Written by Humidortime

4 Nov 2013

As per my previous entries, we are a couple in our 50'S, my wife having a nice 38GG pair of breasts, which she likes in the hands of older gentleman....She has a regular friend, Charles, who she has seen for some time, and a few " regulars " who we see, now and again.

In the past couple of months, we have met up with a Father and Son, who we stayed with, last weekend. The son is called Richard, at 66, not really in my wife's favoured age group, as she prefers gents who are over 75. However, Richard's father is a well rounded old chap, in his 80's, called Mike, and he is her real interest. Richard, as a lot of men, could not keep his eyes off of my wife's deep cleavage, and was easily excited, by her leaning forward, and getting him going. The two of them live together, Richard, not having married, and his father Mike, a widower. Mike chatted to me, as his son, got closer to my wife, his chin, practically resting on her plump breasts. Mike could see how eager his son was, and asked me if I was ok with it, naturally, I said yes. Richard could not believe his luck, and was soon mauling her breasts, pulling them out of her top, and eagerly sucking them. Mike and I stood in the hallway, chatting, and watching the fun. Mike could not hide his excitement, either, and adjusted his trousers several times, as he said how lucky his son was. As with a lot of eager chaps, Mike had no sooner started to pleasure my wife, when he could not contain himself any longer. He let out several grunts, and rolled off my wife, and went upstairs. My wife sat up, and pulling her brassiere up, put her top on, and went to the bathroom to tidy herself up, smiling at Mike, on her way. Shortly afterwards, we discovered Richard snoring loudly on his bed, a few drinks, and the pleasure of using my wife, had obviously worn him out !

I went up to bed, and left Mike, and my wife, chatting over coffee, in the kitchen. Shortly afterwards, I heard my wife giggle, and knew her and Mike were doing more than chatting. As I looked into the kitchen, I could see my wife sitting next to Mike, with her hand rubbing his bulge. Mike's old hands were squeezing her large breasts, as they swung near her waist. Her top and bra had been removed, and she was groaning as Mike had was now rubbing her inside thigh, his rugged old hand getting closer to its goal. She then helped him remove his trousers, and pants, and they stood there, groping each other. He was telling her how he would last longer than his son,and that her breasts, were magnificent. She was soon bending forward, onto the kitchen table. His thick semi aroused manhood, beginning to push into her plumpness. He grabbed at her swinging melons, and pushed into her. She was still obviously wet, from earlier, and they both groaned with pleasure. He rocked backwards and forwards, whilst squeezing and pinching her plump nipples. As they enjoyed several minutes of this, he began to push a little harder, and then, growled, as he let his old ardour go. She pushed back, enjoying him, and soon, I was leading her into our bedroom, as Mike said goodnight. I was absolutely rampant, and within minutes, after wallowing in large breast heaven, was finishing off, in her soaking warmth. We enjoyed a nice morning with them on Sunday, with Richard, having another grope, before coming home.

My wife, has already rang old Mike, to tell him that she hopes we can meet up again, and he has eagerly agreed. However, he would still like his son to enjoy a squeeze now and again. She agreed to this, although Richard still doesn't realise what his old Father got up to !