Written by Humidortime

21 Dec 2012

As you have seen from my previous submissions, we are a couple in our 50's, my wife sporting a lovely large pair of breasts ( 38GG ). She has a penchant for older men, which began in her late 20's. Over the years, we have had a lot of fun, and continue to do so, with several " friends ".

I have previously spoken about Brian, a large chap who is in his late 70's, whose bushy white beard, tickles my wife's fancy. Last week, Brian asked if he could take her out to a Christmas Party at his local Senior Sailing Club, which we both thought was a good idea. He picked her up at about 8, and off they went. She had dressed up in a red sparkly top, which showed her large melons off a treat. On her return, she told me what had happened. Brian had sat with my wife and 2 other old sailors, all the evening. The 3 of them ogling her breasts, and taking it in turns to dance with her, all grabbing a handful when the could. They were nice old chaps, like Brian, and she was happy to accept their attention. At the end of the evening, the other 2 old boys went back to Brian's boat, with my wife and Brian, and the 4 of them carried on partying. Brian was getting very amorous, and was fondling her breasts in front of the other 2. My wife took Brian into the small bedroom on the boat and undressed for him. He was suckling her breasts, as she played with him. Then the other 2 chaps, looked round the door. They asked if the could join in, and as my wife, and Brian were happy, in the came. So now she had 3 pairs of hands grabbing at her wobbling breasts, as 3 old sailors offered their members to her...she was in her element, and said she laid back enjoying all of the old chaps attention. The played with her, enjoying her wobbling breasts, sucking hard on her teats, which were now very swollen. Finally, they took it in turns to enjoy her, and she lapped up her pleasure. She finally came home in a taxi at 2.15, when she relayed what had happened. I had so much pleasure reliving her evening with her, and feeling her wetness made her all the more enjoyable. Her nipples were plump and red, like 2 raspberries, from all of the old boy's suckling....what a delight. On New Years Eve, we are going to Charles, her long term friend's party, where a lot of older chaps will be...we cant wait. Will let you know what happens....