Written by Al

2 Jun 2016

Well after finishing telling our first every swinging experience with Claire and John he came around last night after he had finished work for his tea just after 6;30. He arrived in his car which was a nice white Mercedes CLK. Claire had been upstairs for the past hour getting ready and had told me not to come upstairs while she was getting ready. We had decided neither of us wanted to cook so we were going to order a Chinese takeaway. We live on a terraced row in a little bit of a rural area so John pulling up stood out a bit in his Mercedes. He parked slightly up the road and I am sure their will have been a few curtain twitches as they are precious about parking outside there own houses but our car was outside ours. I opened the front door before John knocked and greeted him with a hand shake and a big smile, i asked how he was doing? John in his thick London accent said bloody good mate, bloody good. I have been looking forward to this all day. John stepped in and he took a seat on the sofa in the living room. I asked if he wanted a drink. John said he would just have the one beer with driving. I asked him if he had not brought a bag to stop over. John said he had but he was unsure as he had to be on site at 8;30am in the morning. I said to John we had to both be up and out for work for 8am ourselves. John said fuck it mate I'll have a think but yeah I'll probably stop over.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple of beers and shouted up the stairs as I passed them going into the kitchen John had arrived to Claire. She shouted down I'll be 5 minutes.

Returning to the living room I handed John a bottle of beer and said cheers. We clinked bottles and took a swig each. John was sat on the opposite sofa to me as the Monday night. John lent forward and said hushed down slightly, well how has she been? Has she mentioned much about Monday night? I smiled and said fuck me mate she aint stopped talking about it, you and your big cock and she is sex mad at the moment. John's face lit into a big smile and he said yeah? What about you how do you feel about it? I said I fucking love it mate! I am as horny as fuck to see you fuck the shit out of her again! I said I am getting a hard on just talking about it now. John said you dirty bastard. So you like watching me fuck her? I said Dam right I did, i bloody loved it. I told him him I loved the thought of Claire getting pleasure out of it and being a slut for him. I said to John it had always been a fantasy that I had wanted to see. I told him I didn't know how I would feel if I would be jealous, upset or even feel are relationship had changed but I said I had never felt more turned on. I said I did feel a bit jealous when I watched John fuck her but it was a good sort of Jealous and one I enjoyed and wanted to feel again. I lent a little forward and said I have even been wondering if maybe you had some mates that could gang bang her another time.

John smiled and nodded as he did I could hear Claire starting to come downstairs. I said to John as I heard Claire near the bottom of the stairs here's your date for the night then. John looked around at the door as I also did and Claire walked in and what a surprise we both had. Claire usually dresses sexy at times and will on occasions dress up for the bedroom but she had certainly dressed up tonight. To say slutty was the theme was an understatement. She had been out all day shopping on her own while I had been the gym and done a few jobs in the house. Claire had clearly bought some stuff while she had been out as the clothes she was wearing I hadn't seen before.

Claire like I say is 5 feet 4 inches tall size 12, proportionate tits, blonde hair usually in a bob. Tonight she had her hair tied back in a pony tail, she had a low cut black fitted lycra type top on, a short red leather look mini skirt with small split up her left thigh, black seemed stocking and suspenders with a red bra and red nylon see through knickers (not all of this we could see as she walked in the room though), with thigh high black leather boots. She had a good amount of make up on and as she walked in and stood in the middle of the room said what do you think boys? We both said bloody sexy as fuck almost in unison. Claire turned and looked at the window and said to me, you better shut the blinds. I did and then said do you want a drink? Claire said yes wine please. I went to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine and came back. It probably only took me about two minutes but when I cam back Claire was sat next to John with them heavy petting with each other. Claire stopped kissing John took the wine and said thanks Babe, I am just acquainting myself with Johns lips. I said well you seemed to have done a decent job. Claire laughed and said are you a little jealous of John? I said a little but it was all good. Claire looked at me and said good because he's not going anywhere until he has given me at least three loads of cum tonight. I could feel my dick swelling in my pants at the thought of what Claire was saying. John chuckled and said and where do you want all that cum? Claire said in my pussy, on my face and then lent towards me and said up my bum and smiled. I shouted out bloody hell you've never let me do that you know that's my biggest thing I want to do with you. Bloody hell John your going to take my wifes arse for the first time while I watch you fucking bastard. I was saying partly in jealousy and partly in excitement. Claire then said something that totally surprised me, it's not the first time but it would be the second. I looked at John and then at Claire and said what? Claire said I have been shagged up the arse once before. I asked when. Claire bit the left corner of her bottom lip as she said I may have cheated on you once before. I looked at her and I felt a little embarrassed at what I was being told but I was still turned on and wanted to know more. Not out of a feeling of being deceived but one of being sexually turned on that my wife may be a bigger slut than just me having persuaded her to be that had happened on Monday night. John at this point oh yeah naughty girl what have you been up to? Are you a little cock slut whore? You get fucked by lots of different guys behind your husbands back? John was smiling as he was asking. Claire took a little bit of a defensive tone and said no it was just the once it was hen party in Blackpool.

