Written by James

14 Apr 2018

My wifeand I were introduced to swing by a co worker of my wife's .

I remember the day when Lisa first told me about her .

Lisa came home from work that day and she said you wont believe this then she laughed and said remember Diane I have told you she works with me.

Well I have known her for over a year now and never suspected anything but her and Dave are swingers and have been for years she told me today at lunch time and to top it off she invited you and I up for a party this weekend.

I told her I would have to ask you first my god I cant believe it.

Lisa is not a prude or anything and she flirts with friends when they come over but has never been anything but a good wife so we laughed about it talking then she asked well what should I tell her ? I couldn't think of anything to say so I asked what do you think.

Lisa shook her head from side to side and said shit I don't know I could say OK but no swinging just a visit so that was the plan.

We showed up on time and both of us were a little nervous but Dave greeted us as friendly as a pup .... Well a very big pup he stands 6 ft. 4 and weighs about a buck 90 or so and was in very good physical shape and I noticed that Lisa looked him over appraisingly and Diane came out all smiles in shorts and a halter top covering her 38 D-cup breasts and hugged Lisa and I not suggestive or anything yet just friends getting together and I began to relax as Dave and I talked about jobs and where we wanted to go. He would glance over at my wife from time to time but he wasn't drooling or anything ao I found myself checking out Diane to and she was a big woman but no fat at all her body was firm for her age and they were at least 10 years older than us.

We had fun singing Karaoke and playing WII and after a couple beers Dave turned to me and said I guess you know Diane and I are swingers and have been for years and we would like to get you and your wife into it if you are interested but I hedged around not knowing how to answer so he laughed again and said no problem thing about it though and he tossed me another beer.

Lisa and Diane were talking and laughing together also and they both had a glass f wine in their hands fixing a salad then it was dinner time and it was served on the patio in their fenced back yard and Dave was talking laughing bringing Lisa into the conversation often and Lisa was responding to his insinuating remarks laughing a little recklessly now feeling her drinks then Diane was making a move on me asking me to help her wash up the dishes and I followed her inside slightly drunk but her hips were intoxicating as she moved in her sensuous walk laughing over her shoulder and when we were inside she turned to me and lifted her halter-top up freeing her magnificent breasts and smiled at me asking Well.

I mumbled something about my wife and she said she is being taken care of look out the window.

Lisa was pressed up tight against Dave and her top was pulled up around her neck with Dave sucking on her breast.

Diane said she already agreed so you might as well have some fun to come on taking my hand and I followed like a puppy almost drooling now myself wanting to taste those huge breasts as she tugged me into her room and she pushed her shorts off asking want me to blow you first and she kneeled in front of me tugging at my cutoffs until my hard cock sprang free and she laughed saying not bad Jim not bad at all as my rigid 7 incher strained against my belly she offered me her breasts as her mouth devoured my cock then she backed off saying don't worry I swallow and sucked me back into her mouth then I was in heaven this woman knew how to give head I just stood there one hand cupping her breast as my other hand held the back of her head then I heard my wife giggle and turned to see her and Dave standing in the door watching but I was over then edge now and was Cumming as Diane sucked milking me for every drop of cum in my balls until my legs left like they might give way I looked over to my wife but her and Dave were gone.

I had to lay on the bed while I recovered then I heard the bed in the next room start slapping against the wall and I heard light laughter and grunts Diane asked he is fucking your cute wife want to watch? We slipped into the hallway and she opened the bedroom door and my wife was on the bed legs spread wide with Dave in between them fucking her slowly as they talked and laughed Lisa's arms were around his neck and her heels dug into the bed as she responded to his thrusts lifting her ass off the bed meeting his thrusts We watched with Diane whispering in my ear Dave has a 9 inch cock and Lisa is getting the biggest cock she has ever had right now so I watched his cock pump in and out of my wife for a long time before she came then Diane dragged me back to her room and I went down on her licking her pussy and fingering her like a crazy man until she came and then I was in-between her legs again.

It went like that for a long time sometimes I would see Dave and Lisa watching us and then we would watch them fuck from time to time we would gather and talk but soon we were back fucking each others partners.

We joined their swingers clul a couple weeks later and I wathed my wife suck off 10 guys one night as a floor sjhow It has been a wild two years but now Lisa dose not want to share me anymore just let me watch and film her and I have found that I enjoy it to.