Written by Ben and Jo xxx

22 Apr 2009

After years of things being a fantasy between my girlfriend and I that we would bring another person into our relationship, a few evenings ago we managed to make it happen... and got more than we bargained for!

We've only recently moved to a new area and have been settling in just fine with new jobs and a new house. Things have been pretty hectic but we've managed to make a few new friends who have been really kind to us.

A couple we've met through my GF's work invited us to a party they were throwing on the weekend just gone. My GF has gotten quite pally with one of her colleagues already and they've seemed to really hit it off. The two of them have been out a couple of times to have drinks and things and some of the things they've been chatting about when they've been drunk had really got Jo, my GF thinking (how much I hadn't realised!)

As I mentioned we have both really wanted to get another girl/couple or a single male even to join us and have fantasised about how it would be for Jo to have somebody new playing with her pussy whilst we take it in turns to either finger or fuck her juicy wet hole. I have really enjoyed the thought of her getting fucked in front of me and taking another mans cum into her pussy - I love the thought of it dripping out of her as I watch.

As we got ready for the party Jo was taking even longer than usual to get ready and looked stunning in her new dress - short enough to get a great idea of what her pert bottom looks like without it on but not enough to look tarty. She dropped the subtlest of hints that she was really looking forward to the night and she hoped I had a good time... thinking nothing of it I carried on getting ready and we were soon set to go.

As we were nearing her friends house Jo turned to me and said "I think it's about time I told you the truth about tonight so you don't get too much of a shock!"

Intrigued I asked her what she meant. It turns out that this had been a bit of a surprise and her and Abby had been getting up to more than drinks whilst they had been out! Far from being angry that she had been messing around with another person behind my back, I was thrilled and started to instantly get hard at the thought of what they had already been up to.

My mind was spinning and still not sure what I was going to find when we got to the house we arrived. J was dragging my stunned self out of the cab and to the front door. She rang the bell and Abby was quick to open the door and smiled cheekily at me "So Jo's told you everything by now then I suppose Ben?" she announced quite brazenly as she leant forward and began to deeply kiss my GF right in front of me! If I was getting hard before - this did the trick and I was rock hard in seconds!

We all went into the house and I quickly got the full picture as I saw people already a little tipsy and in various states of undress and lingerie as they sat around chatting and drinking glasses of wine.

"Everyone this is Jo and Ben" Abby announced to the room "The new couple I told you about - I want you to make them feel very welcome!" I didn't know what to do with myself and looked at Jo in stunned silence. She winked at me and said "Surprise - hope we have a fun night!" She was quickly surrounded by the women there and they said that all new couples have to go through their fun initiation. They had Jo naked and lying on the floor in no time, right in the centre of the room. One of the women, a really hot red head came up to me and silently undressed me and started to kiss up and down my chest and wrapping her fingers around my cock, started to wank me very slowly.

Jo was already beginning to moan quietly as the women all took in in turns to run their fingers over her body and slide their fingers in her already soaking pussy. This I found out was just the beginning of the initiation. One by one the other guys in the room put down their drinks and came closer to Jo offering their stiff cocks to her willing, outstretched hands so she could begin to play with them. I couldn't believe what I was seeing - twenty minutes prior to this I thought we were going to a normal house party!

The first guy was ushered between Jo's legs and I almost came on the spot as I saw my girlfriend take another man's cock into her pussy - she looked over to me and I could see in her eyes that she was loving every minute. The guys cock was a great size and she squealed as it was forced into her pussy - she took it all though and closed her eyes as he began to fuck her really deep and hard. Knowing how tight and succulent Jo's pussy is, I wasn't surprised when the guy filled her cunt full of his seed within a couple of minutes. As his slowly softening cock was withdrawn I could see a little rivulet of cum leaking down the inside of her thigh. It was impossible to hold back at this and I motioned for my red-headed friend to take my cock in her mouth as I unleashed a torrent of cum into her waiting throat. She seemed to like this and made sure that she liked all over my glistening bell end so she didn't miss a drop.

I took a seat and as the other people began to get horny and start to pair off I watched no fewer than 7 guys fuck my girlfriends little pussy. She was sucking them all clean as they left her to find someone else and had she had the horniest grin on her face as she did!

Eventually she was desperate to cum and as she cums most easily when I go down on her she dragged me over to her and forced my face into her well fucked pussy. I could smell and taste the others' cum flooding out of her truly fucked pussy and loved how this was making Jo buck and squeal even more. It didn't take long for her to take a deep breath in and shudder to an amazing climax all over my tongue.

We sat down on a sofa for a while as she explained about how she knew that I wouldn't be angry about her fucking Abby her new friend as long as I was told about it and it eventually led to this - can't say there was a lot of complaining from me!

We moved around for the rest of the evening taking it in turns to watch each other fucking new people - it was so horny to see her being used by men and women alike. A particular encounter that we both enjoyed involved Abby and Jo using a big fat, double ended dildo on each other as myself and another guy fucked the girls roughly in their asses. Before we left Abby came back over to us and asked us if we'd enjoyed the night - silly question really and assuring her that we did and would be back next time we slipped out of the door to go and relive each second of our first swinging experience in our own bed!

Ben and Jo xx