Written by smalldick

15 Feb 2007

My wife and I have enjoyed a fairly normal and uneventfull mariage and are now well into middle age, the one aspect of our life that perhaps differs from the norm is that we have allways enjoyed nudism. My wife was a keen swimmer, and certainly never particulary got off on the sight of other people naked,whereas I had a real thing about her seeing men with outsize cocks, and would get overly excited, and comment and draw her attention to prize exhibits that came into view, but to my dismay she allways said it was no big deal, and she would rather see a nice bum.I resigned my self to a life of unshared fantasy untill we holidayed in Croatia one summer. We flew to Dubrovnik, and had a short boat journey to a nearby isle, on the boat we met an elderly man whom I will call John, we were a bit surprised that a man in his seventies should be alone but that apart,he was a nice old boy. The next morning after brakfast my wife and I strolled down to Villa Rusa, the naturist beach, it had allready become well filled with the normal teutonic hordes,and we were very much in the minority, just then old John, our pal from the previous evening strolled into view, he saw us and waved, and came towards our spot of beach,After exchanging greetings, he slipped out of his baggy shorts, and lo and behold unleashed ,a cock that would have put a milk bottle to shame,accompanied by the biggest pair of balls it was possible to have, short of a hernia, the morning passed ,and before long the sun was to fierce to stay any longer,so all three of us decided to return to the hotel for a beer. John then filled us in about his circumstances, he was recently widowed, and had been a naturist all his life and was still feeling a bit low about his bereavement. The next day at breakfast, john told us about a small cove,across the island that was isolated, and good swimming, so off we went and spent the day together, In a period when John was swimming, my wife for the first time ever commented, not about the size of johns cock, but how fascinaed she was by the size of his balls, this really got me going, and in bed that night I encouraged her to talk about it, then had really exciting sex, the following day turned out to be a torrential downpour, all one could do was have lunch and sit it out in the bar, wine retailed at about 50 pence a bottle, and so the three of us had had a drop, I then suggested that we take a bottle back to our chalet and get away from all the Germans, When we got back to the chalet, a distance of about a hundred yards, we were all soaked,the natural solution was to get undressed, I was quite giddy, whether with drink or sexual excitement im not sure, one thing I knew was that my wife was capable of acting out of character when tipsy, I thought right this is it, if it goes wrong I wil blame the booze, I whispered to my wife, John and I are going to fuck you, are you she said,and smiled expectantly, she then stood up and aproached John ,wine glass in hand, promptly stumbled, and fell across his lap, after much giggling, she sighed, and planted a lingering kiss on his drooling mouth, then almost in the same movement,let her hand fall to his lap, she cupped his balls, and whimpered with pleasure, by now John had got the measure of the situation and offered his masive wobbling member to my wifes lips, it was happening at last,my wife was struggling to mouth an enourmous cock, for anyone who has had this experience, they will understand, when I say that without touching my own cock,I felt a surge and emptied my spunk all over the place, John spent the next ten minutes fucking my wife,with me watching avidly, when John came, he rolled of and said he could not thank us enough, but the debt is all mine, because our sex life is complete, and I have lived out my biggest fantasy.