Written by arsefulofcum

30 Jan 2010

I've been with my girlfriend for 7 years now and we both sleep with other people.

group sex is a favorite of ours and we have had a lot of threesomes both with girls and guys but we haven't yet gone any further than that.

we're generally quite discreet about it all so no one knows that we have sex with strangers which we find even more of a turn on because we were only 16 when we got together and most assume we haven't really been with anyone else so everyone thinks we're the innocent ones.

I'm not good at writing so i don't expect this to come out very well but she thought it would be fun for me to write about what we are doing right now.

well we have arranged for 2 guys to pay us a visit we met them online and they're here now.

she is currently on the sofa with them both, she is wearing a very short skirt that we bought just for when we have threesomes it's more like a belt and she's wear just a bra she has a butt plug up her arse which is a surprise for the guys once they get there she is currently sitting between the 2 guys snogging one of them, the other is running his hand over her back. the guy she is snogging is also rubbing her thigh and she has now took his cock out of his jeans. she has turned around and started to snog the other guyi am extremely hard right now as I'm writing she has taken out the other cock and is sucking it. we are planning to do a few things for the first time tonight one of which is that there are no condoms being used and another is that we are going to try a double penetration. she is now being spit roasted.

ok so i went over and joined them for a while there and the guys have now gone she says that she has never felt like such a whore. we did double penetrate her and we even went as far as to put two of our cocks in her arse at once which she didn't think she would be able to do.

she is currently sitting on the sofa again, alone this time enjoying the fact that 2 strangers and me have just spunked in her arsehole.

i hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed doing it.