Written by Nolongernew

6 Jan 2014

I have been interested in the swinging lifestyle since I was in my mid 20’s and I have just turned 40. I have been involved in swinging both as part of a MF couple with one ex-wife and a couple of girlfriends over the years. I was single at the time of my first meet which was in the days when there were very few dedicated swingers sites. I was in communication with a couple (Ray & Julia) who at the time were mid 30’s and we batted e-mails back and forth a few times eventually I was invited to meet them in a pub close to where they lived and if we all got along well I may be invited back the theirs for some adult fun, they did say though that it was not often they invited guys back initially.

I met them in the pub and due to a bit of confusion with the directions arrived a bit late and hoped that they had not left thinking I was just another time waster. When I arrived I recognised them instantly from the photos and made my way over to them. Ray said that they were just about to give up on me as I apologised profusely. I had been asked to be discrete and not arouse any suspicions as they occasionally visited the said pub and knew people from the area who frequented the place. It was fairly quiet at the time and they were in a particularly quiet part of the pub. Julia was an absolute stunner with a truly fantastic figure that may women much younger than her would be proud of. She was wearing a shortish black skirt and red jacket, she was taller than average at around 5’9ish and I remember thinking that her legs were wonderfully long when she stood up to greet me as though we were already friends.

We spent a couple of hours in the pub chatting and at some point I returned from the bar with a round of drinks and Julia had disappeared to powder her nose or whatever, Ray said that they really liked me and asked if I wanted to go back to theirs to chat further and have some “adult fun”. I said that I would be delighted to join them. He asked me if I had read all the e-mails they had sent me and I confirmed I had. Julia returned and Ray told her that I happy to go back to theirs, she smiled and said that she would try to make sure that I did not regret it. We finished our drinks and headed off, Ray said that they just lived around the corner and that it was literally a 2 minute walk. Once back at their house which was very impressive and tastefully decorated Ray showed me through to the living room and told me to make myself comfortable. I was a little nervous at that point as I was not entirely sure what to expect, I was however excited at the prospects in store. Julia asked me how I was feeling, I was honest and said that I was a little nervous, she smiled and said that was normal and that she always had a few nerves on a meet.

Ray returned a short while later with our drinks and we chatted for a while mainly just chit chat, eventually Ray turned the conversation to why we were all there and started to outline their do’ and don’ts most of which were covered in the various e-mails. They asked my likes and dislikes which to be honest were pretty much the same as theirs. Julia said that she was going to freshen up and would give us a shout to join her when she was ready, she gave me cheeky smile and wink as she left. Ray said that Julia had told him that she wanted to take me to the toilets in the pub so I could shag her there but they were too busy. He said that I was in for a real treat as when she was as turned on she was tonight there was no stopping her. He said that it would be best to let Julia tell us what she wanted and that we should have a great night. I said I was happy with that and looked forward to having some fun.

A short time later she shouted down that she was almost ready and to come up in a couple of minutes. A minute or two later Ray told me go upstairs and he would join us in a couple of minutes. As I made my way upstairs I and was very nervous by then and found one of the bedroom doors open with a light on inside so I looked round the door. Julia was lay on the bed and had a small vibrator in her hand which she was holding against her pussy. She was naked except for a pair of suspenders and stockings. She patted the bed at the side of her and told me to come here, she passed me the vibrator and told me to use it on her. I began to probe the vibrator around her pussy and she verbally guided me to the sweet spot. I looked over her body as I used the vibrator on her, she had a wonderful body and a very smooth and neatly trimmed pussy with just a thin strip of pubic hair. Her boobs were quite small but very pert and her nipples were small, dark in colour and wonderfully erect. By that point my cock was hard and trying to burst my pants. I continued with the vibrator on her pussy and began teasing her nipples with my tongue and mouth.

After a while I could hear footsteps on the stairs and Ray entered the room and joked that it was nice that I was getting to know his wife. Julia asked me if I wanted to eat her pussy while Ray watched how it should be done. Naturally I did not refuse and shuffled along the bed and began to gently tease my tongue between the soft, wet and wonderfully tasty lips of her pussy. I flicked my tongue over her clit and she was making sounds of appreciation. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Ray had dropped his pants and had his cock in his hand. Julia rocked her hips back and forth as I lapped at her pussy which smelled and tasted lovely and fresh. “Finger me at the same time” she said and though it was quite an awkward I eased my finger inside her wet pussy and continued to flick her bud with my tongue. After a while her moans became louder and more frequent and I felt a little tremor through her body and the muscles of her pussy twitch, so I fingered and licked her harder and faster eventually making her come quite hard. She wriggled on the bed as she came and her pussy became unbelievably wet. She muttered for me to stop and clamped her legs together hard whilst wriggling up the bed.

