Written by Rob

15 Nov 2015

Well, I have recovered somewhat, so here is what she told me.

She began by saying that he was a fitness instructor at the gym she goes to, and that she has always had wet panties for him.

She knew if she flirted with him he would take the bait because she has caught him looking her way when he thought she didn't know. She also knew he was fit obviously, but also knew he had a great lunch-pack.

Suffice to say he bit and agreed to go to the gym cafe for coffee. The light hand touch on his thigh during s funny moment in the conversation sealed the deal. He asked if she wanted to go for dinner that evening. She took a deep breath, and told him that her husband would be at work and she would cook. So the scene was set.

She was apparently full of self doubt during the rest of the day, but told herself to get a grip, it was now or never while her nerve held.

She dressed in her best sexy cocktail dress, but it was the very sexy new lingerie that she hoped would get her past the post. He turned up on time and gave her his best smile and sealed it with a full on French kiss. She told me her pants got wet just after the kiss.

He told her that he liked to play the bull when intimate, and asked what she thought of that. He told her he can play how she wished, but thought she would love the bull experience. She told him she wanted the full bull deal, so without hesitation he told her that she was now his black cock slut, and she had better go the the bedroom and remove her dress. She was a bit shocked because dinner would be ruined. He said,"fuck the dinner and get up those stairs slut!". She apparently almost backed out then and there, but thought he was being a bull, so went upstairs and with much trepidation removed her dress revealing her fantastic lingerie.

When he came into the room, he apparently smiled and played with his crotch.

He roughly grabbed her and pushed her to her knees. He said, "get my cock out bitch". She undid his pants and dipped her hand in. She grabbed his cock and released it from his underwear. She told me that at that point she nearly ran away it was so big.

Because of her hesitation he called her a slut and told her that she was his, so she had better suck his cock, and she had better do a good job.

She was scared, but strangely turned on by this and eagerly sucked on his massive cock. She was pulled onto it quite forcibly, so much so she almost puked, but was so horny by then she would do just about anything he wanted. After a lot of sucking and gagging, he pushed he to the bed and almost tore her lingerie from her.

He pushed her knees up and buried his face in her pussy and gave her the most wonderful climax. He then kept her knees there and began to bury his massive cock into her pussy. She winced and tried to resist the push. He told her that she was his slut and not to resist. And that set the theme for the most wonderful fucking she has ever had. She hadn't had someone make love to her, she had been fucked to an inch of her endurance with the biggest cock she had ever seen close up. During our sex sessions she was used to having control of how it all went down, but this was purely his agenda. She just gave herself to him as his slut and loved every minute of it. He capped off the night with writing "black cock slut" on her chest with lipstick and took a photo.

This photo was what she gave me that morning with my tea and toast. I was very shocked by the photo, but I have since wanked just looking at her laid there with the slut message on her, and that red puffy pussy looking at me. But what really turns me on is the satisfied smile she was sporting. The dirty black cock slut.