Written by Mark

21 Mar 2013

We’d like to tell readers about how we came to swinging and how much it has improved not just our sex life but given us an amazing new release of life, with us enjoying more fun than at any time in the recent past. We are Mark and Liz, both in our late fifties, married since 1980, children flown the coop, fit, active, slim, good looking, enjoy our sex, not given much thought to partner swapping other than after a very enjoyable sex session when we both looked at each other and wished we could continue, both of us joking that we could given fresh partners with whom we could continue. We never took it any further, not because Liz didn’t want to, quite the opposite, she declared she’d rather like to have me and another man simultaneously service her. No, her opposition was due to her believing I’d never be relaxed watching her make love to another man, despite my protestations. Well, things changed back in September while we were on holiday at our timeshare on the Algarve.

There in the sun and heat we met a Dutch couple, Rik and Isabel, about ten years younger than us, who were staying in one of the six apartments in our block. The six apartments shared a swimming pool, very private behind its own high wall, and after a day or so around the pool they introduced themselves and we spent an amazing day with them, from complete strangers in the morning to some amazingly wonderful, satisfying sex in the afternoon.

Both were very friendly, relaxing, slim, good looking, and very tanned having spent a week longer than us in the sun. Rik was a musician, looked a bit like Wild Bill Hicock with pointed white beard and moustache and matching long flowing locks. He also had very impressive muscular body, sported a heavy gold chain around his neck and brief swimming trunks that left no-one in any doubt he was well-hung. Isabel was also very fit, slightly larger framed than Liz’s size 10, with what looked like matching neck, waist and ankle chains, and topless she had a very attractive set of firm boobs, replete with large pointed nipples, while Liz’s boobs were smaller, cuter with cheeky nipples that (for me) invited kissing, sucking, biting.

The morning went very well, four of us pulling our loungers together, sitting in the sun or under the umbrella, chatting, joking, laughing, or the four of us splashing around in the pool. At lunch the two wives went off to make sandwiches and half hour later returned with baps full of ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato and four chilled bottles of Carlsberg. Over lunch we chatted excitedly, learnt they were naturalists and had found a concealed cove where other naturalists gathered to enjoy their nudism. Would we like to join them? ‘Yes, sounds fun!’ answered Liz.

The four of us then dozed lightly in the shade of the umbrellas. When I came round, Liz and Rik we in the pool splashing around, Isabel was on the lounger next to mine and as I became compos mentis she asked me to lotion her back and legs. As she turned face down she unclipped her bikini pants, inviting me to pull them all the way down her legs and off over her feet. I duly obliged and splashed the sun block on her already tanned back, massaging it in across her neck, shoulders, spine, small of her back with its dragon tattoo, then to her buttocks, pinker than the rest of her. And as I massaged the cream into those pink buttocks Liz and Rik climbed out of the pool, and seeing me running fingers and sun block into Isabel’s bottom, Liz piped up, cheekily asking, ‘You enjoying yourself, hubby dear?’

I looked up, grinning, ‘You bet, this is the life!’ Liz came to a stop hovering over me, smiling widely, then Rik coming up behind her, linking his arms around Liz’s waist, a hand resting just an inch above her bikini pants. She then clasped her hands over his, smiling as I continued to lotion Isabel, my actions providing Rik the confidence to give Liz one, then a second, soft fleeting kiss on the neck, followed by a longer, more passionate third with his teeth now biting very gently into the skin, she letting out a murmur of enjoyment, ‘...mmm...’ as his teeth released her flesh to be replaced by a slow licking tongue, Liz looking directly at me, her eyes saying ‘...look darling, I have another man who wants to fuck me..,’ she lifting a hand to stoke his cheek and neck while his display of affection seemed to directly translate to Liz, making her boobs look even rounder, firmer, nipples erect like bullets, Liz dropping her other hand to stroke his muscular thigh.

Inwardly I enjoyed every second, the vista taking my breath away as I clearly got the message – my wife of 33 years now wanted to be fucked by this guy who was a total stranger to both of us just a few hours earlier. Beneath my trunks my cock fully stiffened as I took in the vision of this good looking, tanned, fit guy, with his arm around my wife, kissing and biting her neck, she stroking his thigh as she quite clearly encouraged and enjoyed his attentions.

Then she slid her hand behind her back, obviously seeking out and stroking Rik’s cock, which I guessed was up full and hard, Liz laughing a she did, giving me a cheeky wink, then turning her head to face Rik, ‘Well...that feels ready...’ as she fingered his erection, kissing him quickly on his lips, ‘...well, my darling hubby, Rik and I will lotion each other, if you have no objections...’