She sat upright on the bed and told me to “get my kit off”, I was stood at the side of the bed and began to undress, Julia moved over to me “come here let me give you a hand”, she unfastened my belt and started to unbutton my jeans which she did much quicker that I could have and noticed that I was hard as she put her hand on my crotch “now I know I am in for a good time” she said before moving back to the middle of the bed. I stripped down to my pants and climbed back on the bed as asked and Ray sat the opposite side of Julia. He told her to turn over so we could massage her, we spent the next ten or so minutes massaging her neck, shoulders, back, bum and legs. At one point Ray slipped his hand between her thighs and said that I had done a really good job at making her wet. She eventually turned over and we massaged her front together, Julia reached out to me and rubbed my cock through the material of my pants. I paid particular attention to her boobs and Ray her pussy.

After a while she instructed us both to come closer and indicated where she wanted us. She pulled my pants down releasing my cock and took hold of both our cocks, one in each hand. She eased back my foreskin and lowered her head circling the swollen end of my cock with her warm tongue before taking me into her mouth. Her lips were incredibly soft and she looked gorgeous as she sucked hard on my cock. She switched her attentions to Ray for a while before alternated sucking each of us in turn for a good while each. I was fingering her soaking pussy and rubbing her clit while she was giving oral to Ray, she stopped momentarily and said that she needed some cock inside her now. Julia asked me if I would be able to get hard again once I have come, I said that should not be a problem, “Just checking” she said. Lie down here then she said placing her hand on the bed. She clambered over me and knelt on the end of the bed between my legs, she rested her arms on my thighs and took hold of my cock and shuffled so she could give me oral. “Tell me when you’re about to come” she said as Ray moved behind her and guided his cock in to her from behind. She sucked me and wanked me hard as Ray slid his cock in and out of her pussy from behind, he said that he had never known her so wet. She sucked me so hard that I knew I would not be able to hold back for too long if she carried on the way she was.

I told her it was lovely and that it was the best oral I had ever had which was the truth. Ray increased his pace and screwed her quite hard and fast, I could hear his skin slapping against her cute arse. For the most part I had my eyes closed trying not to enjoy the experience too much, but when I did open my eyes I could see Julia was looking at me whilst taking my cock deep in her mouth. It was unlike any oral I had had before and I was having to try really hard not to come. Ray’s pace slowed dramatically and he once or twice pulled out and paused for a moment or two so I knew he was probably not far from coming. Julia paused a moment and as I looked her in the eyes she asked me if I would come for her, I laughed and said that I had been trying not to for the last five minutes. “don’t hold back baby, come for me” she said and continued to suck me wanking me at the same time. A few minutes later Julia started to wank me furiously and again asked me to tell her when I was about to come. Within a minute or two I could feel my ball tighten and I warned her I was about to come, she wrapped her lips around the end of my cock and carried on wanking me furiously, I could feel my muscles tighten so I warned her again, she continued until I exploded in to her open mouth, I seemed to come for ages, she stopped wanking me and slid her lips down the length of my cock. I could see my come dribbling from her mouth as she very slowly slid her mouth up and down my cock it felt absolutely incredible and I could feel my come running down over my balls. I don’t think I have ever come as much either before or since. She carried on until I couldn’t take any more and left my crotch covered in come, she swallowed what remained in her mouth and looked quite pleased with herself.

Ray passed me a towel and a pack of wet wipes to clean myself up which I did. Julia took a robe from the back of their bedroom door and said that we should go back down stairs and grab a drink whilst we recovered. I partially dressed as did Ray and we followed her down to the kitchen. Ray passed me a beer from the fridge and asked I wanted to head through to the living room or if I was comfortable in the kitchen. I said I was fine in the kitchen but would go through if they wanted. Anyway we stood chatting in the kitchen, Ray asked what I thought of Julia’s blow jobs, I told them it was the best oral I had ever experienced, it was truly amazing. Julia said that if you enjoy something you tend to be better at it and said she love giving sloppy blow jobs. She followed up by saying that she really enjoyed my oral and was looking forward to some more shortly. We got talking about swinging in general and what attracted us to the lifestyle which I think got us all horny again.

Julia noticed that the bulge in my pants was starting to reappear again and said that we should go through to the living room and continue where we left off. We made our way through and she told Ray and I to get our kit off again and that she would be back in minute as she was just nipping upstairs. Ray and I made ourselves comfortable and continued chatting whilst we waited for Julia. We did not have to wait long before she returned and had tied her hair back and touched up her makeup and lipstick. She instructed Ray and I to move closer together and knelt between us on the floor. She began to give us both oral taking us each in turn and wanking the other. When we were both fully hard she said that she wanted to try her favourite and explained that Ray and her would be in a 69 position and she wanted me to “fuck her slowly from behind” she said that Ray’s would obviously be close to my cock and asked if I would have a problem with that. Though it was not I had bargained for I said that I was happy with her suggestion. I suddenly realised that my condoms were in my trousers up stairs so I told them my predicament, Julia said that they did not mind bareback but it was up to me if I wanted them to run up and get them for me.

