Written by Ed -

9 Jun 2008

Any Interest

I thought for a long time I would like to write a story for this site. Actually, I wanted my wife to write about her experiences.

I will start by saying we are both in out fifties and still enjoy an active sex life with each other after 36 years of marriage. Over the years (since our early twenties) we (mostly her at first) have enjoyed sex with others. She mostly picked up men, had a good time, then came home to me. When she came home I would always be horny from thinking about what she was doing. I was enjoying “sloppy seconds” before I knew there was a name for it. At the time I thought I was the only husband in the world doing such things.

We also enjoyed good times with other couples, and I also enjoyed good times with other women. I prefer her going for a good time with other men or us with other couples.

One of the nights she went out I had a good idea, that she would play around before she came home. I had read a story and asked her to do something similar. I usually go to bed around midnight so I tried to go to bed and get some sleep because I had to get up at 5:00 am to go to work. I was drowsy but not asleep when I heard her open the front door. She always wore a garter-belt and stockings when going out. She took off her shoes and skirt then she came into the bedroom. She turned on the light, and stepped up on the bed and squatted over my face. Her pussy lips separated and I could see a thick glob of cum still inside her! She then said I was getting what I asked for. And she sat on my face so I could eat out her pussy. I had never eaten a cum filled pussy before and when I was done we fucked real good. That was the first “cream pie” I had ever eaten but it has not been my last.

Now, I eat her out after we fuck – sometimes I cum on her stomach or pussy hair then I lick her clean.

It has been a while but we are talking about getting involved with other couples or a few threesomes again. I really enjoy seeing her with someone else. The sight of another man’s cock in her mouth is something to see – but another man’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy is hard to beat. (no pun intended)

We have decide to practice safe sex – so the only “cream pies” I will be eating are the ones I make.