Written by Alan1463209

19 May 2010

Hi Guys sorry it has taken so long to get to telling you all about the morning of our first meet after posting my first meeting. This follows on from my story posted on the 23rd April should anyone have missed it and want to read that first.

When I woke at about 9am naked in bed I could hear the en suite toilet being used. At first I just lay in bed not really thinking who was in my en suite. Then as I started to come around feeling the slight rawness of my pussy lips from having been pounded I realised another man was using the toilet. The door opened and there stood Zaf naked. His large cock dangling down. Being sober now I felt a little shy and I supposed embarrassed. My tits I was exposed from the waist up and Zaf said "Morning, how are you this morning?" I said " A little sore. I can't believe what I have done last night! Did you come inside me?" Zaf replied "Yeah I did, it was great, you are a really dirty bitch when you get going! Are you really not on the pill?" I replied "No I really am not. I can't believe I did that Alan and I agreed that it was condoms with you, I don't what he will say later." Zaf said "Oh shit I thought you where just saying it for effect, how along ago did you stop with the pill?" I replied "About six months ago when I put on a bit of weight, Alan started using condoms with me and when we talked about this sort of thing it seemed like we would always use condoms anyway." Zaf said "Oh right, I am clean I have no medical issues, I just thought you where saying about being breed for the whole heightened sexual experience for all of us." I replied "I was but a little to literally at the time. I haven't fucked another guy before in front of my husband, i had a fare bit to drink and I was randy as fuck. I loved every second of it but I just got so carried away, while you where fucking me I wanted you to breed me that was the sexual charge of being a total slut in front of Alan, but know I am just shitting myself, what if I am pregnant? I'll have to get the morning after pill?" Zaf replied "Yeah get the morning after pill you can get them in chemists now, that would be best get one and you'll be al-right." Zaf was sat on the bed next to me at this stage with me lay on my back and Zaf with his left arm straggled over my body looking into my eyes. Zaf lean't forward and kissed me fully on the mouth. I kissed back and his hand ran over my tits and down under the covers to between my legs. He started rubbing my pussy lips. I stopped kissing him and said "Someone is still randy then? Someone wants a bit more? I don't if I should without Alan being here?" Zaf said "Oh yes we should, what does he expect me sleeping in the bed with you after last night that we will become nuns or something? I think he wants us to fuck on our own. Anyway we will call him up afterwards." I laughed and said "Mmmmm, I suppose so, I don't know we never talked about this sort of thing." Zaf was still rubbing my pussy and I was wet. He didn't stop and slipped a couple of fingers inside me and started fingering me. I closed my eyes and then felt Zaf start sucking my tits. He bang slipping more fingers inside me. I was getting really turned on. Zaf moved up to my ear and said "I want to stick my fist in you, do you think you can take it?" I was soaking wet at this point and nodded. For the second time I felt Zaf push his fist inside me and start fisting me. I was in ecstasy and started moaning out loud. I can't remember how long it was before I opened my eyes but just as I did I whispered "FUCK ME." As I opened them Alan was stood in the room. Zaf knew he was there and Alan had his cock out and was wanking near the edge of the bed. I half sat up in surprise. Zaf said "Relax I'm going to use your pussy for my pleasure you little whore!" Alan was saying nothing just standing wanking and watching. I was in such a state of high sexual tension I needed Zafs cocking fucking me hard and I did not care who knew, what happened afterwards and if Al was bothered I just wanted it inside me. Zafs cock was semi erect at this point and he looked over at Alan wanking his 5 inch cock and said" Come and suck me hard so I can fuck your wife. Come on cuckboy suck my man cock I going to fuck your wife with." I couldn't believe it Alan has never said anything about this ever. Alan looked a little shocked and had stopped wanking at this point. I looked at him and said"Get down on your knees cuckboy and suck it I want it hard and clean for my pussy to be pounded with! I want to see you suck it all!" Alan looked totally surprised and amazed, I screamed "FUCKING SUCK HIS COCK YOU LITTLE DICK, I WANT HIM TOO FUCK ME TODAY1 GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AN SUCK IT HARD!" I have never spoken to Alan like that in my life but I was so sexually charged I just wanted Zafs cock in me. Alan came over without saying a word and looked at Zafs cock and took hold of it in his right hand knelt down and began sucking it. Zaf reached over to the bedside table and picked up his phone and started filming Alan. Zaf said"That's it Alan *****N home address 14 ****** ******* ********** is sucking my Asian cock before I fuck his wife again and breed her. All your mates will see this on the internet!" Zaf said " Keep sucking all the way down, that's it you little faggot, suck my cock like a little bitch!" After a couple of minutes I was desperate I had been rubbing my pussy and I said "Zaf fuck me!" Zaf moved away from Alan who stood up with a massive hard on and began wanking again. Zaf gave Alan his phone and said "record this" pushed his cock up against my pussy walls and straight inside me saying "Is this what you want? I going to fuck the shit out of you you little whore! You want to make sure I breed you don't you?" I nodded. Zaf carried on saying" My mates and I are going to use your pussy for our pleasure from now on I'm going to fuck the shit out of you when I like and with who I like. I going to have some fun with your pussy you little slut! What are you?" I replied "Your little slut." Zaf was pounding away as he did this. He was deep thrusting into me. Every stroke was filled with pleasure and pain. I was loving it. Zaf kept going and said after about 5 minutes "Now for some real slut fun turn around." I turned around and looked over my shoulder in the doggy style position. Zaf looked at Alan and said"Have you ever had her arse?" Alan replied "NO" I had tried anal sex with a boyfriend in the past but could not take him. Zaf said "You got any lubricant?" I pulled a tub of vaseline out and Zaf slapped it all over his cock and my arse hole. I was tense but excited and Alan said nothing just kept recording and wanking. I guessed he was totally taken with the humiliation and cuckold part of the experience. Zaf then pushed his cock to the wall of my areshole pulled my arse cheeks apart and started to push his cock on. I could feel the cock pushing to stretch my hole wide but was very tense. Zaf just kept pushing and little by little started getting further and further in. I was in a state of stress and ecstasy. The pain was real from this new experience but totally turning me on. I moaning and Zaf said "Take it you little whore, you arse needs stretching for all the cocks it is going to experience!" I said "Fuck it deep and hard like the slut I am, I need it hard. I want loads of cock in every hole, I'm a little white married slut to be used by you and your mates, I need breeding by you and your mates. His mates need to see what a cuckold he is with a little dick!" Zaf was all the way in me and fucking away like a train. He didn't care about anything apart from fucking the shit out of me. I was moaning like a really whore and then Zaf took my virgin whole to the creampie level. I felt him tense and his cock start to pulse. I felt the jet of cum in my arse which was the strangest experience I have ever had. I started to cum intensely from it. My elbows buckled and my legs and I fell forward with my face in the bed pillows on my stomach. Zaf fell forward on top of me and ground several thrusts into my arsehole fully emptying himself into me. I looked over my shoulder and Zaf and I deep kissed, before he pulled his cock out. Alan didn't even need asking, as soon as Zaf pulled out he was lapping my arse like a man possessed. zaf had the phone from him and was recording it all.

