Written by Tony

16 Mar 2011

My wife came home home from a visit to her old school friend Sue's house all skittish one evening. She worries about Sue because Sue's husband, John, has not been well for a few years and spends a great deal of time in and out of hospital. I was wondering if she was alright. " I'm fine,darling",she said. then she stopped and went quiet. "What's wrong?", I asked. "Nothing, she said, then out of the blue,"Can we go to bed..now?"

Now I knew something was on her mind. It was only ten o'clock, a long way from our normal bedtime, but it looked like I was on a promise.

When she came out of the bathroom she was wearing what I call her 'shagging' nightie, and I knew for definite that I was on a promise.

In bed she drew herself up to me, breathing heavily and squirming. I kissed her, nuzzled her neck and she moaned as I reached down to begin foreplay she pulled her head back and looked me in the eye. I could tell she was turned on because her pupils were dilated and a lighter shade of blue than normal. "Put it in, she said, grabbed my cock and guided toward her vagina.

This was the first time she had done this since we had first met when we couldn' keep our hands off each other. She guided me into her vagina and gave a little squeak of pleasure. I kissed her, my tongue reaching into her mouth. She pulled her head back slighlty, her voice thick with excitement. " Do you like Sue, she asked." I thought it a strange thing to ask during sex, but answered yes, a bit apprehensive as to the reason she was asking. " Would you like to fuck her?" I thought this was a new game we were about to play. " Would you like me to fuck her?, I replied. "Oh yes, please she answered, if I can watch." " Yes,darling, you can watch." I could not believe that this was my wife speaking, a whole unknown wife to me. Her hips thrust up toward me in excitement, " Tell me what it would be like" I suddenly felt this was a new game and a game I liked. "I'd kiss you, then I'd kiss her.." " Then what would you do?

We'd all strip and climb on the bed and kiss each other." " And would you fuck me after you'd fucked Sue? "

I couldn't cope with any more,not at this time. " I'm coming, darling! You're making me come! She pushed my head back so she could look into my face. " Together! Together!, she screamed. and the whole of the street must have heard us as we clamped our mouths together and yelled in ecstasy.

We lay together quietly for a few minutes with her kissing my eyes, my forehead, my lips.

Then she pulled slightly back away from me and looked into my eyes. "When?"

"When what?, I asked her. " When can we do it with Sue?"

I was astounded. " I thought you were joking"

" She looked hurt. "No I wasn't joking. Sue is my best friend and John has been ill for years. You are such a nice and gentle lover I thought...but forget it".

" Can't she get somone else. She's a beautiful woman, I mean."

" She's not a slag! my wife retorted, She doesn't just open her legs for anyone. She loves John, but she has been without sex for five years or more and it hurts. I just thought you could help"

" I'm not against it, darling, it just seems an odd request."

" It's o.k, I'll tell her you think she's a dog"

Now it was my turn to be offended. " I didn't say anything of the sort! I like Sue I think she's a lovely woman"

" You will then?"

"Yes o.k. " she grabbed me again. " Another one, please, as hard as the last one."

and it was.

The following day, Saturday, she went out early in the afternoon. She kissed me and smiled. " Just going shopping with Sue, we'll be back later."

I couldn't wait for later and as soon as the door shut I took out my pride and joy and had a wank.

It seemed like ages before they arrived back home. My wife came in with her usual cheery 'hello, we're home'as if it was just another homcoming.

They came into the living room. all smiles and my wife kissed me then stood back as Sue came across and kissed me, but left her lips on mine.

"Eh! you two, get a room. In fact let's all get a room. They giggled like two naughty schoolgirls and went out of the door to the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. I hesitated and my wife came back into the room. " You coming, or not.?" Once again they both giggled as they climbed the stairs.

In the bedroom they were already sitting on the bed removing their dresses and smiling at each other. " Take Sue's bra off, darling." I did as I was bid and unhooked Sue's bra.

"What do you think of those?",my wife asked. "Very nice,very er..pert."

"Well don't just stand there get undressed and give them a kiss and a suck."

I got undressed and was erect,like a guardsman in a brothel of virgins. My wife smiled across at her friend. "You first." Sue leaned across to where I was standing and took the bell end of my penis into her mouth. " Go on, suck it!" My wife was excited, so I beckoned her toward me and kissed her full on the mouth. " Thank you, she whispered.

We,all three, climbed onto the bed and I kissed each of them in turn and they leaned across my body and kissed each other.

" Give it to her.. Now!" my wife ordered, so I lay Sue on her back as my wife took my penis in her hand. she didn't stroke it, she just moved it toward Sue's vagina and stroked both my penis and put her finger in Sue's vagina. It was lovely as we kissed each other first Sue, then my wife, then Sue, all the time thrusting forward but holding back slightly so my wife's hand didn't get trapped as she masturbated us both whilst I was inside her friend.

"Ooh! This is so selfish, so lovely, murmered Sue. "Then come, both of you, come!

My wife seemed as excited as Sue and I were, so I locked my lips on those of Sue and thrust my penis in as far as it would go irrespective of where my wife's hand was.

My wife sat up slightly, put her hands on my buttocks and pushed them toward Sue.

" Go on, darling,in,in,in." She moved up the bed so both Sue and I could see her and began to masturbate, right in front of our faces. It is difficult to describe, but if I ever was going to have a heart attack it was then. I yelled in ecstasy, Sue yelled in exstasy and my wife rubbing her clitoris yelled in ecstasy. If the world were going to end then I was not bothered in the least.

We lay in each other's arms, me on my back and my wife and Sue each side of me, their heads on my chest.

I asked them how this had come about, because sex and especially sharing sex is not an everyday topic of conversation.

It was my wife who told most of the story. Sue had confided to her her frustration at not having sex, but not wanting to hurt John. She had broken down crying and my wife had cuddled her in comfort, kissing her forehead, her eyelids, her nose. This in turn had led Sue to reach up and kiss her on the lips. One thing had led to another until Sue had reached for my wife's hand and placed it between her legs. "Please! she had said" No-one will know.It's just between us. My wife said that by this time she was also turned on reached up Sue's skirt and inside her knickers. "No,not like that, Sue had said and disengaged herslf from their clinch to remove her knickers. My wife removed hers. Once again they were in a clinch. Their lips climging together, their hands up each other's skirts, moaning, biting, fingering each other's vaginas.

That was the evening she had come home to me all excited. The plan had been hatched in the afermath of their desperate lesbian comforting.

Sue now comes and stays with us on the evenings that John has to stay in hospital for treatment. It is a menage a trois, built on necessity. My wife and Sue like to prepare each other before I get in bed, and it is nice.