Written by aussie bob

16 Feb 2011

My wife is a horny slut who these days cant get enough cock. It hasn,t always been like that she used to be just your average housewife but like many men I longed to see her fuck another man. That first happened some 20 years ago when she was in her 40s. I think we both thought back then that it would be a once only experience but I kept wishing after that first time she would do it again. Eventually she did, to please me she said now 20 years jater she,s fucking everyone. For a long time it was just something we did when we went away on holidays and felt confident no one would know us. I guess she fucked about a dozen different guys over the first 16 or so years but then a couple of years back she started a new job after having not worked for around 10 years. She started getting a lift with two guys who lived nearby. They were both younger than her one less than half her age. Brad the older of the two was 45 and not getting any sex at home and one day he put the hard word on Sylvia. She was flattered and they ended up kissing. Next day as they drove home from the office the other guy John said something that made Sylvia realise he had been told what happened. They made a joke of it but as she was getting out of the car where they dropped her at the end of the road they both wanted a kiss goodbye. She said no at first but ended up snogging them both in the back seat. Now she probably should have been angry but she wasn,t she was turned on and was anxious to fuck when I got in that night. I never knew why at the time but she started dressing in sexier clothes and was always horny at the end of the day. It had been going on for a month before one night in bed she told me. By then it had progressed to where they were taking turns to ride in the back and finger her cunt on the way to and from the office. At first they had been happy for her just to flash them. She had taken to not putting her panties on till she got to work and she would sit in the middle of the back seat and flash them. Now they were wanting to fuck her and she confessed to me that she wanted to. We hadn,t been on holidays for about 2 years then and we both missed our holiday fun. I have always been with her before when anything went on but this was to be different she decided she didn,t want them to know I knew. Next night I was home before her and had little trouble imagining what that meant. Normally she,s home by 5.30 but this time it was almost 7.30 and being dark they dropped her off at the door rather than the end of the street.”What have you been up to? “I asked as she walked into the livingroom where I was waiting. She hesitated. “have you been out fucking? “ I asked her. She grinned “I,ve been a naughty girl”she said. I waved her closer and she walked over beside me and lifted one foot up onto the arm of my chair. There was no doubt she,d been fucked the smell of mans spunk was almost overpowering. She wasn,t wearing panties and there was a trickle of juice running down the inside of her thigh. I put my hand between her legs and found her cunt was saturated. I love sloppy seconds and this was particularly sloppy. As I played in the goo she bent over and unzipped my fly releasing my throbbing dong. As she lowered her hot cunt onto me she began to tell me about how they had driven her out to the lake and both fucked her. She told me how good it had felt and how much she had needed some strange cock and hardly knew that I was coming as I emptied my aching balls into her cunt. That was the beginning of a whole new period in our lives when I truly became a cuckold and she became a 60 year old nympho.