Written by Alicia

16 Sep 2015

Tim's eyes lit up as soon as he saw me come back down the stairs. It was very obvious where his eyes kept going. I took his hand and simply told him "I'm yours." He led me to his bedroom and immediately stripped my clothes off and then asked if we really were to act as if we were dating. I told him yes, that I wanted him to act as if he owned me and not to worry about anything he says or does. With that he pulled me into his body and swayed back and forth where I could feel his cock rubbing against me. The feel of his skin wasn't like Bill's but it still felt very nice and the excitement of being alone with another man was turning me on more than I had anticipated. He told me he wanted the fantasy to become as real as possible that night and that would start with the 2 of us taking a shower together to clean up from the earlier threesome ( they both had cum in me)---and that he only wanted his smell on me and not Bill's since we were "dating". I told him I also wanted to get cleaned up for him so he could experience just me and that I to wanted just his smell on me since he was my date. We took our shower together and went to bed where we each explored one another in the most intimate ways. He has always been good about making me orgasm and this night was no exception and I certainly returned the favor as he filled my pussy with his cum. He told me as his "date" that night he was hoping that his cum would be the only cum in me for the rest of the night and I promised him that would be the case as it would also be a turn on for Bill knowing that Tim was my last fuck for the night. Soon after Bill came down to the room and asked if everything was ok, and wanted to get an idea as to how much longer I'd be ( not that he was rushing us) but that he was starting to fall asleep. I wanted to really make this night special for Tim, but especially for Bill knowing what really gets him excited. So I asked Bill, in front of Tim, how much "trouble" he had wanted me to get into that night and that I thought I had been a 10 on a 1-10 scale and Bill said, I'll give you guys 30 more minutes to get to an 11!!! My initial reaction to myself was "geeze, I thought I did enough"-- and then I realized that these 2 guys had planned the night and now I would take control and hopefully put Bill over the edge. I looked at Bill and Tim and simply handed Bill the sheer yellow negligee and said, I also want to get to an 11. And with that I looked into Bill's eyes as I hugged my naked body against Tim's naked body and told Bill "most of tonight was filling your fantasy and you also told me "no limits", I want you to know that Tim and I just had a great time alone with each other having sex ( I knew this would get Bill going)--so now I want you to go back upstairs because it's my decision what I do next and I want to spend the entire night alone with Tim as his date for the night. I kissed Bill goodnight and then shut the door behind him and told Tim to take advantage of the rest of the night as my only focus was to be alone with him, in his bed, to satisfy all his sexual desires with me. The next morning Bill came downstairs to Tim's bedroom and found me on top of Tim straddling him. I looked at Bill and asked him to join us and we finished our 3some to the complete sexual satisfaction of everyone. I wasn't surprised on our way home when Bill asked if I was willing to do it again but he wanted me to be alone with Tim when he went on his next business trip, and to have Tim take pictures of himself penetrating my pussy and my mouth and then send him the pictures. Sure enough I said "sure" and he immediately called Tim and said " she said YES"---- they had already made plans--so much for me having control --but that's ok, it will be enjoyable and maybe, if I'm daring enough I can take control back like I did when I told Bill I wanted to spend the rest of the night alone will Tim, just maybe I'll tell Tim and Bill that I want Tim to stay with me on future business trips that Bill has, including those when he's gone for multiple nights----I think everyone would like that and I certainly don't mind showing my appreciation to Tim.