Written by Kevin

12 Nov 2014

After Sue had come clean about her sexual exploits before we married I was in two minds whether I wanted to share her or see her being fucked by another bloke let alone two. We had a long talk about it and reluctantly I agreed to her entertaining her two previous lovers at our house. The plan was to invite them over to an intimate dinner party and see how things developed. On the night, Sue was dressed in a clingy black mini dress. No bra and no knickers. Roger and his wife Carol arrived. Sue introduce me to Roger and his wife, Carol. Carol was quite good looking about 5 foot 6 inches tall, looked like she had looked after figure and had a good pair of tits on her. Dave turned up with his wife, Cass, who was a large big breasted woman, wearing no bra. Everyone got on well during the night and plenty of drink was consumed. As the night progressed the conversation around the table became quite sexual and risqué. Part of the conversation revealed that Roger, Carol, Dave and Cass were swingers and visited many clubs and had sex parties around each other’s houses. They had both had sex with each other’s partner. We left the table and went into our lounge, were Sue dimmed the lights and put a slow romantic CD on. Cass was very drunk and sat in an armchair and dozed off. The rest of us sat around, carried on drinking and talking. It was obvious that sex was on every one’s mind.

Carol told Sue she admired the shape of her breasts. Sue then pulled her dress down exposing her tits for all to see. I could tell she was excited as her nipples were swollen. Carol wasted no time in exposing her pert 36dd for us all to see. Sue then said “Come on boys shown what you’ve got” as she stood up and stepped out of her dress. Roger stood up unbuckled his trousers, pulled them and his pants down exposing a semi hard prick. Dave stood up and stripped naked. Carol then stripped, taking her dress. All she had on underneath was black stockings and suspenders. Sue told me to strip as she went over to Dave and knelt in front of him taking his now erect prick into her mouth. Roger lay on the floor and Carol got on top of him in a 69 position. My prick soon became erect watching them all. I got on the floor behind Carol and started to finger her pussy. I saw Sue get up and go over to a unit and open the drawer and pull out a bowl of condoms. She took one, opened it and rolled it onto Dave’s prick as he sat in the chair. She then turned around and lowered herself onto his prick. He grabbed her tits and fucked her. She was moaning and groaning every time he rammed his prick up her. I got up and got a condom and rolled it on my prick. I then got behind Carol again and slipped my prick into her pussy. Roger was licking her clit as I fucked her. She came with a loud shout. Roger eased himself from under her and went over to Cass. Dave gave him the thumbs up as Roger unbuttoned the front of her dress. He pulled the dress apart and exposed her 44dd breasts and a smooth naked pussy. He leant over and took one breast in his hands and sucked on her nipple. Sue had now got off Dave and went over to Roger. Dave got up and got in front of Carol. She pulled his condom off and then sucked his prick. I was still pounding away up her pussy, holding on to her hips as I fucked her. Sue and Roger were now laying on the floor running their hands over each other’s bodies. Roger moved down and got in between Sue’s legs and was licking her pussy, as she played with her nipples. Dave told me to go and have a play with Cass’s tits and pussy. I pulled out of Carol and went over to Cass. I had a good feel of both her large soft tits. I then put one had on her pussy and slipped a finger into her pussy and finger fucked her. She started to moan and woke up. She told me to stand. She got up slipped out of her dress and then knelt in front of me and sucked my prick. After a couple of minutes she laid on her back and told me to fuck her. I heard Sue shout as she came and Roger slipped his prick into her pussy and fucked her, without a condom.

I was pounding away up Cass’s pussy, when she grabbed hold of her large thighs, pulled her legs apart and spread them wide. She then told me to fuck her arse. I pulled out of her pussy and eased my condom encased prick into her tight arse hole. As I pushed my prick deeper into her arse, she was telling that it felt good and she wanted me to fuck her hard. I obeyed her and rammed my prick in and out of her arse. I fucked her arse for a good 10 minutes and she had an orgasm, her arse tightened around my prick making me come. I pulled out of her and she grabbed my prick, pulling the condom off and then licked my prick clean of spunk.

Roger was still pounding away fucking Sue. She was now sucking Dave’s prick, as Carol sucked her left tit. Cass moved over and took hold of Sue’s right tit and took the swollen nipple into her mouth and sucked on it. Sue shouted out as she came as Roger came up her. Roger pulled out of Sue and Carol then straddled Sue in a 69 position. Sue grabbed Carol’s thighs as she licked her pussy. Carol was licking Sue’s shaved pussy, paying attention to her swollen clit. Sue’s body bucked as she came. Carol carried on licking her pussy. Dave was now behind Carol fucking her. Sue was licking his balls as they moved back and forth over her face. Cass was now on her back being fucked by Roger. I went over and got in between Sue’s legs and slipped my prick into her warm moist cunt. Carol was licking my prick as it went in and out of Sue’s pussy. I came again up Sue. Dave replaced me and fucked Sue. She came again with a loud shout. Dave came up her. Sue lay exhausted on the floor with spunk oozing out of her pussy.

We all took a breather. Roger then got some Viagra tablets from his trousers. Dave, myself and Roger all took one. The three girls sat on the settee and all played with their pussies before kissing and playing with each other. We watched them for about 20 minutes and I felt the Viagra take effect. My prick rose to a real solid erection. It was rock solid, sticking out from my body. Dave and Roger were the same. For the next 2 hours we carried on fucking the girls, swapping partners and bringing them off many times. We did eventually end up in bed. Sue spent the night in our bed room with Roger and Dave and me in our spare bedroom with Carol and Cass.

They all went home about midday the next day. Sue and I both showered and remained naked. Roger left me some Viagra. I took one in evening and fucked Sue for about 2 hours that night, giving her many orgasms before I came. My prick remained stiff all night and Sue straddled me in the morning for a quick fuck before we both went to work. We have now got a date to go to a party at Roger’s and Carol’s just before Christmas for a party and they have said there will be a few other couples. They have said the rule will be as you enter their house you have to strip naked. Sue has said she is just wearing a coat and going with nothing on already.