Written by Humidortime

23 Mar 2012

I have previously told you about my busty wife's exploits with her recent friend Ted, and one of his friend's Brian. Since last time, my wife has enjoyed several sessions with Ted, and has also been taken out by Brian a couple of times. So her heavy mammaries have seen plenty of action. I will update you on these outings next time. However, I mentioned in my last posting that her love of older gents, had come from an experience with her old boss, when she was in her late 20's, and he close to 70. She had gone back to work after the birth of one of our sons, and was still breastfeeding. Her bosom's measured around 52 inches round, and were a sight to see, topped with 2 fruity nipples. Her boss insisted that she wore a white blouse and black skirt in the small office they shared. He was an accountant, very smartly dressed,large build, and grey hair who smoked large cigars...in the days when this was not an issue.

She had told me that he could not keep his eyes off of her breasts, whenever walked round the office. He noticed her breasts leaking one day, after she had knocked one against a filing cabinet, and then made every excuse to brush against them, so that her large brown nipples would become visible through her blouse. One day he made a suggestive remark to her, when she was standing next to his desk, saying how they affected him, and she noticed a rather large swelling in his trousers. She told me she loved teasing him, and was it ok, to go further. I said yes straight away, the thought of her coming home and giving me all of the details turned me on.

The next day, she made sure that he had a full view of her heavy milk filled breasts, and on seeing his lust, asked him if he would like to touch them. Within minutes her breasts were out of her nursing bra, and in his large hands, whilst she put her hand into his trousers, and rubbed his swollen manhood. He suckled her breasts, his lips, draining the milk from her breasts, in large gulps. Finally, she helped him finish, and clean up.

Her evening tales of this to me, filled me with pleasure, and fuelled our fun for months to come, as he enjoyed her wares....He took her away overnight a couple of times, before retiring a couple of years later. From then on, her journey started, and she has enjoyed many old hands on her bulging breasts, over the years.....