Written by David_z98

19 Mar 2015

When we were first married my wife, Jane and myself were not very sexually experienced. We learnt over the years. Gradually I learnt what excited her and turned her on. One aspect that changed was I moved from talking dirty to her to telling her stories. She enjoyed me telling her about her being watched and fucked by strangers and sex with two or three strangers and so on. I found I had to be creative and I was always on the lookout for new stories to excite her.

All the time she wouldn’t discuss the stories but I knew she loved them. Then out of the blue one evening when we were fucking she said “I want to try another cock but I want you to be there”. That was a real turn on. I told her we should find a cock for her and did she want a big one. Yes came the reply.

We didn’t talk about finding a cock for her again. Then about a month later we were going out for a drive and a wander around a nearby town. She had on a loose skirt with a hemline just above the knee, a pair of flimsy panties and bare legs. I love bare legs. It must be the thought of having an easy passage way to above. I held her and cupped her bum cheeks with my hands. rubbed my cock against and she pushed her pussy back against me. I looked down and could see her tits in a low neck t-shirt type blouse. I suggested her taking her bra off. To my surprise she did. Her tits dropped slightly but you could still see her cleavage but now I could see her big nipples pressed against the shirt. When she was aroused her nipples would get really hard and they would be visible to others.

We drove round a bit, strolled around and had coffee. Both of us noticed she was getting looks. In the coffee bar one guy sitting with presumably his wife could hardly take his eyes off her. I noticed that she crossed her legs a couple of times and each time her skirt slid slightly more up her legs. On the way back to the car I asked if she enjoyed the attention and she said she did. Eventually we headed for home but stopped on the way at a pub for a quick drink. I went to the bar and I noticed she’d sat down at a table opposite three guys. “Are you after attention?” I whispered when I sat down. “Of course”, she responded. I noticed the guys looking at her now and then. It seemed she was getting bolder. I quietly said to her why don’t you cross your legs and show them some more bare leg. She crossed her legs and her skirt slid up slightly revealing more of her legs. She even bent over to go in her bag a couple of times and I noticed the guys nudging each other because they would have been able to see her tits hanging down and maybe even her nipples. We finished our drinks and made to leave. I whispered to her about giving them a smile on departing which she did.

We went out to the car and got in. It was starting to get dark. I put my arm round her, kissed her and said did you enjoy that. Yes, I loved it came the response. I move my hand up the inside of her bare leg and touched her pussy. She was wet. “Mmmm I can tell you enjoyed it”. I kept my hand on her pussy and kissed her neck. Then I spotted someone standing outside the car looking in. “I think one of those guys is watching us. Why don’t you lift your skirt up your legs to give him a thrill” She moved her skirt up so showing her legs off. I gave the thumbs up to the guy who was now playing with his cock. He smiled and nodded. “Why don’t you wind the window down and let him feel your tits?” She did. I asked the guy if he wanted to feel her tits to which he nodded and put his hand through and felt her tit and nipple. I removed her one tit and he did the same with the other one. He rolled her nipple in his fingers and Jane was breathing harder. I suggested she held his hard cock and wanked him. She reached to his cock and he let her put her hand around it and start masturbating him.

He asked about sucking her nipple and he moved his lips and sucked her nipple. Jane was loving it, her eyes closed, a cock in hand, a nipple being sucked and I was teasing her clit. The guy then moved his hand and started stroking the inside of her leg. He broke off sucking her nipple and asked if he could touch her pussy. Yes, Jane replied and she moved her bum forward in the seat so he could reach her pussy easily. His fingers caressed her wet slit. Can I go inside? Please, Jane responded, please. The stranger pushed two fingers into her hot, soaking pussy. He thrust them in and out and Jane writhed in the seat so excited with two men touching her. She was quietly moaning and wanking him with vigour. She leant towards his cock and put her tongue out and licked slowly along its length then put the head into her mouth and sucked it a few times.

Jane was so hot and sexy. Then her leg started trembling and soon she cried out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming”. The stranger’s fingers moved faster and Jane groaned. She put her hand on his and stopped it moving but held his fingers deep inside until the first wave of cumming had passed. He slowly withdrew his fingers. Jane was moving her hand up and down his cock faster. It wasn’t long before he was saying that he was close to cumming. I said to him to cum over her tits. He moved his hand and put it over Jane’s hand on his cock and directed his cock and spurted his cum over her tits. It was some load! Finally, he wiped his cock on her tits and put the last drops of cum around her nipple.

“That was great”, he said. Jane nodded. As he put his cock back in his pants he said that if ever she wanted more she knew where he was likely to be. Then he left and walked back towards the pub. Jane went to pull up her shirt but I stopped her and asked her to leave her tits out so the stranger’s spunk would stay on them. I told her I wanted to get back home and fuck her with the cum still on her tits. I said it was dark and that we were unlikely to be seen by anyone.

We raced back home and rushed to the bedroom and stripped except for Jane leaving the shirt on. My cock entered her wet pussy. The stranger’s cum was mainly dry on her tits but the fact that it was there was a big turn on. We didn’t need any dirty story, Jane had created her own and fucking and thinking of the car park encounter had us both cumming in no time. I couldn’t resist as I rolled off her giving her nipple a suck. It was the one the stranger had used to wipe the last drops from his cock. It gave me a strange thrill.

We lay in bed and I asked if she’d enjoyed the evening and would do it again. She said she would love to and that it was a must. I asked why she hadn’t wanted the stranger to fuck her. She said that she wasn’t ready for that and continued “and anyway you had promised me you’d find me someone with a big cock to fuck me.” I knew that she’d made the first step and that there would be no silence again but she would want to know when she was going to get her fuck from a big cock.