Written by Humidortime

17 May 2013

As per my previous submissions, we are a couple in our 50's....my wife having a very large bosom ( 38GG ) and a need for Older Lovers. In my last post, I was going to update on her main friend Charles, and his New Years Party, which we were attending...however, I got diverted by our holiday in Oz, which we are now back from ( a couple of stories there, which will keep ! )....so here goes with New Years Eve.

Charles has been a long term friend of my wife, in his early 80's, and very well built, she has enjoyed many liaisons, with me watching, and some without !....We had planned to stay over at Charles house, as we had attended his parties in previous years, and they have always been great. My wife was in her element, with many of Charles friends there, all in 70's and 80's....with her magnificent breasts plumped up, in a low cut dress, she was ogled, chatted up and squeezed, during the evening. Charles was busy entertaining his friends, and knowing his time would come, my wife and I chatted to other chaps at the party, looking for any future " friends "....one chap, who kept coming and chatting to my wife, was John, a retired photographer ( if they ever retire ? ), who was on his own, and late 70's. John was a tall, grey haired man, who talked directly into my wife's heavy breasts, and could hardly contain himself when my wife would talk up close to his ear, so that he could hear her above the chatter. Before long, John was visibly aroused, and my wife excited too. She led him down a corridor, away from the throng, and they sat on a settee, as I made myself comfortable, at a distance. As my wife stroked his trousers bulge with her long red nails, he reached up and squeezed her breast....with that my wife slipped her dress over her shoulders, and let her magnificent boobs, swing loose. he pushed her back in the settee,and sucked vigorously, whilst squeezing both breasts in his large hands...she reached down, and unzipping his trousers, took him in hand, running her nails up and down his manhood...this was too much for John, and with a large groan, he had finished. My wife had hardly started, but had seen enough of John to ask him for his number, which he eagerly gave. We have since seen John, and he has enjoyed my wife again...with a friend !

Moving back to the party, things started to wind down around 1.30...and after the last guest had gone, Charles was ready for his prize !...we had agreed to stay the night, and I went upstairs to allow Charles and my wife to start the fun. I could hear Charles telling my wife how fantastic she looked, and moved back downstairs, to watch them. Charles had sat in an armchair, and was smoking his pipe. He was unzipping himself, and teasing my wife, as he knew that she could not resist him, even in his advancing years. My wife had stripped naked, and her breasts wobbled deliciously, as she knelt before him. Taking him in her mouth, she pleasured him for a good 10 mins, whilst he enjoyed his pipe, and her. He occasionally reached down and squeezed her heavy breasts, tweaking her swelling nipples gently. After a while, they soon made their way upstairs, and he led her into his room. I positioned myself in the doorway, and watched as this elderly bull, started to suckle and grope her breasts, whilst reaching down to bury his hand in her bush, as she groaned and rubbed him. Before long he had her on all fours, and she pushed back on his huge member, he held her breasts in his hands, and thrust away...both of them starting to peak. When they had finished, she lay there, as he suckled her again, by which time I was bursting to have my share. She walked back with me to our room, and flopping on the bed, and caressing me, I too, took my wet pleasure,whilst sucking her ripe raspberries, perched firmly on two huge mounds. Within a minute, I had finished, and we lay there, and fell asleep... Around 4am, Charles came to our room, naked, and led my wife away again, and before I fell asleep, I could hear them starting all over again...amazing. In the morning my happy wife was back next to me, and told me of her second lot of pleasure, her breasts spilling out of her nightie, as she lent over me...that started us off again, and I enjoyed a longer spell of pleasure, as she relayed all the thinks her old stud had done to her.

Next time I will update you on our trip to Oz, and her meeting with John and his friend, which may turn into a regular event !