Written by jakef100

5 Sep 2013

My wife Jenny is 47. She is 5.9 and has a gorgeous figure, slim with lovely bum amd small but firm boobs. She likes to wear figure hugging dresses and gets off on men eying her up when she is out. We have always been adventurous in our sex life but have never involved anyone else although Jenny has always said she'd like to have sex with a woman one day. We both enjoy having sex outdoors and have always got off on the thrill of possibly being caught in the act.

One night a while ago when we were having sex Jenny admitted that she often fantasised about being watched while we screwed and said she got really turned on by the idea of it. So the following weekend when Jenny came home in the early evening after a couple of glasses of wine with her friends from work I suggested we drive out to a local dogging site and put on a show.

Jenny was reluctant at first and said she was too shy to go through with it but a few more glasses of wine later she started to admit that the idea made her really horny. But she was still a bit concerned so we agreed on some rules over exactly what we wanted to happen. We would drive to the site, keep the doors locked, let whoever was there approach the car and Jenny would decide how far she wanted to go with me and if at any time she got nervous we would stop and drive away. She made me promise that the car doors would remain locked all the time.

She put on a really tight dress through which I could see her nipples already hard in anticipation. She swigged down another glass of wine and we set off. When we arrived there were two other cars parked a bit away and we pulled up in the shadow of some large trees. Jenny looked nervous despite the wine and I reached over and put my hand between her legs, she hadn't put on any knickers and she was wet already and I fingered her gently for a while until she started to groan, but just at that moment two more cars appeared and drove slowly passed us and stopped not too far away. Jenny moved my hand away and I thought she was getting cold feet but she just smiled when I asked if she was Ok to go through with it.

One man got out of his car and slowly walked towards us and circled our car until he was standing a small distance away from the passenger door. Jenny looked first but then smiled at me, leaned across and started to unzip my jeans. I was already hard and she wanked me for a few seconds and then took me in her mouth. I looked up at the man watching and saw that he had his cock out and was wanking and I noticed that another man had appeared, both of them in their fifties. I closed my eyes as Jenny licked the length of my cock and then took it deep into her mouth bobbing her head up and down and along the shaft. When I opened my eyes there were another two men at my side of the car, one in his late twenties and another possibly in his sixties.

Jenny sat up and glanced out of both windows but avoided making eye contact with any of the watchers. She whispered to me to confirm that the doors were locked and then sat back in her seat and pulled up her dress to reveal her shaved pussy. She licked her finger and then opened her legs and played with her clit, moaning as she did, inserting one, two then three fingers deep into her fanny, working them slowly until she came with a loud groan and tightened her legs to prevent her squirting. She looked out of the window and saw the two men at her side of the car who both had their cocks in their hands and this seemed to spur her on as she wriggled her bottom and pulled her dress completey off revealing her gorgeous breasts with long firm and erect nipples. She laid back into the seat even further and lifted her bottom up into the air towards me and I leaned in and started to lick her fanny while she played with her tits. She was soaking wet and completely turned on and it was only seconds before she came again and this time she let herself squirt in my mouth and on my face. I spread her come all over her fanny and stuck a finger up her arse making her moan in pleasure and I continued licking until she came some more.

She was more turned on than I had ever seen her before and she pushed me back into my seat and squatted over me to give me another blow job while I squeezed her tits. Her arse was stuck up in the air and she parted her legs reached down and started fingering herself right in front of the two men at the passenger side of the car. She licked my cock and then took nealry all of its 7 inches in her mouth as her lips and tongue worked all over it.

Then she stopped, smiled and said "fuck me now". She turned away and crouched on all fours across her seat with her arse pointing towards me and her head and tits near the passenger window. I put my knees on the edge of her seat and guided my cock into her. Soaking wet as she was it slotted in with no difficulty at all and I began thrusting deep into her and she forced her arse back against me and told me to do it harder and faster. I rammed into her, squeezing her tits until she moaned in pain and then she screamed as I felt her come one more time. She thrust back against me in a frenzy and I slowed her down to stop myself from coming and instead stuck two fingers up her arse which made her scream even louder.

I fucked her slowly for a few minutes while my fingers worked her arse and my other hand squeezed her nipples. Then I noticed her reach forward and at first I wasn't sure what she was doing but soon realised she was opening the passenger door window. For a few seconds nothing happened and then one of the men stepped forward and put his cock, a decent 7 inches, near Jenny and she started to wank him. I couldn't believe what was happening and was caught between the shock of seeing my wife wank off another man and the sense of excitement I got from it happening. The other man moved along side and did the same, his cock was bigger, well over 8 inches and thicker too, and to my amazement Jenny began wanking him as well.

I continued to fuck her from behind and finger her arse while she wanked off the two men and let them play with her tits as she did. It wasn't long before the first one shot his load and Jenny let go only to see him replaced by the younger lad who also had an impressively hard and thick cock which Jenny immediately started work on. I was still in shock but enjoying the feel of my cock inside her as she seemed in an almost constant state of orgasm.

By now the window was wound down fully and the younger lad stopped Jenny wanking him and pushed his cock towards her mouth. She paused for a second but he brushed the tip against her lips and her mouth opened and started licking and sucking. On seeing this the other man came, shooting his spunk onto Jenny's chest and stomach. The younger lad clearly had no intention of hanging around and he fucked Jenny's mouth hard and fast. forcing his cock deep into her throat, grabbing hold of her head and thrusting it up and down on him until she gagged and then he groned as he shot into her mouth with three or four thrusts and she swallowed every bit of his come before he wiped his cock dry on her tits and then went. On seeing this I could hold back no more and I filled her fanny full of my spunk, still not quite believing what had happened. As I pulled out I saw that the older man had now moved around to the passenger window and was stood with his small 5 inch cock in his hand looking hopeful. Jenny smiled at him leaned forward and took him in her mouth working her way up and down and wanking him at the same time and it was little more than a minute when he jerked forward and shot his spunk into her mouth.

Jenny sat back into her seat, smiled and said she wanted to go home.