Written by Mr A

20 Jun 2007

have you been thinking about this for a while? I have.

I recently started to read Annabells adventures on here and found it the most erotic thing and so well written.

L and I played many years ago with a mate from work and my rugby club called T. the only problem was it was before kids and to be honest I was so worked up that I came too quick, she flet like a piece of meat when he said as he was just approachng the final stages he asked me can I come in her? She said afterwards that she felt like a piece meat. That really upset her.

It didnt happen again. Needless to say I still wank furiously over the inital scene of her losing her top and then the most glorious sight of seeing her stocking clad legs wrapped round his back and at first hand seeing his cock enter her. It is still with me and makes me horny thinking about it. Then I didnt understand the term cream pie but I remember licking her clean and savouring every minute of it.

Most times when we've had a good session since I ask her to talk about it, I fantaise about it and she plays along, however after we've come she says that's where it stays.

Over the last couple of years we moved and made some good friends. Whilst fueled with beer and vino L has flirted with my mate (new friend) and has actually played with his cock. I was inside the house, he was in our splasher pool and L was outside with him. I was entertaining some other friends. We were all none the wiser.

Later in bed, she told me what she'd done, it was as horny as hell. I couldn't stop thinking about it. On many occasions I have mentioned it and she has warmed (shall we say) to the idea of going the whole hog. Again, needless to say I've been thinking about this a lot.

Initally I wanted to see her, and share her and pleasure her with two minds, two pairs of everything. This has changed a little now as I love the idea of her doing a little with me not there, then watching then joining in. I've had the chop, M hasn't so I guess protection is a must. But I really fancy seing and licking than pussy....still beggars and choosers and all that.

we've floated the idea on several occassions and now the oportuniy has arisen, when the kids are both away, he can come up to a meetng near our house. I hope she goes ahead with it.

My problem is I'm planning too much. I want to meet in a country pub, have a few beers, and to know that when I nip off to the loo or the bar that he's playing with her, teasing her. Then when we leave for L to go in his car. My real plan would be for me to go somewhere else, for about half an hour and leave them home. I really get off on this. I'd like then to come in and watch them. I've spoken to M about it and he's up for it. (then again how many blokes wouldn't say yes if there mate says you can have my wife!?). He's happy abbout being watched. He's asked can he put his dick in unprotected at first. My heart says no, but my cock and brain (short distance apart) say yes....should I ? L has expressd that the only thing she doesnt want is to be treated like a piece of meat. Which i guess is cool. L doesnt swallow, does do anal when relaxed but is good in the doggy position. Which id love to see. The best thing we do is me with the rabbit inside her. Takes a bit of getting there but I'd love to M do that as well.

L& I have spoken about it and she s too planned, but I know she'll play along.

It all sounds as if its going to happen. There's one thing talking. theres another thing reading bennyboys stuff and Annabells contributions (which are fab). buuuuuuuut doing it. Is it going t o push too many boundaries. At the moment i know I want it. I think L is up for it, (maybe to keep me quiet). I hope that is adds to our life and that it happens and we do it again. I need this to happen. You read about this opeing up or awakening ladies sexual desires. At present I hope that it does. Having read Bennyboys comments the biggest dissapointmnet he had was the lackof comments to come on give me some guidence.

hope you help and welcome into my world.

Mr A 999.