Written by Tony

2 Jan 2016

For most of my married life I have tried to convince my wife to try sex with another man. I have talked, pleaded, promised and tried to bargain but it got me nowhere.

I was happy to do it anyway she wanted. We could have a threesome or I would watch or she could go with someone alone. It didn’t matter to me I just wanted her to experience this sex.

She always said only a slut would do that and you didn’t marry a slut.

I could not complain about our sex life though as she loved to fuck and she liked porn and we talked about fantasies.

We have always done lots of oral and she let me clean up my own creamies. At first she was a concerned that I wanted to do it but she got used to it and expected it. When I did it I imagined it was some studs cum and that she had just been fucked by him.

She went out without underwear and wore very revealing clothes. Men looked at her with envy for sure.

Last year we went for a vacation to Tahiti. It was a resort and we were spoiled with luxury. We like our water sports and had an amazing time.

At the same resort there was a Marine Dealer’s conference and they were from all over the world. They were mostly men and were also enjoying what the resort offered. We got chatting to a guy who liked most of the same sports we did. He was from Australia.

After a day of diving we were having a drink with him and then dinner. We had a great night and all got on so well. Later in the night my wife told me that he had told her that he would love to have sex with her. She felt the same way and wanted to accept his offer. Was I still ok with this.

I told her yes and she said she wanted to go with him by herself.

They left about half and hour later.

I went back to our room and she arrived about 3 hours later. When she came into the room I turned on the light and you could tell that she had been undressed and then redressed.

As she undressed again in front of me she was not wearing any panties. She told me that they had had sex twice and that he was very good. She said she was very tired but I could fuck her if I wanted. I did. I did again when we woke in the morning.

The next day we saw him again and he was very friendly and happy to be with us both.

That night she went with him again but didn’t return to our room until 6am. We fucked and showered and then went to breakfast.

When we walked into the restaurant holding hands and he was there with his colleagues. He said hi, and his friends just smiled. It was so obvious that they knew that he had fucked her and that I was ok with it. That was an unreal feeling that I so much enjoyed.

That feeling is so hard to describe. I was so happy to let this man who we had only just met have my beautiful wife anyway he wanted. I knew they were envious of him and could only imagine what they thought of me.

That evening was to be our last night at the resort and she once again went with him but came back to me in our room at about 3am like the first night. I was surprised but extremely happy. I had thought seeing it was our last night she may have stayed even longer.

Anyway this time it was her that turned on the light. She then said I have a surprise for you. She removed her dress and her bra but left her panties on. Then said you may want to take these off yourself.

When I did I could see blobs of cum and huge wet stains in the gusset of her panties. She lay back on the bed and pulled my face towards her pussy. His cum was caught between her pussy lips. I dove straight in. I felt exaltation, euphoria, I stretched my tongue so far inside her until it hurt me. I was in full assault mode on her pussy and in no time at all my face was covered with male cum and she was bucking through an orgasm.

I must have spent 20 minutes between her legs until I had had enough and I then dragged myself up and pushed my cock into her. I gave her a good fucking before I collapsed on top of her exhausted.

We cuddled and she told me that she had told him of my love of licking my own creamie from her and that seeing I had let her go off on her own with him she wanted to do something more for me. He agreed easily to cum in her if she was game. Of course they had used condoms up till then.

He then fucked her twice and she had left his room immediately after he had cum in her the second time and came to ours.

We said goodbye at breakfast to him and we haven’t seen him since and I doubt we ever will.

All that was last year but back in June she met someone she was quite attracted to at a book launch. She had sex with him twice but it wasn’t as spontaneous and enjoyable as our Australian in Tahiti.

I relive that night she bought home the creamie for me every time I lick mine out of her.

I would dearly like to set up something regular and trustworthy but that may be too much to wish for.

She has admitted now to me that she always wanted to have sex with someone else. Her rejection was purely nervousness and the unknown as well as she had never let herself think about someone else. When we were in Tahiti she immediately liked our friend and felt comfortable. She wanted to do it for herself and not just me.