Written by bigbadbarry

25 May 2011

I am at working wondering if my wife is going to go through with her threat to get fucked while am at work and make me come home and "clean me up" as she puts it. Its 10.30 and I have resisted texting her but the suspense is killing me so I text.

"So you dirty little bitch are you getting fucked today"

10 minutes pass and no reply. Beeb beeb my phone goes and its a picture message from my wife 2 sets of her sexiest underwear laid on the bed.

"Red or Black" the text read. I quickly replied red every time.

Then nothing more untill 3.30 telling me Nick is on his way and will be here at 4.

"Make sure you work late I dont wont disturbing while Nick is fucking me!!! but make sure your close by cos you have cleaning duties"

My cock instantly springs to life and I can not consentrate on work any longer willing the afternoon away.

I leave work at 6pm and drive home my mind racing thinking what my wife is upto, I drive past our house and see a car in the drive knowing straight away it must be Nicks, curtains are drawn down stairs and up so know full well my wife is getting fucked.

I park around the corner and text.

"Can i come home yet???"

Almost straight away I receive a another picture message this time it is my wife with a mouth full of cock and the text reads "Not yet am busy lol xxx"

7.20 and I see Nicks car drive passed so I quickly drive the two streets back home and pull in the drive, I enter the door and head straight upstairs to find my wife laid on the bed in a state I can only descibe as well fucked.

"Had fun??" I enquire

"shut up and get licking me clean little bitch" is the reply

So I dive between my Wifes legs and start to lick her well fucked pussy and the mixture of Nicks cum and her juices ooze out of her and am lapping it up loving every drop.

Whilst am licking her she tells me how Nick fucked her all over the house bending her over the sofa whilst slapping her arse telling her she was a dirty little slut who loved being fucked by a proper man while her husband was at work.

"what did you say" I gasp between licks

"I told him how good his cock feels inside me and what a good fuck he is soooooo much better than you" she replies

"Now get up her and fuck me for all your worth, which aint much" she say sarcasticly

"You love me humilating you dont you??"

"yes" I reply as am fucking her fucked pussy

"good, cos this is just the start" comes the reply between moans as am fucking her with legs held on my shoulders getting deeper and deeper.

"Come on give me my second load of cum for the day" I can tell she is nearly cuming so I speed up my strokes and fuck her deeper and hard till I feel her pussy walls tighten and she squeels as she cums, closley follwed by me.

We kiss and cuddle and I tell her how turned on I have been all day knowing what was happening. She laughs and calls me a weirdo but says she is more than happy to get fucked if thats what I like.

"so what you got planned to humilate me with next then????"

"oh you will have to wait and see, but were both out on Saturday and so is Nick.........!!!!!!!!"

I dread to think what she has planned but my cock is rock hard thinking about it.