Written by Steve

8 Sep 2018

Let me start by saying that my wife and I are definitely not swingers. OK, I enjoy reading the stories on this and other sites, but the thought of joining a site and posting revealing photos of ourselves would be alien to us.

Having said that, I suspect that a lot of men would find Tina’s photos very horny, as she is, in my eyes at least, very attractive. Approaching 50, 5’ 4” tall, dress size 10, with medium length brown hair and the sexy curves you would expect in a woman who has had 3 children. Tina usually dresses rather plainly, although she likes to wear sexy underwear (very brief bra and panty sets and hold-up stockings, sometimes even open-crotch panties), which she says make her feel liberated.

We married young and all 3 children were born by the time we were 30. Tina went through the menopause very early, by the age of 40, and I think it was this that started her liking for being ‘a bit naughty’ occasionally. Tina enjoys flirting with other men, usually when we are on holiday miles from home, she says she wouldn’t want any of our friends or neighbours to know what she gets up to. She says she likes to get to know the guy a little first, so she feels there is some sort of spark, and if he is part of a couple, she will sound out the guy’s wife/partner what she intends to do first. She tells them it is simply a bit of fun, which won’t go further than a snog and maybe a bit of a grope, and the wife/partner will get the benefit later.

Tina came unstuck about 3 years ago during an Adriatic cruise, when the couple were clearly experienced swingers and we ended up having sex with them in their cabin. Fortunately, they were prepared for any eventuality, and they had condoms, but the experience prompted us to always carry a condom in our wallet/purse, just in case. Back in our cabin afterwards, I think we were both a bit lost for words, although we eventually agreed we had both enjoyed the experience and it had not harmed our relationship. Tina became a bit more cautious with her flirting for a while after that.

We own a touring caravan, which we use for short-break holidays in this country several times a year. For the past few years, we have been going away for a few days over New Year with a couple we have known for about 20 years. Frank and Jean are a little older than us, Frank is approaching 60 years of age and Jean just turned 55. Tina and Jean are similar in size and stature, and people often mistake them for sisters.

Last New Year, we had arranged to meet them at an all year site, and we had booked adjacent pitches. We met them at the site and, as usual, we ate in our caravan for the first evening. We had not seen Frank and Jean for several months as we live some way from them now and, during the course of the meal, I mentioned that seeing them was nice as Tina was less inclined to be naughty. I thought she had already told Jean about how she flirted with other men, but she hadn’t, so I was forced to tell them the whole story (well, excluding the incident when it went further during the cruise). Frank said Tina could flirt with him all she liked, and we all laughed. Later on when we went to bed, Tina told me off for being too honest with them, and I said well we shouldn’t have secrets from our friends.

On the following evening, we went out for a meal in the local town. The park & ride car park was quite close to the caravan site, and the buses ran until nearly mid-night, so we could all have a drink without the worry of one of us being ‘designated driver’. As we had not seen Frank and Jean for a while, it was quite a light hearted affair with lots of jovial conversation. During the course of the meal, Frank said he was hoping Tina was going to flirt with him this evening, and Tina reached under the table to stroke his thigh, saying he would have to wait until later. Jean looked at me with raised eyebrows and said “I hope I’m not going to be left out”.

By the time we left the restaurant, we were all feeling a little mellow. Tina linked arms with Frank walking in front, and Jean slipped her arm round my waist, so it seemed natural to put my arm round her shoulder. It crossed my mind that I was involved in the flirting this time and it wasn’t too long before Tina and Frank were walking along with their arms around each other. We seemed to be walking slower than the pair in front and, all of a sudden, Jean pushed me into an alleyway between two shops, pinning me against the wall.

It crossed my mind that I should be resisting her advances …… yes, I did, really, but I didn’t resist for very long, and we were soon having a passionate snog. When we paused for breath after what seemed like minutes, she said “wow! that was good, I haven’t had a fumble in an alleyway for years”. I know the drink was making me feel relaxed but I surprised even myself saying “I didn’t realise fumbling was allowed too” and I began gently stroking her breast through her clothes. Perhaps I should have realised this would result in her grabbing hold of my head with both hands and our passionate kiss resumed, with Jean grinding her hips against mine.

