Written by John

23 Jan 2018

I have a small note of caution to all guys who wish to see their partner with other guys.

That was me a few years ago. I had secretly fantasised about watching Kris, my sexy wife, act like a slut.

Its not as easy as many on here make it seem. Although oozing sex and wearing short tight clothes, as well as flaunting it all in micro bikinis on holiday Kris never seemed too bothered by sex. She was definitely a summer lady. Once the children were in their teens, we'd often take a drive for sex, or would walk in the woods or beach late at night for a quick fuck.

But despite this, I always felt it was to oblige me rather than a desire to satisfy herself

My porn tastes slowly changed from watching everything to amateur wives getting fucked by strangers. There's a well knows bareback escort who tours the UK in a motorhome. I even paid her to hide in the wardrobe and watch her fuck her clients.

Looking back I was getting obsessed. I was always careful with the laptop. I'd look at porn late at night and the joy of a squeaky staircase is I have time to put my cock away and close down the incognito tab if anyone comes downstairs.

In sept however I made a careless mistake, which initially seemed a good thing. The battery died and I assumed that the windows would not reopen when the laptop was turned on again. I was wrong.

So the next evening Kris said we must talk. Once the kids were upstairs she presented me with the laptop, four windows open, all showing the same stuff, either amateur gangbang or cuckold.

I was backed into a corner and confessed all. The next few days were tense until Kris sat me down.

She had a plan and had done a little research. We are in west Sussex and the plan was to visit a spa in north London. Saturdays was couples only. We would go along but no promises.

Its not the nicest place, and on that day was full of couples who spoke v poor English or were vastly overweight. We went to the playrooms, watched some action but it was a letdown. Its made worse at midnight as its flooded by eastern Europeans who do not understand the word no. We did fuck in the car on the trip back south but it felt like a dead end.

Looking back I should have let it drop but I suggested we try somewhere else. With the help of the www we got ourselves invited to a swingers party in nearby Havant a week later. Apparently a well known party venue. This was better. A bit tacky but slim couples and everyone spoke English. We befriended a middle aged black couple and swapped. It was great. As I fucked this beautiful curvy black woman, Kris impaled herself on the guys cock right next to me.

We said our byes and headed downstairs. Kris stayed semi naked and sat on the kitchen counter with her legs apart. It didn't take long for a guy to see this as an invite. They started kissing and I soon noticed he had sneaked his cock into her. Again I loved it and my cock stirred back to life. He soon came in her and I delighted as she sat there, another mans cum seeping out of her.

As I moved towards her sloppy seconds, another guy beat me to it. He fucked her like a robot. Same rhythm and it was a good twenty minutes before he emptied his load into her. In that time the whole party moved to the kitchen and she was at the centre of everything. Guys and ladies snogging and groping her while I was a spare part, standing behind the crowd only able to guess what was going on. The party moved back to the through lounge and she lay on the dining table on her front, her feet resting on the ground. It was an invite for anyone to have a go. Three more guys had her before I finally took my place. Her cunt was sodden, and I was shocked to see cum oozing out her arse. It was a lot more than I'd anticipated but I was turned on enough to add my load to her cunt.

The events went unspoken about. By midweek my cock was itching and the unprotected sex had given us both an std.

Although easily cleared up, a few weeks later we finally spoke about the party. I voiced my concern but for Kris she wanted more. Not remotely dissuaded by the std.

We're at that party fairly often. Kris always asks for a few solo guys to be invited. She always fucks at least four guys, and I always have her last. The reality is not as good as the fantasy is. We never have sex apart from at the party and its always with her full of cum.

We don't even speak about sex. I've suggested meeting couples. She agrees but just says invite them to the party.

I'm at the point now of suggesting she takes a lover and drop the parties,or contacting the handyman I've read about on here to see if he can tame her.

Its certainly not what I'd hoped for when I started this journey