Written by Sam stone

16 Feb 2019

My wife laura had been on at me for months to book a holiday to Turkey. Living in Cyprus, I was really confused as to why she’d want to go to turkey, when we get plenty of sun here. When I asked her why, she’d always change the subject or say “because i want to go”...

After a few months of pestering me, I finally booked a summer holiday to Turkey. When we arrived, the hotel was fantastic but surrounded by a building site and was seemingly aimed at the elder couple. Our balcony unfortunately faced the new hotel that was under construction..not ideal. But hey, the room is used for sleeping showering and shagging right? Haha

The first day we went down to the beach. It was nearly 35 degrees. I had my swimming shorts and Laura, to my surprise had a thong bikini on. I was angry, confused, horny all at the same time. Laura is 5”6, 34EE boobs and a big curvy ass. She’s 23 and everything sits right still. We lay on the beach sunning it up and drinking for a bit and then takin a swim. The hotel entertainment came out and did a morning dance in which they pulled people up to take part. Laura, never shying away from such activities got up and joined in. I was lying on my sun lounger laughing at Laura trying to contain her tits whilst still jumping around to the song. Some of the poor old men didn’t know where to look.

She came back to the sun loungers and was talking to an older couple. Frank and Sonia were in their 70s and had been coming to turkey for years. Frank, a big fat guy had speedos on and as he was stood up and I sat down, my eyes were cock level. His package did look big, I’m not going to lie.

Sonia, a frail older lady in her one piece, reminded me of Madge from the show Benidorm...without the motor scooter and cigarettes. They pulled their loungers next to ours and we got talking about life, love, jobs etc. Feeling rather tipsy and dehydrated, I went for a nap back in the hotel room. Due to the ongoing construction work, I couldn’t sleep. I gave up and went down to the beach again. When I returned, I saw Laura sat with her top off and frank rubbing sun lotion into her..all over. His package looked even bigger now! Sonia was sat watching happy as Larry. Confused, I went over and they carried on as it was normal. I explained that I couldn’t sleep, so frank gave me the card for his room.

I left and went to their room feeling angry and horny, but thought to myself “Laura wouldn’t be into him, he’s old as fuck”..

Silly thing to think..

About two hours later, I heard them come back to frank and Sonia’s room. All drunk and glowing from the sun. I rolled over naked, and they all got a look at my semi hard cock. Embarrassed and sleepy, I tried to cover myself up. Sonia said “awwww that’s a cute cock” (cheeky bitch) Laura said “it does me fine, hits the right spots”.

I noticed franks package was still huge, he grabbed his package and suggested Laura see a real mans cock. Laughing out loud.

Drunk and confident, Laura said “let’s see then”. Off came the speedos and our sprang a python. Laura and I couldn’t take our eyes off it. All of a sudden, my semi turned into a full hard on my sheets started to tent. Sonia, noticing it exclaimed “ I don’t know who is more excited to see your cock, Sam or Laura”.

Laura couldn’t take her eyes off it and dropped to her knees. She asked Sonia if she could touch it and Sonia winked at her whilst nodding her head. Sonia sat next to me, slowing wanking my cock as my 23 year old wife started to try suck this old mans cock. Sonia was whispering into my ear that she bet I would like to try his cock too... I did...but I just carried on watching the show.

They got onto the bed and frank stripped Laura down. Now naked, he buried his head into her shaven pussy. Sonia started to play with Laura’s huge tits whilst I was rubbing Sonia’s wrinkled ass.

After 5 mins, Frank announced that he was ready to fuck Laura. Sitting back down, Sonia carried on wanking me off as frank mounted Laura. The first thrust, Laura groaned loudly. He fucked her missionary for what seemed an age. I was on the verge of cumming as frank was building up a good rhythm.

Sonia took my load in her mouth and I lay there catching my breath. Laura was now bent over and frank was ploughing her from behind. His big fat body slapping against her big ass. Sonia has stripped down and had her pussy facing Laura’s head. Instinctively, she started licking Sonia’s old pussy.

Frank stopped for a drink of water. Laura and Sonia were now kissing and rubbing each other’s boobs. Frank was talking to me on the other side of the room, where the glasses and water were..his cock still rock hard. He said “your wife is a real goer..I’ve not fucked a pussy like that in ages. I hope you don’t mind. She’s cum all over my cock look. Would you like a taste”

Without saying another word, I dropped to my knees and took the old man into my mouth. His cock was so big, I couldn’t take much more than the head in. Having never sucked dick before, I must of been terrible. But I weirdly enjoyed it. Laura came over and finished him off, with frank cumming on her EE tits.

We all got into there bed and slept. I was woken up by Laura moaning as frank fucked her again. I was hard.

This continued for the rest of the holiday. Some nights, frank would take Laura out on their own, leaving me and Sonia in the hotel alone. Fucking Sonia was ok, but not as exciting as seeing my young wife fuck an old man. Frank even shared Laura with another old man that was on holiday there! I didn’t know this until we returned home.

Every night I took his cock in my mouth too, and on the last night he tried to fuck me in my ass. Not enough alcohol in the world would prepare me for that pain.

Happy holidays people. Never be afraid to try new things.

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