I know it was not sensible but I thought sod it and agreed to just carry on regardless. Ray and Julia got in the 69 position and I watched her sucking him and him probing her pussy with his tongue for a while as directed by Julia. After a while Ray said that her pussy was now ready and asked me to “slip my cock in” I moved behind her carefully guided my cock to the entrance to her pussy. I rubbed the end up and down her slit a few times before easing inside her. God did it feel good she was very wet and I entered her easily but she was very tight. I eased slowly in and out of her gorgeous pussy and she pushed back against my thrusts. “oh that’s nice, just a bit faster” she said so I responded and increased my stroke rate a bit. “Fucking hell I am drowning down here” Ray said which made me chuckle, Julia was groaning though it was muffled by Rays cock in her mouth. We continued for a good 15 minutes like that and the pace was great for me as I knew that I would be able to hold back for a reasonable time. Ray had been groaning for a while but let out a really long groan and I heard Julia slurping and realised that Ray must have come.

Julia pulled away and climbed off him, “That’s him done for the next two hours, it’s just me and you now”. I was not sure if she was joking or being serious, she lay back in the chair with her bum on the edge and told me to “come fuck her”. I knelt between her thighs and eased my cock back in to her pussy. She started to rub her clit and told me to fuck her as hard and fast as I could manage, I asked what she wanted me to do when I came as it had been on my mind. “Tell me when you are nearly there and I may decide to let you” she said. I began to thrust in and out of her fairly vigorously and she continued to rub her pussy furiously. Within a few minutes she started groaning louder and I felt her body twitch occasionally and I could tell her pussy was suddenly even wetter. “Oh fuck that’s nice” she said I was incredibly turned on and knew I would not be able to keep the pace for too much longer. She continued to come and come occasionally squealing as I fucked her. She lifted her legs up on to my shoulders and I could feel that her pussy had tightened even more somehow. I continued and I was not long before I got the familiar feeling deep within and I told her I was about to come, I was just about to withdraw as I was really close when she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in even harder. That was too much for me and I felt my muscles tense “let her have it, she loves it” Ray said and as much as I tried I couldn’t hold back any longer and came again really hard.

I slowed and continued as long as I could but I was absolutely spent by then and almost fell in a heap on the floor. Julia released her grip on me and I flopped out of her and sat back on my heels. I could see my come oozing from her pussy and realised that my thighs were soaked with her juices too. We cleaned ourselves up and Julia came over to me a gave me a full French kiss I could taste a very unfamiliar taste and realised that I must have been from when Ray came in her mouth earlier, I was new to me though not unpleasant. We sat back and chatted for a while we finished our drinks from earlier. Ray asked me if I wanted to leave or stay for a while if I was up to it, he said Julia could last all night. Julia said that it would be nice if I could stay a while longer so I could hardly refuse could i?.

We enjoyed a couple of drinks and chatted, Julia and Ray recounted some of their past swinging experiences, good and not so good. As they recounted one experience Ray decided to show me some photo’s they had taken of them in action with guys, girls and couples. One series of photos showed Julia with a group of 5 guys in every position imaginable, even 2 cocks in her pussy at the same time. We could try that later if you like she said. The photo’s really set the mood for what was to come and I had by then almost fully recovered and Ray was apparently “on the way” to recovering. Ray passed us another drink and said that we should head back upstairs and continue where we left off earlier.

Once back upstairs Ray asked if I minded him taking a few photo’s for their collection and said that I could have a few mementoes’ if I wanted. I said that I didn’t mind and would love a couple of pic’s to remember the evening not that I would likely forget it in a hurry. “Shall we do some posing then” she said to me. Ray directed us in to various positions and snapped away like a pro with their camera. He had Julia performing oral on me, me on her, me with my cock in her pussy all in just about every conceivable position, he joined in on a few pic’s propping the camera up on pillows etc. He eventually put the camera down and joined us on the bed, at the time I was lay on the bed and Julia was straddling me and riding me slowly. Ray stood beside her and she started to give him oral whilst riding me. I could see that he was not quite fully hard though after a short while of sucking him he recovered full hardness.

After a while we switched with Julia sucking me whilst Ray fucked her from behind. We swapped around a few times making Julia come a number of times. All the excitement had me on the verge of coming and as I slowed my pace, Ray said that he wanted me to come inside her so he “could fuck her spunky pussy” afterwards. It was not long and with Julia’s encouragement I soon emptied my balls inside her soaked pussy. Ray followed me and seemed to enjoy adding his come to her already come filled pussy. Julia said that she was thoroughly satisfied and had thoroughly enjoyed the night, she thanked me with a final wonderful blow job swallowing my come before I left.

I met Ray and Julia on a number of occasions and attended a couple of private parties which they hosted over about a 3 year period and still remain in touch with them as friends though they are no longer involved in the swinging scene unfortunately.