When we finally broke the kiss, Jean rubbed the semi growing inside my trousers and said “that seems to have raised your interest a bit”, and we decided we should resume the walk after our spouses before the situation got out of hand. As we approached the bus stop, there seemed to be nobody there until Frank and Tina suddenly appeared from behind the shelter, smoothing out their ruffled clothing. Tina said they had been looking at an advert on the other side, to which Jean replied “yeh right”.

When the bus arrived, Tina suggested that she and Jean should sit at the back, leaving Frank and I to talk at the front. We could hear the ladies whispering to each other behind us, though none of the detail. Other people from the site also got on and went upstairs so, when we got off, we began walking towards the site without pairing up as before. After about a hundred yards, the other passengers were out of earshot, and Tina slipped her arm around my waist, asking if I had been naughty during the walk to the bus stop. I replied “no naughtier than you my love” and we all laughed.

By the time we arrived at the site entrance, I could sense a sort of tension in the air, and Tina said “we’ve decided that Jean wants to entertain you in their caravan, while I look after Frank in ours”. I looked at Jean and she said “oh yes please” and I saw that Frank was smiling too, so we paired up with each other’s spouses again for the short distance to the caravans. When we got there, Tina came over to me to kiss me on the cheek and whisper “you won’t be needing your condom …… me neither”.

Almost as soon as the caravan door was closed, Jean and I were in a passionate clinch, snogging each other’s face off. We still had our coats on, so I said that I assumed Jean would want me to seduce her, to which she replied “yes of course …… but don’t take too long because I’m getting very wet already”. So, we proceeded to strip each other, slowly with lots of kissing and stroking until we were down to underwear. As I said, Jean is very similar in size and shape to my wife, although I found she had very large dark nipples which were protruding big time when I removed her bra and began sucking them. She sighed blissfully as I sucked them to even greater erection.

By the time we got on the bed, we were both naked and very aroused. I asked Jean whether she did oral, as Tina doesn’t like to suck my cock (although she is happy for me to give her a good seeing to with my tongue), to which she replied “yes, both ways” so I knew I was in for a new experience. Jean began by pushing me onto my back and devouring my knob end into her soft mouth, while staring up into my face, and when she slid virtually the whole of my shaft into her mouth, it felt so erotic that I had to stop her before I came on the spot.

I rolled Jean over onto her back, pushing her knees apart to find a shaved pussy with a thin landing strip above and, with a broad smile on my face, slowly lowered my face to her pussy. Still looking up into her face, I stuck my tongue out and slowly wiped it up her lips, which is something I like to do with Tina. She gasped and I felt her shudder slightly. I assumed Jean would be similar to my wife, so I sucked her clit in between my lips and held on firmly, which made her gasp again and begin panting and telling me to fuck her with my tongue.

Sorry if I’m going on a bit but this was only the 2nd time I have had sex with someone other than my wife and it felt very special. After a while, I decided I wanted to fuck, so I knelt up between her thighs and smiled. Jean clearly got the message because she smiled too and said “oh yes please”, so I presented my rampant cock to her entrance and I felt her hands holding my bum as I gently slid into her very wet pussy.

I’m going on again I know, but it felt so deliciously sloppy …… we were both telling each other how good it felt, in between sloppy kisses and much mauling of body parts. I managed to bring her to another orgasm on my cock, without cumming myself, which I felt really good about. Eventually, I slid out of her sodden pussy, Jean started to look disappointed until I told her I wanted my favourite position which is spooned. I rolled her over onto her side and she raised one knee so I could slip back in, and we both sighed.

