Written by Horny Husband

11 May 2008

My wife and I have fantasised for some time about having another guy join us to share and use her. Only one problem we didnt know how to find a guy that wants to join in. It appeared for some time that it would always remain a fantasy.

Then one evening one of my mates was round for a drink or ten, my wife and friend get on quite well so she was with us watching a film and getting slowly drunk. During the evening I had to go and deal with a phone call from work and went upstairs so they could carry on watching the TV.

While I was upstairs on the phone my wife came upstairs and when I got off the phone said my mate was flirting with her and she had sat on his lap to wind him up and noticed that he was very turned on. She wanted to know if she could have the green light to have some fun with him. I was really turned on and said to go and have fun, and she could go as far as she wanted as long as she told me all about it later. My wife then went back downstairs saying that I should give her about 1/2 hour then come back down.

When I got back downstairs they were both sitting next to each other, and my mate looked a bit embarrassed, as he still didnt know I was in on it. After a short while he said he to get home and left.

Straight away my wife pushed me into the chair and pulled out my cock, she started to stroke and kiss it and proceded to tell me all about her 1/2 hour of fun.

When she had come back downstairs she knelt down in front of him and started to rub his cock through his trousers, and then took out what turned out to be a massive cock, not much longer than mine but a lot thicker. She said she was so turned on and told him that her pussy was soaking wet. He then laid her down on the floor and took off her PJ bottoms. He then started to slowly finger fuck her with one hand while he rubbed her clit with the other. He kept getting her really close to a climax and then would stop until she had calmed back down again then start all over again.

He then asked if she wanted to fuck his cock and what was she prepared to do to earn it. She said she really wanted him inside her and she pushed in back and took his cock in to her mouth and started to suck his massive cock (She has always been amazing at giving oral and can make any man do anything by sucking their cock). After a while he started to get really close and said she should stop so he could fuck her. But she carried on until he came all over her tits. Then sucked his cock some more until he was rock hard again (Told you she was good), she then bent over and told him to fuck her, he didnt need asking twice and started to fuck her as hard as he could, she said she could feel his balls hitting her each time he pushed into her pussy. It didnt take him long to cum in her and he quickly got dressed. I then came down and he left.

I thought that was the end that night but the wife was still turned on and wanted more. She bent over so I could take her from behind and then took out her phone and called him. He had just got home and was in bed, she said that she wanted to make him cum one more time before he went to sleep. She told him to put the phone onto speaker and started to tell him what she was going to do to him next time.

She said she was going to make sure they had some more time together and she would start by fucking him until he came then suck him hard, then fuck him and keep repeating. She wanted to know how many times he could get hard again. While she was saying this I could hear him on the other end of the phone moaning, as he was obviously wanking. She then said once he got to the point that he couldnt get hard anymore, he would have to lick out her pussy and taste himself, he wouldnt be able to stop until she had cum on his face, then she would suck him again to make sure she had all the use out of him that she was going to get.

Just as he was about to cum I started to really fuck her hard and with the combination of his moaning and me fucking her she started to get really close and then suddenly came like never before.

That was the best night we have had yet, but she still wants to convince him to let me be there next time so she can have twice the fun.

I'll be sure to update you with the next part of this as soon as it happens.