Written by KPHBR

28 Jun 2010

I thought id share our story on here. This is a 100% true happening.

I will start by telling you about us, D is 40 yrs 38c size 12 and petite curvy type, she is always shaven, S is 39 6ft and slim.

Anyway we have been swinging for about 8 yrs now, started with couples and moved onto mfm. Having had many many good sessions with guys we decided to see if we could do anything dirtier than mmff and mfm, we had done every type of senario whilst having group sessions with guys.

We still do have regular mfm sessions, but we had spoken about the next thing on our fantasy list, we both had the fantasy of D taking a lover who would come round and fuck her whilst S was at work.

To be honest this had always stayed fantasy as D said she would feel odd. Anyway Over the past 12 months we had spoken about it during sex, and D was getting into the idea of it more and more.

We decided to go for it , We contacted one of our regular guys who is used to coming round maybe every couple of months for a mfm, we had a good session with him and then put it to him of our idea.

Obviously he was very keen and couldnt believe his luck.

So what we done was arranged for it to happen when i went to work, all was arranged for a weeks time, The rules were set by me and D, that they would send a couple of pics via text before during and after sex.

When the day came i went to work having the night before helped D pick her undies and dress.

Anyway as i arrived at work D text me and said was i ready for this as he would be there soon, I just replied hell yeah.

Well it must have been an hour before i got my first text, My heart was pounding as i opened it and saw D with our guy sat on the sofa havin a cuddle, a min later i got another text with a pic of his hand touching D'S knix.

It was another 15 mins before another text of D sucking his cock on our bed.

My head was spinning by this point and my cock was throbbing.

Another hour went by, then a text i opened it to see his cock tip in D's shaved cunt in the doggie position, what a pic.

About 30 mins after i got another pic of D on her back legs wide open and cum dribbling out of her.

At this point i wrote a text back and said what a turn on.

I got a reply with a pic, D sucking his cock hard again with the message 'only just begun'.

Well all i could think now they just going to go for it, I was right as about another hour later i recieved another text, a nice pic of D riding him and D with her finger in her mouth and him pinching one of her nipples.

It was now well into the afternoon, and i hadnt recieved a text for a while. I then got three on the bounce, one of D getting a snog, one of him pulling her pussy apart to show me all the cum and another was a written text off D.

It said ' we have now fucked 3 times and having a rest ive took his cum all three times, im giving him a rest then he is gonna take me one more time and he is going to fuck my arse as i want his cum there to. Thanks for this darling I love you, a few more pics will be sent, see you soon'.

I was totally gobsmacked, I couldnt wait for work to be over now.

As promised another 2 texts came, one of D backin onto his cock taking it up the arse and another pic came 30 mins later with a pic of cum oozing out of her arse.

Well when i got home D was waiting for me i just had to take her there and then i didnt last long, her cunt was just dripping cum.

Anyway since that first time she has met the same guy a few times now and our sex life is just fantastic.

As yet we dont know what our next thing will be, but D is already talking of doing more on her own with other guys as she doesnt want to get bored with the same one.

I will keep you informed