older woman about 45, but hot. A typical trophy wife. The guy fucking her came and pulled away. One of the guys, not her husband step in front of her and slide his dick in her. I moved to the side where he was standing and pulled my cock out so she could suck it while she was getting fucked. My wife stood next to me kissing her and her tits. A guy walked in the room and moved behind my wife and started playing with her. I met her husband on the other side of her, an older man about 55. The new guy put a condom on and slide his dick inside my wife and started to fuck her. During this time a couple more guys walked in. After a few guys fucked our wifes while they sucked our cocks, the other guys wife said she needed a break. The women got dressed and we all started to walk out. I pulled my wife off to the side and told her I was raging to see her get fucked again but this time I wanted to see the guy cum in her. She said she wanted that too and she said we needed to find a guy. We walked around for a while and we started to give up hope when we saw a regular she had played with in the past. He usually had a chubby brunette with huge tits with him. We asked him where his girlfriend was and said they broke up a few weeks ago and this was his first night back. I was kinda sad she was not there because I loved her huge tits. After some talking she invited him downstairs to one of the private rooms. We told him no condoms and he was excited. We got into one of the rooms and they started fucking. I was jerking off while my sexy wife was getting fucked hard. It was not 10 minutes into that he started to cum in her. He pulled out and she turned her pussy towards me. She started playing with all the cum in her pussy. I was getting close to cumming so I started to fuck her. Within a few minutes I started to cum her in her pussy. He took one more turn on her and came in her again.

We left and went home. This has spark us to take a little extra time to play more. We are going to trying fucking our regular guys and girls again.