Written by Terry

18 Apr 2007

My wife Wendy and I have been married for 4 years; she is 28 years old, 5’ 9”and a natural blonde with a really fit body. About a month ago we were down the local for our usual Friday night drink, Wendy had gone for a pee and while I was at the bar I started chatting to this bloke Tony who was alone. When my wife returned from the loo she too joined us and for the rest of the evening we chatted and joked. Tony must be about 23 and told us he had recently moved into a Flat around the corner. Has the drinks and jokes flowed my wife was laughing at everything he said and I could tell that there was definitely chemistry there. We left at closing time and walked up the street together, we said a goodbyes and my wife said hope to see you soon Tony. Once in doors my wife remarked on how handsome Tony was and started to French kiss me. I put my hand up her skirt and touched the outside of her panties, they were sodden and she asked me to fuck her right there and then. To cut a long story short we met up with Tony at the local a couple of times after and each time my wife flirted with him. Last week however Tony decided to have a house warming party so after the Pub we went around his with about 4 or so other friends. We were all quite pissed and left about 2.30. I was about to get into bed when I realised that I had left my spectacles at Tony’s, I said to Wendy who was still dressed “Shit I’ve left my glasses around Tony’s. She replied not to bother you go to bed and I’ll just nip around and get them, I’m sure he won’t mind. I was woken about 2 hours later when Wendy came back. Unusual, for Wendy she didn’t come straight to the bedroom instead she went to bathroom, needing a pee myself I decided to go to the bathroom and ask why she had taken so long. When I open the door there was my wife sat on the toilet legs wide apart cleaning fresh spunk from around her fanny and arsehole. I picked up her thong which she had discarded and I could believed how wet and matted it was. She realised she had been caught and I said I think you’ve got some explaining to do. With that we both went down stairs, once in the lounge I said WELL? She started her story, she said last week when you were away I popped in the pub for a drink and Tony was there, he asked were you was and I told him you were away on business overnight, so we chatted for a while over a couple of drinks. We walked home together and on saying our goodbyes he gave me a kiss goodbye which then turned into heavy petting and before I knew it we were in the hallway and his hand was inside my knickers fingering me. I wanted it go further but resisted as the cum he gave me seemed to have cooled the situation so not being a prick teaser I gave him a wank instead, When he was about to cum when he said Wendy I’m cumming please suck me, which I did. Darling I’ve never experienced so much sperm come from a man’s cock before. After 5 huge ejaculations in my mouth I could swallow anymore and moved my mouth from the head of his cock but he still continued to spurt at least another 6 ropes over my face and in my hair. Tony left shortly after but I must confess I couldn’t stop thinking about his fat heavily loaded dick all week and masturbated quite a lot at the thought. So picking you glasses up this evening was a kind of relief. I wasn’t annoyed at what she was telling me in fact the opposite, my cock was rock hard. I said what happened tonight then? Wendy reached out and held my throbbing prick and started gently massaging it, my pre cum already beginning to leak. Well she said, Tony must have been in bed when I rang the door bell, anyway he came to the door in just his underpants. I said I’m sorry but Terry has left his glasses and I’ve come to collect them, he asked me in and said the glasses are in the kitchen. I said thanks and asked Tony if I had disturbed him. To which he replied actually you have I was just about to have a wank about the other night but now you are perhaps a little help wouldn’t go amiss. With that he moved me so I leaning against the sink unit. My legs opened automatically and Tony went to he knees put his head up my skirt, move my panties to one side and started to lick me out whilst probing both my love and bum with a single finger, I had an orgasm in seconds. Tony led me to his bedroom took off his pants and his fat cock was much like yours is now – solid. He didn’t even remove my dress or fondle my tits, nothing. He just moved my panties to one side and ram rodded my wet swollen cum juiced cunt. He didn’t last long before he filled my womb with loads of potent sperms. Terry as I’ve already said he comes gallons. Not finished there, Tony turned me on all fours and the dirty bastard took my anal virginity and left my bum hole like my cunt full of thick hot spunk and darling unfortunately that is where we are now. With that I let out large groan, Wendy lowered her mouth to the head of my throbbing robin and I spray my own martial spunk into her mouth. She says she probably won’t fuck with Tony again but we will have to wait and see.