Written by Gary

22 Aug 2013

No fantasy was off limits for Debbie and I during our 15yr marriage. We'd imagined most scenarios and it kept our marriage fresh. Swinging was our latest and we talked about it so much that I almost believed we might actually do it but Debbie laughed it off. So when she texted me to say hurry home I've got a treat for you I just expected some porn on the tv or Debbie dressed up or hopefully both. So when I got in and heard the low murmuring on the bedroom tv I got quite excited and opened the bedroom door with my mouth watering at the prospect of dressed up Debbie. Don't men look silly naked except for socks? Well the black guy lay on top of my wife did. But the tall perfectly formed busty black woman sat lazily stroking his balls was stunning. Meet kayla and mike smiled a red faced Debbie. They both gave big welcoming smiles. I waved weakly. Kayla tapped the bed next to her. "Come sit' she invited in the sexiest Jamaican accent "get a good view cuz mikes gonna screw your missus" I meekly obeyed and noticed that mike hadn't entered Debbie but was sliding his cock wetly against her excited slit. He was massive, as big as any porn star I'd seen. He had to draw his arse right back to allow his cock to nuzzle her entrance. "I'll get you a durex" I offered. He smiled with no hint of conceit and said "they don't fit me". Debbie hissed that she wanted to feel everything. I expressed concern that he was too big and even Debbie looked worried as he entered his helmet. Kayla stroked my thigh saying reassuringly "she's had babies darling, she'll be fine. Oh and you are overdressed". I watched mikes cock as it slowly filled my wife who lay passive, looking scared to move. At the same time I stripped. Kayla gently stroked mikes bum as with great care he slid slowly into Debbie. With her other hand kayla took my 5inches between forefinger and thumb and gently wanked me. Mikes movement stopped and Debbie asked him to stay still. Then she gripped his arse tight and screamed. She was cumming and he hadn't even drawn back once. Mike and kayla exchanged impressed glances. And then kayla embarked on the sloppiest most mind blowing deep throat I've ever had. Whilst this was happening Debbie nodded to mike and they began to slowly fuck. Kayla abandoned my cock to watch and I tried to take the chance to lick her but she shook her head and opened her legs for mikes fingers. He was fucking an adoring Debbie faster and moved his digits roughly over kaylas sex as I spectated. When kayla was soaked mike pointed at me and her inviting me into his wife. Kayla smiled widely and adjusted her position on the bed so I could mount her. Meanwhile mike grabbed Debbie's hips and really started fucking causing her to scream loudly. Kayla took me easily and lay back patiently on her elbows as I pumped at her watching those amazing black tits bounce. She was passive. I couldn't feel much and I'm sure she felt nothing. All this as Debbie came countless times as mike kept rutting. Kayla put a hand on my chest telling me to stop. She put a reassuring arm around me and we sat up to watch as mike tensed his arse and groaned filling Debbie's cunt to the brim with is hot spunk. Kayla flashed me another grin saying "she did well didn't she?' I nodded feeling pretty useless as I hadn't satisfied kayla with my fuck. She seemed to read my thoughts and saying "I'm not finished with you" she turned onto her knees and reached back for my cock which she guided into her arsehole. I'd never had anal before and my excitement levels were bursting especially as kayla moaned softly with pleasure"that feels good baby". I wasn't sure I could last long enough to make her cum so I was happy when mike pushed fingers into her cunt and kayla started to buck and yelp. I think it was the combination of her tight arse and his knuckles on my balls that caused me to spunk great wads up her wrong hole. We've met a few times since. Kayla can't accommodate mike up her arse and so enjoys me. And Debbie needs his size now to satisfy her. In between times she's allowing me anal for the first time in our marriage. It's win win