Written by tidylike

16 Mar 2014

I like hearing about some of the slutty things my wife used to get up to before we met. Sometimes she'll open up and tell me some of her adventures whilst we're fucking as she knows how much it turns me on.

Recently she started telling me about an ex of hers that had a huge cock. She has never mentioned a hung ex before so I was intrigued and wanted to hear what she got up to with him, when she started telling me about his cock she was soaking.

She said he was so big she could hardly fit him in her mouth to suck him and had trouble taking him fully into her pussy - he used to really stretch her and fill her up. She loves sucking cock and said she got a lot of practice fitting him in her mouth, she absolutely adored his big cock.

All her mates knew he was well hung and were always teasing her, asking her how bit it was and she was a lucky girl. As as she was telling me this I was fingering her and she kept asking me to put another finger in, I managed to get all 5 fingers in her and she was loving it and kept saying imagine how big a cock I could take in there. She came so hard as I said I'd like to see her take a huge cock ...she was well up for it!

Anyhow it continued like that for a few nights with me asking for more stories about him fucking her and how big his cock was ... she absolutely loved the dirty talk and I asked her if she was sill in touch with him. She said he was one of her friends on facebook. She said she could never fuck him again but was sure that there were other big cocks out there for some fun.

Anyhow as it happens we bumped into him in the local supermarket when we were over where she is originally from. He was well pleased to see her and I wandered off 'shopping' as they chatted ..and flirted. She told him if he was ever down our way to let her know.

Well that was about 3 months ago and since then he's messaged her a few times on facebook. He was coming for a night out in the town where we live with some mates on a stag do and asked my wife if she would be out for a few drinks.

She was going out that night with her friends and said they would meet up with the boys for a drink, I told her well if you're going to fuck him you've just got to let me watch. She laughed and said nothing would happen it would just be a night out and a chance to catch up.

Well I got a text about 1030 asking if I was serious about watching ...I texted back saying yes and she said just getting a taxi.

It turned out when they were out he'd been flirting with her and paying her lots of attention. Occasionally he would feel her ass, which she loves, and was touching her up and whispering discretely that she was a great fuck and he'd love to try again.

At first she said she was married and whilst she loved his big cock she wouldn't fuck him behind my back. The cheeky sod said well just text hubby and let him know or he can join us if he wants, he stopped laughing when she looked him in the eye and said ok.

They discretely sloped off from their mates and went down a lane where she said they snogged and he had her tits out and was sucking on them. He had his fingers in her knicks and she finally got her hands on his big cock once again, she said he wanted to fuck her there and then but she came to her senses and then she text me.

Well they got back here and were both quite drunk, they were giggling and I poured a few drinks whilst they sat on the sofa. I came back in the room and she was sat astride him and snogging the face off him ...I sat in a chair and watched as he pulled her top off and sucked her tits. Fuck she was so hot - it was amazing. Next thing she's naked and its all moving very quickly, I was as solid as a rock.

She was on her knees and she unbuckled him and got his cock out - it was big, really big, and thick, no wonder she used to adore it! I had mine out watching and she just slurped and sucked on his dick. She then got up and straddled him and struggled to fit his cock inside her ...she was looking at me with a face of pure lust and was completely lost in the moment. I realised he wasn't wearing a condom but at that stage there was no way I could have stopped them.

I was wanking and watching and she called me over and started sucking me as she rode him. I didn't last long to be honest and came all over her face. He then started saying he was going to cum and was going to fill her married pussy up with his seed. He filled her up. As he pulled his cock out it popped and the cum was dripping out of her. Her pussy looked well fucked and stretched.

She was well and truly fucked and was saying how she'd missed his cock, she was grinning from ear to ear.

It was a bit awkward then really but he said he should be getting back to his mates before they start wondering where he was, though I'm sure wife would have let him stay the night! The whole thing had only taken about half an hour.

Well I drove him back to town and had some chit chat on the way but he was a bit quiet, though he did say thanks that was so horny, I suggested he should call down again sometime for a drink!

When I got back the wife was well up for being fucked again and I loved fucking her used and stretched pussy and adding another load of cum to it. The next morning she was asking if I was ok and since then we've gone over and over it and have some great sessions thinking about it.

She keeps getting messages off him but as yet she hasn't taken him up on any offers.