Written by dave

7 Mar 2009

ive been married to dave for almost 20 years now and now that all our children are off hand we have had more time for each other.and are starting to want sex more

but we both feel that our sex life needs that spark put back into it?

now we both have been talking about swinging and me sleeping with other people

for a few years now,and this seems to get us going while having sex and its been doing it for us .but lately dave is asking me all the time if i will swap or have sex with some one else. i decided that it would have to be another man as i wouldnt like to see him with another women. dave agreed and seemed to be turned on about this

and keeps asking me about it when having sex. so i dedcided to go for it and agreed for dave to set something up.so we place an add on the wed and soon started getting reply,s we opt for a man out of town called barry. barry was 36 white tall and good looking he sent us some photos and sounded just what we were looking for.

after a couple of weeks we decided to meet at a club and have a few good drinks and get to know each other better befor we took the plunge.

when the day arrived i got all nervous but also a little excited i kept saying to dave im not sure but dave said just see how it goes anyway we set of early and drove to our hotel and had a few drinks to relax .i soaked in a hot bath with a glass of wine and dave had a short nap .soon we were getting ready to go to the club while getting ready dave said he was excited and said we will have a good night

i wore a dark little dress my new sheen underware with stockings.

dave said i looked sexy and it made me feel good.

once in the club we had a few drinks befor barry turned up .he was even better in person and turned out to be a realy nice bloke he and dave hit it of from the start

and he kept paying me complements all night soon i found myself dancing with him and

relaxing we even had a slow dance and he held me close and kissed me on the lips when the dance finished this excited me but i felf abit shy.

about 1 oclock we all made our way back to our hotel to have more drinks and some fun

once in the room dave started kissing me and undressing me while barry sorted the drinks out soon i was laying on the bed with my stockings and underware on and being half drunk i was getting turned on barry came over and bent down and started to kiss me and dave backed off and sat in the chair daves hands were all over me and he lay down beside me and started cupping my breast while still snogging me he released my tits from my bra and made his way down to suck my nipple as he did this dave came over and put his cock in my mouth i sucked on it and let barry work his way down to my wet pussy.he parted my knickers andenter a finger in me i nearly came there and then next he took off my knickes and started to lick me slow and pushed his tongue deep into me i was still sucking daves cock but stared moaning dave backed off again

and left barry licking me out i was in heaven and loved it barry seem to lick and suck me for ages then he got up and put hes cock in me .i gasped as he slid in me

he was bigger than dave and it felt good he was riding me slow and i came, he soon started to speed up and started to snog me .i snoged him back and was coming again

i could feel him coming inside me and i wanted more i didnt want it to stop .once he came he got off me and left me in a heap.dave came over and snoged me he was saying you are so fucking horny to me and he pushed his cock in my wet spunky cunt and started to fuck me he seemed to last alot longer than he did when we were at home and when he came he came and came again i was leaking cum big time but i was loving it. dave got off and barry came over and said are you ready for round two.he turned me over on to all fours and enterd me from behind dave lay at the front of me so i could suck hes cock and as i did barry was riding me hard and building up speed i came again .then barry came deep inside me againhe pulled out of me and i crashed on the bed .barry got dressed and left he said he would be in touch .once he had gone dave came over and started to kiss my body i was worn out but he enterd me from behind and fucked me like never befor he even came again whichhis never done .

he lay there saying how proud he was of me and how much he loved me.we feel asleep and the next day i woke up feeling sore but very happy.

we spoke about it all the way home and ive never seen dave so happy now every time we have sex we talk about what happend and we are looking forward to the next time.

and its put more than a sparkle back .