With that they both fell onto their loungers, laughing like schoolchildren, disappearing into the shade of the umbrella, Liz pulling her bikini pants off her hips, then playfully pulling Rik’s trunks down, his very obviously erect penis falling free, hard and long. ‘Oooo!’ exclaimed Liz, ‘is that a weapon of mass destruction I see before me or are you just pleased to see me!’ And I watched mesmerised, horny, excited as Liz dropped her head, kissing, licking Rik’s bellend before she slowly took more of it in her mouth until she had taken a good three inches, then releasing it to lovingly lick, kiss, bite the enlarged purple head, a hand gently squeezing his balls.

Suddenly, I had an amazing mix of emotions. I felt very horny at seeing my wife cavorting with this handsome, fit looking guy with the bonus of a very impressive cock. I wanted to tell them to ‘find a room’ but, no, this was my wife, married lady of over thirty years, no extra marital sex of any form before, but here she was, and if she and Rik, a stranger until that morning, were going to suck and fuck I wanted to see it, witness my sexy wife doing it with another man, enjoy it, appreciate it, see my wife’s mouth and pussy fill with the spunk of another guy.

My thoughts were answered with Liz breaking off her sucking duties, turning, seeing me clocking her, she responding by laughing, winking and asking in a jokey voice, ‘Husband dear, what I am going to do with this?’ her hand wrapped around Rik’s shaft, my jaw dropping in amazement at Liz’s hand wrapped so tightly around another man’s fat cock, pointing it directly at me, foreskin pulled back to reveal an impressive purple-coloured head, glinting with pre-cum, she then dropping her head again to lick the oily head, not waiting for me to reply. And before I could Isabel piped up, ‘Go ahead, I’ll keep your husband amused...’ and with that Liz pulled a robe across her and Rik, disappeared back into the shadow of the umbrella.

Isabel lent forward, a hand suddenly fondling my erection somewhere beneath my trunks as I continued my mesmeric obsession with my wife and her horny new friend, my cock rock hard now as I saw in the umbrella’s shadow Liz break off from sucking Rik’s cock to kiss him very passionately, before he broke away and lent down to take one of Liz’s nipples in his mouth. I heard her moan, low, long as Rik took more of her boob into his mouth.

‘Are you enjoying yourself?’ asked Isabel as she watched me in my mesmeric state, ‘...seeing your wife enjoying another man...seeing another man enjoy your wife...it’s a great sexy feeling isn’t it?’ And with that Isabel dropped her head and eased my cock into her mouth and an erotic charge shot through my body, the warmth of Isabel’s mouth, the licking of her tongue and the gentle biting of her teeth. As Isabel took more of my cock deeper into her mouth so my interest in Rik and Liz began to wane but not before I caught one last image, Liz wrapping her arms around Rik’s shoulders as he sent his handsome full length into her wet, welcoming pussy, all the way to her womb and began what looked like a slow fuck both he and Liz were enjoying.

Isabel broke off, releasing my cock from her wanton mouth, pulled me onto her lounger, we kissed passionately, then she said, ‘This is too public. Let’s go...to my place...’ Although I felt like saying, ‘No I want to watch your hubby fucking my wife...’ I didn’t. I agreed, she pulled on her bikini pants, slid into her robe, and we walked to their apartment where she poured both of us a very long whiskey each, took me into the bedroom where, on the bed we kissed very passionately, Isabel eventually pulling away my trunks, taking my cock again in her mouth, beginning a wonderful blow job, sucking me, licking my cock, gently biting the flesh just behind the head, in all ten minutes of wonderful ecstasy, bringing me off in an unforgettable nirvana, me shooting four long spurts of spunk into her mouth, down her throat.

It was the first time my cock had spurted cum in another woman’s mouth since well before my wedding day. And it felt just great, completely without any guilt knowing my wife was simultaneously being fucked to seventh heaven by the guy married to the lady who had just given me a memorable blow job. ‘That was great, lovely cock to suck...your cum tasted spicy, loved it...’ she said. ‘This is your first time, isn’t it?’ And by that she meant partner swapping. And as we chatted it became clear she and Rik were seasoned swingers, Liz and I being their latest conquest.

