Written by Marysboy

14 Jul 2008

In the course of having my new house built, I had the person who was going to do my plumbing work come to my house to sign a contract. He said I was a lucky because my next door neighbors were swingers.

There names were Harry and Madge. She was a great looking blond with body to match. He was a slight man the kind you would not notice at a party.

We had exchanged pleasantries with them, but because they were much younger that us we had never pursued their friendship.

I told my wife what the plumber had said about them. She just laughed and said, \\\"that\\\'s all you guys think about.\\\"

Like most couples we fantasied about other people in our sex play, but that\\\'s as far as it went.

Later that week my wife told me that she had been talking to Madge. She said

that Madge had heard we would be moving when our new house was finished. She invited us over for a good bye drink.

That Saturday night we went next door for our good bye drink. Madge was wearing high heels, fish net stockings,

a short skirt and a sheer blouse with no bra. Her breast were small and really didn\\\'t need a bra.

Harry led the way into the cellar which had been converted into a high class bar. After we had a few drinks, Harry asked if we would like to smoke a joint. We agreed. After another drink and two joints we were flying.

Harry asked if we would like to see some x rated movies. At this point we would have agreed to anything. We moved from the bar to the couches as Harry set up the TV for the x rated movies.

All four of us were squeezed on to the one couch. The two women in the middle and we men on the ends. The movie was about two men fucking a woman. About ten minutes into the movie Harry was kissing Madge. Then he raised her skirt. She had no panties on. He started to finger fuck her.

How could you watch the movie when you had a real live sex show right next to you on the couch. I was really turned on. My wife was fully dressed. I kissed her and started to undress her. I undid her blouse, unhooked her bra. Her large full breast were exposed. She made no effort to stop me.

By now, Harry was on his knees sucking Madge\\\'s pussy. I tugged at my wife\\\'s pantie hose and panties. Now there was nothing left but to take off her skirt.

She sat fully naked, I felt her pussy and it was running wet. I knelt down and started sucking her pussy. I couldn\\\'t tell you what was happening on the TV screen.

All I knew was I was sucking my wife while Harry was sucking Madge. Harry whispered to me, \\\"Let\\\'s change places.\\\"

We did and there was no objection from our wives. My wife started to come as soon as Harry started to suck her.

Madge stopped me from tasting her sweet juices and said, \\\"Let me do something for you.\\\" She stood up and I sat on the couch. I could her beautiful breast. No support needed. They stood out wanting to be touched. I reached out , but she pushed me back, knelt down and started sucking my cock.

Harry stopped sucking my wife. Her cunt was soaking wet from her orgasm. and Harry\\\'s expert sucking. He was a little man with a fat cock which he slid into my wife with ease. I couldn\\\'t believe how excited I was to see Harry fucking my wife. I shot my load into Madge\\\'s mouth. She drank my load right down, and then licked my cock clean.

Harry made a lot of noise as he came into my wife\\\'s pussy. He kissed her, and they laughed together. My wife seemed to come out of the pot, and the booze. She said, \\\"Well, I think that\\\'s enough adventure for one night.\\\" My wife just put on her skirt and blouse. She stuffed her bra, panties, and stockings into her hand bag. She Kissed Harry and said, \\\"Thanks for a lovely evening.\\\"

When we were in our own house I thought, there will be hell to pay now.

Insted, Mary, my wife. said, \\\"I\\\'m hot as hell. let\\\'s go to bed and fuck for real.\\\"

Of course that\\\'s not the end of Harry and Madge. More to come.