Written by wifeseducer

28 Jan 2015

We were married for 20 years. Sex was never great. I'd say average, she'd say less so. Her drive was a lot lower than mine and she never seemed that interested or bothered whether she had it or not. That disappointed me and saddened me at the same time.

The years passed by, we got by. Sex was a topic that became less of an issue only because I didn't push her for it.

I worked for a drinks company as an area manager. It meant travelling and quite a lot if evening work to visit pubs and speak to the owners. I liked doing that when the pub was busy as it gave me a good idea what sort of clients it had and what would sell.

One evening I finished earlier than expected and my meetings the next day had been cancelled. I decided to drive home instead of staying in the local pub. On passing near where we lived there was a lay by. As I slowed down for a corner I suddenly caught sight of our car, or rather the one that I wife drives. I had to check again and saw the number plate was the same. Confused, I turned the car round and drove back. As I approached I was more focused and could see figures in the car. The closer I got the clearer things got. I realised that the two figures in the front had arms around each other and were in a passionate embrace. It was dark and I couldn't see much more than outlines. In shock I drove by.

Not sure what to do I went home to find no car. I knew there wouldn't be but half expected it to be parked there.

I opened a beer and waited. At almost midnight a car pulled in and after a much longer time lag, the door opened. I assumed she was recovering from the surprise of finding my car there and working out what she might say. I came out to the hall to greet her and noted her attire. Long boots and shortish skirt. She mumbled about not expecting me home, saying I should have let her know as she had popped out to see a girlfriend and would have come home earlier if she knew I was back. Then she asked me to put the kettle on for her as she needed to visit the toilet. As she ran up the stairs I quickly peeked up and noted bare skin under her skirt, clearly stay ups or stockings were being worn. Hardly the dress for visiting a friend!!

I wasnt sure what to say and decided to sleep on it before challenging her about it. i guessed she would probably deny!

We went to bed and for once she was more loving, attentive and we ended up having pretty good sex and she seemed much more turned on than normal. I told her this and she said she just felt more horny that day than normal.

The next day I thought about the sex we had the previous night. It was good and much better than normal. Her seeing some else had caused that? She was more turned on or perhaps she did it as she felt guilty. Should it bother me? If I challenged her, it would destroy that and us. After much anguish, I decided to say nothing.

Over the next few weeks, sex got better and better. She seemed horny almost every day (and night). I was loving my new wife but couldn't help wondering what was happening and who was doing this to her? Was she having sex with someone else regularly? Was it that she just enjoyed being wanted and liked by someone else? I decided I needed to find out more but how?

When drinking with a buddy I spilled out that I thought my wife was seeing someone. I said I wanted to find out more but how? He came up with a suggestion. He could follow and find out as she did not know him. We shook on it!

A week later she asked me what my movements were that week. I took this as a sign that she wanted me to be away. I told her I was staying away on the Thursday night. She said fine and to let her know if it changed or I was going to be home. She might go see her friend or have her come to the house for the evening.

I texted by buddy and we agreed he would stake out the house on Thursday.

Sitting in my hotel room I got a text from him around 7pm saying she had left the house and he had followed her to a pub he didn't know. He was going in! Another text told me that she was sitting by herself obviously waiting for someone. I asked him what she was wearing. He said a short skirt, black boots, black tights or could be stockings but he couldn't see and a tight black jumper - he said her tits were pushing out as it was that tight. Whilst I thought jeez, he's talking about my wife, I also found it a turn on that this guy was telling me that my wife's tits were pushing through her tight jumper.

About 10 mins later another text. Damn. His text told me it was all ok. Some girl she knew has arrived and they were having a girls talk. Whilst relieved I was also a little disappointed having been hoping to find out who it was she was seeing.

I sat down at the desk and got my laptop out to do some work. About 40 mins later I got another text. James said he had been finishing his drink when some guy had walked in and sat down with them. He was 'friendly' which meant he kissed each of them and then slipped his hand up each of their skirts in turn and nodded his approval at each of them. Jeez my cock nearly burst through my trousers!

I kept pestering him for details he took a quick secret pic of the 3 and sent it to me. I looked at it and could see his hand on my wife's thigh. I didn't know him. Nor the other girl but she looked very sexy.

After another half hour they all left the pub and walked into the travel inn next door!

James said that he could the guy registering and getting keys then he walked with the girls to the lift, his hand grabbing each of their bums along the way. Assuming that was it, he said he would head home but had enjoyed the 'show'. We texted each other about my wife and the girl, him telling me how sexy they were, how the guy had slipped his hand right up their skirts and I sat in my hotel room wanking over the picture he sent me.

My mind was buzzing as I went to bed. My wife in a 3 some with another girl and stranger? Surely not? Was this what she did regularly or had a relationship developed further and reached this level? I wanted to find out but it would mean talking to her and I didn't want the fun to end.

I couldn't wait to go home the next night and hopefully get my hands on her body....

To be continued.