We then went into a 69 and I thoroughly enjoyed sucking Isabel’s pussy, trimmed to a landing strip, tongue seeking out her clitoris, she eventually breaking off and lying me face up, climbing across me and lowering her pussy down onto my erection. There followed an amazing fuck, a slow, methodical start by Isabel, but progressively giving away to a series of faster downward thrusts, made all the more exciting for me since this pussy wasn’t Liz’s, it was another lady, someone who was a complete stranger at the beginning of the day. I moaned long and loud, kissed, licked, bit both nipples as Isabel’s boobs hung above my face, she moaning in a growing ecstasy, me eventually giving out a shouted yell as I climaxed, my cock shooting yet more spurts of sperm, this time deep inside Isabel’s womb.

We then drank our whiskey, chatting for ages before we went again, Isabel sucking me up before she slipped beneath me, lifting her legs, me sliding into her wet, open and enlarged pussy with a lot of ease. We fucked energetically for about ten minutes before I climaxed, shoving my cock as far into her womb as I could, shooting cum deep inside her.

Isabel showered, we then chatted, she gave me a very slow enjoyable handjob, directing my cum onto her stomach, she inviting me to lick it into her belly button, we eventually finishing our drinks , dozing for an hour and only woke up when Isabel’s phone rang. It was hubby, he and Liz were in our apartment, and he was wondering when we could swap back wives.

So began a very enjoyable few days until Rik and Isabel had to leave to return home. But before then we accompanied them to the nudist beach they had discovered, where we enjoyed the freedom to sunbathe and swim au naturelle, enjoyed great sex with them on the beach and in the warm sea, and back at the apartment for the last remaining days, swapping with them after lunch and after dinner, Liz staying with Rik, Isabel with me, both wives going ‘home’ in the morning. By comparison our second week was somewhat boring although we did have some great sex as Liz described in fabulous detail what Rik and she had got up to.

Well, that was ‘part one’ of our indulging in partner swopping and while I fully expected Liz to dismiss it all as a bit of holiday fun, in a far-off place where no-one knew us, away from prying neighbours, I was very pleasantly surprised when we got home she asked if I’d mind if we looked to see if we could find a sexy, like-minded couple with whom we could swop. She was very honest, she’d tasted fresh cock and wanted more. For Liz, who enjoyed her sex, swinging had expanded her horizons and her desire for more sexual experience. In return, I was equally honest, I’d tasted fresh pussy and wanted more.

So began ‘part two’ of our swinging lifestyle. A few days after getting back Liz came home from work and sought out some internet partner swap sites. We made contact with six couples, most our age, a few younger, and we exchanged many emails. Eventually, by the middle of October we had agreed to link up with a very horny young married couple for the first time, a Saturday evening on neutral territory, a hotel in the countryside. Despite a slow start the foursome sex was stunning, very enjoyable, and once we had relaxed and were confident, Liz and hubby went off to the couple’s room, leaving me and wife to enjoy each other, one on one.

It worked, we all enjoyed the evening, and the Sunday morning sex, Liz eventually returning to our room to pack.

They liked us, we liked them, so we’ve since met them half a dozen times, they enjoying swinging with us, an older, horny couple, they taking us to a small, discreet New Year’s Eve swop party which was a mindblowing for both of us, with at midnight and the first minutes of 2013 the men’s names on pieces of paper going into a handy ice bucket with the wives pulling out a name, me partnering with a very beautiful Asian lady, Liz getting a very fit black guy, her private fantasy come true! Once that first wave of swapping was done, and very enjoyable it was, we were all allowed to select our own partners for a second round of sex and although Liz stayed with her black guy, I looked out his wife and we indulged in a very satisfying session.

It was Liz and mine’s first swap party and we were sold! We have since met up with the black couple twice, once at ours, once at theirs, and they are now our very close friends.

Swinging for us is so far so good, and very busy since we’ve both been like children in the proverbial sweetshop, enjoying the amazing freedom swinging offers, meeting people who like us enjoy their sex and want to expand their sexual fun, excitement, experiences, welcome shedding sexual inhibitions, going from bi-curious to actively bisexual, a real breakthrough for me and Liz.

In addition to partner swapping, Liz has been fucked by two of the guys she works with, and it’s all made a great contribution to our marriage, the two of us are now hornier than at any stage before in our marriage, less inhibited, the two of us having a ‘quickie’ for breakfast before Liz leaves for work (I work from home), and sex after dinner is now almost nightly, and sex at the weekends can be non-stop! Liz, a lovely petite size 10, is now dressing sexier than ever with some great Janet Reger undies, expensive sexy Wolford tights or lace-top hold ups, shorter skirts to show off her shapely legs, some very high heels, she has become very aware she is a very sexy looking lady, resulting in those two guys at work asking her out, she enjoying dates with them, coming home on both occasions (with tights and knickers soaking wet with their cum) to a very horny hubby who couldn’t wait to fuck his sexy wife!