Claire had went to Blackpool with some mates who are right slappers from work and stayed over. She had orginally told me she had just got drunk went back to the B&B and fallen a sleep. She then told John and I that they had been out drinking all day and some lads had latched onto their hen party. They had all been having fun and flirting and a couple of the other girls were getting off with some of the lads. Anyway the two girls in Claires room were with two lads so Claire said she was heading back to the B&B. When she was leaving one of the other lads an asian guy had said he would walk Claire back. They had walked back to the B&B chatting about him being from Blackburn which was not far from were we lived and he hadn't had a girl in a while. Claire said he was only twenty, not the best looking of lads and skinny but he was funny and came across as confident. She said when they arrived at the B&B door she turned to say goodbye and he just lunged in for a snog. Claire said she was a little taken back but thought no one was there and snogged him. She said the lad was called Shaf and he said lets go to your room. Claire had said no her mates would be coming back. Shaf said they wouldn't they would probably be going to his mates room. Claire said she didn't know why but she thought it's my hen night no one will know and I had always been going on about watching her shag another bloke and this amounted to the same thing so took him in and up to her bedroom. Claire had been wearing a little black dress that was flared at the skirt and she said when they got in the room he was all over her. His hands were grabbing her tits and pussy and he was kissing her neck and face. She said he was as keen as mustard. Shaf then said I have never fucked a girl before. Claire said seriously? Shaf said no! Claire looked at him and said well you can fuck a hen on her hen party tonight if you want and unzipped her dress and took it off. Claire was wearing just her black bra, black thong knickers and tights while Shaf just sat on the edge of the bed looking. Claire said were do you want me then. Shaf just looked a little surprised and said bent over the bed. Claire said well take off your pants lets see your cock your going to fuck me with? Shaf whipped of his pants and underpants to reveal a long but thin circumcised dick. She said it was probably about 8 inches long but thin. Claire took of her bra and bent over the bed with her legs on the floor and her hands on the bed. Shaf moved in behind her and Claire said she looked forward and realised she could watch in the wardrobe mirror what shaf was doing. He grabbed the side of her tights and knickers and pulled them down to around her ankles and then stood up. It was at this point Claire suddenly thought about a condom she said and said have you a condom? Shaf just said no condom lady and started jamming his dick at Claires pussy. Claire just thought oh well I'm on the pill and he can't have any diseases if he has never been with a woman. Claire said she wasn't wet at this point but his inexperience was showing as he just kept trying to penetrate her dry pussy. Shaf said lady your pussy is well tight I can't get my fat cock in. Claire laughed a little and thought she did not want to ruin his first time and said yeah I have never had a dick that big before. Shaf was well impressed with himself and said yeah bitch you want Shafs big dick in you? I'll fucking stretch your pussy so it's nice and slack for your old man. Claire said it was more funny than sexy as he really had started thinking he was the man. She said with continued rubbing and pressure that her pussy had started to get wet and Shafs cock had started to slide into her. Claire said at this point although thinking a little what am I doing she said it did become enjoyable. She then said Shaf started slapping her bum saying yeah you like it bitch? Claire knew Shaf must have watched a lot of porn as he was clearly acting out what he had seen. So Claire thought she would play along and said yeah I fucking love that big cock give it to me bad boy. Do you like fucking a white slut? She said Shaf was well into it and said yeah you dirty whore I am going to use you all night. Claire thought I bloody hope not but carried on playing along as she said she was enjoying the daft funny experience. She said it was at this point Shaf spat on the crack of her bum and started rubbing his spit around her arsehole. He did it a second and a third time while still fucking Claire. It was then he pushed a finger in her bum. Claire suddenly went what you doing? Shaf said I am going to fuck you in the arse! Claire said no your not no one has done that! Shaf said come on all you dirty bitchs love it. Claire said no I have never been fucked up the arse by anyone and I am not starting with you. It was at this point the bedroom door burst open and Claires two slapper mates walked in. They had been listening outside and had there phones out and recording. One called Angie said Claire I never thought it you dirty whore smile for the video and pushed her phone in her face. Claire said it actually turned her on the thought they had listened, were watching and recording it. Claire smiled and waved at the phone she said and said hi guys it's my hen do. Angies mate called Sharon said let him fuck your arse don't be a fridge. Claire said she laughed at the weirdness of it all and then looked over her shoulder and said to Shaf you can give it a go but if I say stop stop. Shaf nodded and with no time pulled out of her pussy and started jamming his cock at her arse like before. He spat on his cock and started saying my cock is to big for your tight arse. Sharon then said here you go and produced a small tub of vaseline. Shaf took it rubbed some on his cock and some on Claires arse before poking his cock back at her arse again. This time it started to slide in. Claire said all though slim it still was a struggle and it was only Sharon saying relax and holding her hands did she feel Shafs cock slide and and some pleasure. As he did Claire said Sharon were face to face with her holding hands and Claire said I don't know what came over me but I just could help myself and she moved forward and kissed Sharon. Sharon responded and they were snogging for good few minutes until Shaf started cumming in Claires arse. Shaf emptied himself and Claire said he must have never have had a wank as the amount of cum he pumped in her that later came out was unbelievable. When he finished he just got dressed and said see you bitches and left. The three Sharon, Angie and Claire rolled around laughing. Claire got them to swear not to tell anyone. They all agreed what happened on a hen night stayed on a hen night. Angie sent Claire the video she had recorded which was only about two minutes before deleting it from her phone so she could relax about it. I said to Claire I wondered why she had stayed friends with the two girls as I had never seen her having something in common with them. Claire said well now you know maybe I have a lot in common with them. I said I think you do. Claire asked me what I thought. I told her it just turned me on more and I wanted to see the video later which she promised she would.

Claire asked John what he thought about it and he looked at Claire and said well your not my wife and would never be being the little slut that you clearly are but I am more than happy to fuck you every which way if turns you and Al on. John said Al was mentioning maybe in the future I could bring some mates up and have a gang bang, now that sounds like a good idea. Claire looked at me and said it does doesn't it with a big smile.

I will leave it there for the time being and tell you all what happened afterwards another days when I have a little more time.