Written by Humidortime

6 Feb 2012

Over the years my wife has had many older lovers. I have seen her 38GG's being mauled, many a time, and never get bored of seeing the lust in her "friends" eyes. Her oldest lover was 85, and during the years she has pleasured many an older man. Starting in her late 20's, on going back to work after having one of our children, when her milk filled enormous breasts, had attracted her old boss, and she has never looked back. At the moment, she is seeing a chap called Ted, a retired gent, living on his own. Ted, who is 78 ( my wife is 52 ), had chatted to her one day in the street, and she could tell by his eyes that her ample chest was attracting him, somewhat. One evening we were walking home from a meal out, and passed Ted's house. He was at the front door, putting bottles on the front step. My wife said hello, and Ted on seeing her, invited us in for a coffee. Ted was transfixed by my wife's top, which revealed a generous view of her cleavage. She played on this and made excuses to bend down further, as she realised how excited he was getting. Whilst I went to the loo, she asked Ted if he had any wine, and Ted got up to get a glass for her. On standing, Ted revealed a large bulge in his trousers, and quickly tried to hide it. I could hear my wife telling him not to worry, and then heard Ted's voice go to a whisper. On creeping downstairs, I could see my wife stood next to Ted, gently rubbing the front of his trousers. She had one of her breasts swinging free, which Ted suckled. I watched as she unzipped his trousers, and taking him in hand, led him onto the settee. She pulled down her top, and her large breasts wobbled free. Her hands rubbing his engorged member, she lay back. Ted wasted no time in grabbing at her exposed breasts, squeezing and sucking them, as he groaned with pleasure. She was about to open her legs, when Ted could not hold onto his lust any more, and exploded. He apologized profusely, but my wife said do not worry, there will be other times. I was bursting at this point, and came through to the lounge, as Ted retired to the bathroom. I thanked my wife for the show, and told her that I would complete the task when we got home. My wife has seen Ted several times since, including a session with his friend, which I will tell you about next time.....