The reason I have come to like this position (with my wife) is that we are both supported without me having to do press-ups, and I can stroke the back of her head, including the erogenous zone behind her ears, whilst leaving the other hand free to maul her tits and, most importantly, stimulate her clitoris. It was obviously something new for Jean, but she soon realised the benefits and we were both fucking each other vigorously. I soon felt the sap rising, so I thought I should announce it and, to my joy, Jean said she wanted it inside her. I shot my load with a loud roar which seemed to go on forever. Continuing to slide in and out of her juicy pussy while I bathed her inside with my sperm felt wonderful, and I’m sure she enjoyed it too as she said “that makes me feel so wet …… I love it”.

As we lay recovering our breath, my cock started to shrink, and it crossed my mind that I wanted to lick her pussy out, something my wife has always refused. I asked her whether cleaning up was something Frank was ever allowed to perform and, to my delight, she said he does it all the time. So, for the first time, I got to enjoy the delights of licking out Jean’s pussy as my sperm leaked out, and she had the noisiest orgasm of the night. Thank goodness our 2 caravans were in a quiet corner of the site with nobody else too close to us.

Afterwards, we lay together under the duvet making small talk, and saying how much we had both enjoyed our coupling. Along the way, we had heard sounds from the other caravan suggesting they were having lots of fun too, so we were in no hurry to interrupt them. My phone pinged for the arrival of a text, which turned out to be from my wife, asking if I could ask Jean if it was OK for her to hang on to Frank for the rest of the night as they were too tired to get dressed. Jean said that was fine, as she was in no hurry to let me leave either.

We dozed off to sleep caressing each other’s naughty bits, but I was awoken around 3 am by Jean stroking my cock underneath the duvet. Mmmm, I said, that feels nice. Jean said that, if Tina didn’t like giving me oral, I wouldn’t have enjoyed cumming in her mouth, and she immediately bobbed down under the duvet sucking my cock, which was soon standing to attention. I pushed the duvet down so I could watch her licking round my bell end and deep throating me for several minutes before I exploded into her soft mouth …… and she swallowed the lot. She then crawled back up the bed to kiss me on the mouth, giving me another taste of my own sperm.

Shortly before 6 am, there was a tap on the door, and Jean got out of bed naked to let Frank back in. I was a little surprised she got back into bed with me for a final cuddle, but Frank didn’t seem to mind, and we ended up chatting with Frank for several minutes about what a good time we had all had. After a few minutes, I got dressed to return to our caravan, where I found my wife in bed with the duvet pulled up to her chin. For a few seconds, neither of us were too sure what to say, so I crawled onto the bed to kiss her tenderly on the lips. The atmosphere just melted, and we were both in such a hurry for me to get naked beside her.

I think we were both a little unsure to start with, but she eventually told me she’d had a brilliant time, including lots of new things. She said she had sucked Frank’s cock, although he avoided cumming in her mouth, but she thought she might be able to do that for me in the future. My wife said that Frank shaves his pubic hair, and she wanted me to do the same if I wanted her to give me oral.

She said Frank had cleaned up her pussy after he had cum inside her, which gave her the most wonderful orgasm. I said I had done the same with Jean and I was definitely up for it in the future. Tina then said Frank had only cleaned up his first load from her pussy, and he had fucked her again in the early hours. It took me a moment to realise what she was saying …… and what she wanted …… and I was only too happy to clean her up again. Perhaps it was the fact that that it was someone else’s sperm in a different pussy, and it did taste different …… but still yummy!

I wondered whether Tina’s body would feel different after she had been with another man, and she did feel softer, more willing to enjoy our physical contact, and try different things which she had shied away from before. When we eventually met up with Frank and Jean later that day, we were all very enthusiastic about what had happened.

We played with them again 2 days later, on our last night at the site, by which time Tina and I had both trimmed our pubic hair with my beard trimmer. Tina said that it had made her feel even more liberated, and she might even go for a full waxing when we got home Again, we both found sex with another person was such fun and, as we drove home Tina and I discussed the possibility of putting a profile on SH. I think we could both start to feel liberated then.