Written by Bigbadbarry

22 May 2011

I was laid in bed asleep waiting for my wife to arrive home after a boozy hen night when I awoke and checked my phone 3.45am. Still no sign of her. I drifted back to sleep only to be awaoken by the sound of my phone ringing.

"Open the door babe and make it quick cos Nick is with me" half asleep I was not sure what she meant but then realized it was male Nick and not her female friend Nik.

"Door is open" I replied. Next thing I hear giggling and the front room door is opened. My wife then appears in the bedroom door way swaying in a pissed state.

"What you doing?" I ask "Am getting fucked down stairs by Nick while you stay up here like a good boy!!"

She then leans in and gives me a deep passonate kiss telling me if am lucky she will let me come down and watch.My heart was racing laid in bed hearing the muffled sounds of my wife getting fucked good and hard.She has fucked Nick previously on several occasions and we have had a couple of MMF 3sums but has not fucked him for a couple of years.

Next thing my wife appears at the door way of our bedroom naked looking sexy as fuck.

"Were cold give me the duvet" she says as she takes it from me.

"But I will be cold" I protested

"Tough, if you want me to come back to bed and let you lick my well fucked pussy you will do as your told"

Then she disapeared back down stairs but she had left the door open and I could sneak to the top of the stairs and listen to my wife getting fucked.

"Mmmmmmmm yer" she purred as Nick fucked her from behind.

"This is the best fuck I have had in years" she moaned breathlessly as Nick slapped his balls agianst her.

"You love me fucking you dont you" I heard Nick say.

"Too right I do"

"And pulling and bitting your big tits" he said

"I fucking love it all" She moaned as he banged her from behind.

Am upstairs like a good boy listening, its gone quiet so I text my wife.

"Hope your enjoying your fucking down there am cold"

"Yerrrrrr and am not finished yet. sleep tite!!!" came the reply

30 minutes later cam another text

"Nick is staying so go get in the spare bed"

So off I went doing as I am told and 10 mins later more giggles and up they come and get in our bed.

"Nick needs taking home" am told at 10am

"Hurry back and I can tell you all about the fucking I got last night" she whispers in my ear. My nob responds and I get the biggest hard on ever. I driv Nick home and we have small talk, talking about footy and general chit chat as if were just two blokes down the pub, not someone driving a man home after he has spent the night fucking his wife whilst I listen!!!

I arrive back home to my wife laid in bed with a hangover.

"You have fun then last night"


"did he fuck you good"

"yep, and he is fucking me on Wednesday as well while your at work" she informed me.

She then proceded to tell me how Nick had grabbed her whilst hey were out and kissed her passionatly in front of all our friends.

"what did you do???"

"I kissed him back" she said sarcasticly as if it was the most natural thing to do.

She then snook off 10 minutes later and jumped in a cab with Nick and headed home. She told me how they were virtualy fucking in the taxi and the taxi driver had got a right good show.

"He could not believe it when I rung you and said babe open the door nick is here, silly git could not belive I was getting my husband to let me in so I could fuck another man in the house"

She told me how Nick had stripped her naked and bit and pinched her tits whilst telling her what a dirty little bitch she was and that he proceeded to fuck her in every postion imaginable.

As she is telling me I feel her well fucked pussy and start to finger fuck her but she says she is sore and I need to lick her clit, which I dont need asking twice to do. She then says she is tired and tells me to wank myself off as she is all fucked out!!!

"I need my rest cos am getting a proper fucking on Wednesday so dont rush home from work"