Written by Lucky George

14 Aug 2014

For years since we married in 1988 I have been trying to get my wife to reveal her past sex life. She had her fiftieth birthday in June and we had a party at our house. Family and friends were invited. Sue had invited a few friends from her schooldays. The party was in full swing and plenty of drink was being consumed. Sue was wearing a tight black knee length dress. It was obvious that her 38DD breast were not encased in a bra. I cornered her in the kitchen and slid my hand up her thigh and found her naked bum. She spread her legs and I moved my hand and felt her smooth shaven pussy. She was commando. I told her she was a naughty little girl, she laughed and downed her Bacardi and coke in one. She squeezed my prick and balls winked and walked into the dark front room, lit only by one table lamp, where the music was playing. We both continued to mingle, talking and dancing with everyone. I noticed Sue spent quite a bit of time with a bloke who she introduced to me as Ken one of her old school boyfriends. Well the party went on, everyone was enjoying themselves, plenty of drink and food being consumed. It was getting late, about 1am and people were starting to drift home. All of our family had gone and most of our friends and neighbours. All that were left were a couple from Sue’s school days Ann and Barry, Ken and another school friend of Sue’s Dave. I had said goodbye to some neighbours and went from the front door to the kitchen. As I entered I saw Sue and Ken snogging. She had her back to me and her dress had risen up over her naked bum which was being fondled by Ken’s hands. I retreated and moved into the dark lounge to see how far she would go.

I sat on a chair to observe her and Ken. I then noticed the couple and Dave were all dancing slowly together and that Ann was completely naked from the waist up and her body, mainly her large breasts were being explored by four hands. She was rubbing Barry’s and Dave’s bulging trouser fronts. She then unzipped Barry’s trousers and his erect prick sprung out. She began wanking him as he unbuttoned her skirt, which then fell to the ground. She was completely naked. She then got on her knees and took Barry into her mouth and started to give him a blow job. Dave then got his erect prick out and offered it to Ann. She released Barry and took Dave into her mouth. Barry looked over at me and said “Come join us” I got up and looked over at Sue. She had now removed her dress and Ken was bent over sucking her tits in turns. I noticed that his trousers and pants were around his ankles and Sue was wanking his prick. I looked back at Ann, Barry and Dave and they were all now naked. Ann was still on her knees taking it in turn to suck Barry’s the Dave’s prick. Barry beckoned me over and told to strip. Seeing Sue naked and having her tits sucked had already given me an erection. I thought if she was going to play so was I.

I stripped and joined Barry and Dave. Ann took hold of my prick, licked the shaft then my balls before taking me into her mouth. It felt strange standing beside two naked blokes knowing that one’s wife was sucking your prick. Barry moved away and went to his pile of clothes. He came back with a few condoms in his hand. He gave one each to me and Dave. Ann the lay on the floor. Dave rolled a condom on his prick and got in between her legs. He slid his prick into her pussy and started to fuck her. Barry and I knelt either side of her head and she took hold of our pricks and licked each one as we fondled her tits. I looked over to the kitchen but could not see anything due to my position. I could hear the sounds of Sue moaning as she was being fucked. I got up and went into the kitchen. There was Sue bent over the table, holding onto the edge as Ken fucked her from behind. I walked over to them. Sue looked up and in a pissed blurred voice said ”Darling, Ken was my first ever fuck, please forgive me” I told her I did but on one condition. She said “Anything” I told her I wanted to video her being fucked. She agreed. I ran upstairs and got my digital camcorder. I got back into the kitchen Ken was still pounding away up Sue’s pussy. She was moaning away with delight. I walked around the table as he fucked her zooming in for a close up of her bum cheeks being pulled apart and Ken’s shaft going in and out of her cunt. I zoomed out and caught Sue buckling as she shouted out “Christ I’m coming, fuck me, fuck me harder”. I captured it all on video as her body shook as she came, gripping the table. Ken pulled out of her and pulled her to her feet. She turned and sunk to her knees. Ken took hold of his prick and with a few wanks he came over her face with a gush. His spunk landed on her face, rolled down and dripped onto her tits. Sue then licked her lips and massaged her tits especially her rock hard nipples. She got up, quite a bit unsteady on her feet, grabbed my hand and Ken’s and guided us both into the lounge. Ann was now being fucked by Barry doggy style. Dave had collapsed on the floor and was a sleep. Sue let go of Ken and took me to Ann and Barry. She whispered in my ear “Your turn to have a fuck”. She pushed me down and Ann took my still hard prick into her mouth. Barry continued to fuck Ann and came up her pussy. He then indicated for me to change places with him. I grabbed a condom from the floor, he told me not to bother. I got behind Ann, grabbed her bum cheeks and my prick slipped into her warm moist soggy pussy. I pumped away for a few minutes when Barry told me to pull out. I noticed that Ken was filming me now. Barry pulled Ann’s bum cheeks further apart and he ran a finger around her arse hole and indicated for me to fuck her there. My prick was hard, wet and covered in his spunk. I eased my prick into her arse hole and gently fucked her. Barry said” Fuck her hard mate, she like it up her bum hole, fuck her till you come” I fucked her arse as if it was a pussy. Ann was shouting out with delight and came. I felt her anus constrict as she came. MY prick exploded up her arse. After a few second I withdrew and Ann stayed on all fours and we all watched as my spunk oozed out of her arse.

It was decided that everyone should stay the night. Ann and Barry went into one bedroom. Dave was carried up to another. Ann insisted that Ken share our bed with us. Well during the night Ken got in between Sue’s legs and gave her an orgasm. She lay on her back and he fucked her, then I fucked. She was fucked by Ken twice more before we all fell asleep. In the morning as it was a fine sunny morning we had breakfast alfresco and all stayed naked. Sue came up to me in the kitchen and thanked me for being so understanding and open minded about what gone on the night before. Sue did let Dave fuck her over the patio table as we all sat around eating breakfast and watching her tits sway about as she came. She did have a private moment with Ken just before he left (all captured on video for me to see later. It showed them in our bed with Sue taking Ken’s prick up her arse). As we said our goodbyes at the door, we remained naked and I slid a finger down Sue’s bum crack, found her arse hole and stuck a finger up and felt the a gooey mess and spunk trickling out down her legs. We then had a great time in the shower exploring each other’s body parts and holes. We cleared up and sobered up having no regrets about all the events that had happened and now our sexual horizons have been opened and we are going to venture into the world of swinging.