Written by Cuckold ok

17 Jun 2011

This is my story about my wife, We live in the west midlands married 21 yrs 2 kids etc...

Wife was always a straight forward sex only no oral, anal or anything. Over the years i have told her she should losen up, kept telling her how much i would like her to have sex with another man, she only had sex with 5 men including me. We met when she was just turned 19, and i was just turning 25. We have been together since.

Anyway after many years of gentle4 persuasion i had given up, then Chrissie had laser eye surgeory, this changed her completely. She has allways had great legs, big boobs and was a good looker too, but glasses i think held her back. So soon after the surgeory she was wearing more fashin clothes, i think she was getting more advances at work too. as she is customer facing, i think a few male customers must have paid her some compliments.

Then came an opportunity, she was away on a course with her job, one guy whom she worked with travelled to see her (found thhis out later) nothing happened but i think a seed was sewn. Few weeks later she was out on a night with her work colleagues, she text me to say this guy wanted to take her home. Well i was so turned on i nearly came there and then. So i text her back and said ok see you later. Later was about 3.00 am. When she got back i asked is she now an unfaithfull wife? Maybe was the response..

she then explained what had happened, i asked if she had regretted it she said "no" but she had a second of guilt just as he was about to fuck her, then she said to herself "well i'm here now.." Since this time.. My wife has fucked another 7 or 8 guys.

Me? i am as happy as larry... She is far better in bed. Now she has a long term boy friend with a very big cock ... so all is good lol..