After Alan had cleaned up it was about 10:30am. Zaf said "I better be off, I've got work later and I think I need to organise a gang bang." Zaf dressed and so did Alan. We had a quick brew together before Zaf kissed me goodbye and Alan drove him away to town. I have been with Zaf a number of other times now and yes we have had a gang bang with three of his mates what an experience that has been. We have also had several other meets and if anyone is reading this and thinking of trying the experience I can say that it was something I was initially against but it brings a whole new sexual experience. You need to be in love happy and comfortable with who you are but as a woman it is amazing be wanted and used by men for sex.

One of the reasons I have taken till now to write the story as soon as Alan had gone I went to an out of hours chemist and got the morning after pill. I never told Alan as when he came back he kept talking about me being breed and it seemed to really excite him that I could have been with another man's child. I have since had a period and told him it was never going to be. I must admit I would recommend coil or pill for no pregnancy risk for anyone and I tend to use a coil now but like the odd pregnancy risk experience from time to time.

Alan wants to put his thoughts again on here and I will type the other experiences in the near future. Love to all you guys and maybe we can get some experiences with people who have read and enjoyed this experience now that would be fun. XXX

Hi guys, having just read the above Claire is very good at telling the story. I must admit it was only this weekend she has had a period and told me she never was going to be pregnant. That is both pleasure and pain. Watching another man/now men having fucked my wife is beyond words to describe both the sexual and emotional experience. I love it. I love seeing her enjoy the sex, I love watching and wanking. I surprisingly I like the personal humiliation. It is all an absolute turn on. The only thing I would say is your relationship needs to very strong and it will grow stronger from it. When I am with Claire alone we make love, when we are sharing these experiences Claire fucks other guys and I have a very visual sexual experience along with an element of sex which is just that SEX. It will not be for everyone but certainly Claire and I.