Written by Keith

1 Mar 2015

Richard is an old friend of mine from our rugby days we have had many drinking session in the past but as always work took us to different parts of the country and we lost touch. Moira had never met him but that was about to change. He called to say that he was in Cornwall on business and could we meet up for a drink. Now I remember him as a big man and very fit and memories of his naked torso in the team bath sprang to mind and I thought how nice it would be if he met Moira here at home.

Moira is always keen to entertain and if my thoughts came to fruitition it would be in more ways than she expected. Arrangements were quickly made and Richard duly arrived at our house on Friday evening 27th. The introductions were made and Richard as gregarious as ever was full of chat and compiments to Moira as the wine flowed freely. Moira had not even thought of any games and had not dressed for any, she wore an attractive green blouse with a black knee length skirt but she still looked really great.

The evening was very relaxed and we ate and drank more and more wine. Richard was aware of our previous sexual adventures and I had explained that he could try his luck with Moira if he was so inclined, I was quite happy about it. I invited Moira to take Richard into the lounge whilst I cleared the dining room and kitchen to wich she readily agreed and I left them alone.

After about 20 minutes I went into the lounge to join them and refresh the drinks and was happy to see the Richard had not wasted any time in getting to know my wife, he was sitting with her on the settee holding her close with one hand feeling her breasts over her blouse. I put the drinks onto the small table and said to Richard, they feel better skin to skin, he just smiled and undid the buttons of her blouse and lifter her bra over them. Her nipples were soon into his mouth sucking and licking them and pulling them with his fingers, Moira was kisssing him and moaning with her pleasure. It was really watch but I wanted to him fuck her hard and fast with the bick dick that I knew hung between his legs. Moira was leaning back, her legs slightly open and extended and so I knelt in front of her and undid the skirt and slowly pulled it down and off. Her tiny red briefs were now the only obstruction to Richards hand as he rubbed the strip of material covering her fanny. I reached up and removed them at the same time parting her legs wider to allow Richard to delve into her. She raised her hips to meet his fingers and allow him deeper entry and as he finger fucked her she pulled his hand hard into her and rode them with passion.

I sat on the chair to watch as they stood up Moira cast off the blouse and bra whilst Richard stipped naked his huge hard dick standing proud inviting Moira to touch and taste it. She knelt in front of him and began to stroke the beast moving the foresking back and forth over the engorged head before taking as much as she could into her mouth and sucking it, one hand holding and playing with his balls and the other holding a buttock pulling him deeper into her mouth.

Richard lifted her and placed her on the floor on her back he got between her thighs and with his arms under her thighs lifted them high over his shoulders. Rubbing his knob along the lips of Moira's fanny until they opened and he gained full entrance. I watched as his full length disappeared slowly inside he until his balls were resting against her pubic mound. Now he began the long slow fuck and Moira's fanny lips rolled open and shut with each stroke. She was in wonderland moaning and graning raising her hips to meet his thrusts screaming with each orgasm that racked her body. Their love dance was pure poetry as he filled her with his full 9 inch cock and with a hard deep thrust filled her with his hot spurm.

They lay on the floor side by side spent until I took Moira's hands and raised her onto her feet, slapping her bare arse and pointing to the bathroom.

Richard stood and dressed, we shook hands and he was gone before Moira returned to me in the lounge wearing just her dressing gown. Now it was my turn to have and enjoy her.